Love Wins – Ardella & Majette

I’m abundantly joyful for my bestie and these crazy kids who did a thing this past July 9, 2021, where I crashed the wedding after party. Happy 6th Month Wedding Anniversary to Ardella and Majette. Your partnership, teamwork, problem solving, random harmonic moments, and Swaggalicious nights out on the town are a blessing to experience and absorb. I especially adore seeing two beings who truly enjoy each other’s company with love, affection, laughter, and impeccable style.

May you have endless moments of 🎶I think of you, and it eases the pain, take away the strain.🎶 May you continue to be good to each other and be each other’s safe space to land as friends and lovers.

Wishing YOU and yours continued blessings upon blessings today and FOREVER MORE. Keep it classy. Keep it fun. Keep it loving. Enjoy! Love! #BeDoLove #LoveWins

PS: Ardella, Chardai, Dominique, and Majette (as the hype man) banging out Switch’s “I Call Your Name.” See video below. We don’t own the rights to this music.

PPS: You got to COOOORDINATE! I walked in and Ardella said “You look like a bottle of Clase Azul!” 😂 (It’s one of their favorite tequilas.) Then Bryan goes “Where’s the bottle? I don’t see the bottle.” 😂 Ring the bell (the top is like a bell) for the wedding bells! Enjoy! Cheers! #Tequila #ClaseAzul

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Naughty Divine Assignments

“Finally, I’m listening and overcoming fear.” I closed my very first BeDoLove blog (see below) seven years ago today with that simple yet bold declaration. And, it remains true as a couple of weeks ago I exercised a colossal “hint of naughty” when I finally made what will be a life-altering decision as we enter 2022. This is despite the overwhelming feeling of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. I’ll share more about that at a later date. With that, my naughty muscle had been suppressed for a bit, however, my desire is to experience its’ authentic, powerful, passion and fun filled, and purposeful rebirth in 2022. In this case “naughty” refers to my unleashed SoulFULL desires that quench my spirit and bring me orgasmic joy.

My biggest life lesson is when I’m obedient to the “soul/God whispers” the Universe will indeed conspire on my behalf. And, it is SO! Stay tuned for exciting and juicy happenings in 2022. SANGING, 🎶You ain’t seen your best days yet…🎶

BeDoLove was officially birthed on this day in 2015, born out of my desire to explore life and spirituality, while inspiring others through my writing. I cannot say thank you enough to my family and friends who first encouraged me to blog and who have served as my biggest cheerleaders through the evolution of BeDoLove.

I knew the blog would open the door to so much more. Since its beginnings, I’ve posted 223 blogs. We’ve hiked and vision board. Created an apparel line. Traveled. Dined. Became a moderator. Co-hosted an FM dial radio show. Organized financial workshops and caregiver support events. Fast forward to the end of 2020 when the LLC was born. And, two of my greatest joys was birthing the 2016 “Women Who Color Outside the Lines” event and officiating my besties wedding in 2021. “Imposter syndrome” be damned.

In honor of BeDoLove’s anniversary, I thought it fitting to share my first blog below. I hope the message still resonates with you as it does with me. Wishing you naughty blessings upon blessings and beautiful BeDoLove moments in the new year and beyond. Happy New Year! Be blessed. Be faithful. Be grateful. Be grace. Be safe. Be well. Live. Love. Namaste. Enjoy. Peace. BeDoLove! As Pop would say. “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!”#BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #LiveAndBreatheYourSoulFULLPurpose #SweetSpot #ColorOutsideTheLines #NewMomentNewOpportunity


BeDoLove Introduction Blog Posted January 1, 2015

“You must be willing to let go of the life we planned… so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” -Joseph Campbell

Who are you? What do you love? What is your “life’s purpose”? What are you passionate about? What is sacred to you?


Hey there loves! I’m finally here, present, and accounted for. Who am I? Well, I’ve been described as an “emancipated woman”, “paradox”, and “the DC Zagat Princess”. Sure, these descriptions paint a nice picture of who I am, but I continue to question myself often with the five questions I started off with. I know there is so much more that my soul is guiding me to in order to be a contribution and an extraordinary being if only I would just listen, allow myself to be guided by my soul, and then act accordingly.

Telling myself or better yet listening for the truth hasn’t always been easy. But, the cool thing is I’ve never ceased to stop having a thirst to learn, regardless of the hard lessons and truths learned about myself and life. Because at the end of the day for me it ALWAYS comes back to “what is my life’s purpose?”. I decided it’s to “Be” all that I can be by being a gift and inspiration to myself and the world. Just “Be” with no fear, no worry of judgement or how it looks. “Do” and create all that I can possibly “Do” in order to experience complete joy and peace so that I give others permission to “Do” the same. And, “Love”, “Love”, “Love”! “Love” is the ultimate common denominator of life. Without unconditional love (I’m still a work in progress in this area) for self, others, and life overall you will continue to experience a difficult and oftentimes unfulfilled journey. The opposite of “Love” is “Fear”. Well, it’s time to choose. And, I’m choosing “Love” because it has already chosen me.


One way I’ve FINALLY decided to BeDoLove and live my “life’s purpose” is to create this blog. My quiet dream (I have many) has been my writing. It is one of my greatest gifts of expression that I am grateful for and one that many loved ones (including my soul and soulmates) have told me time and time again that they enjoy and have said “You should start a blog” or “You should write a book”.


I am an open and adventurous lover of life and now with this blog, I truly get to be consistent with writing (I might need an accountability partner from time to time) and share my inner spiritual thoughts (maybe some poetry too) with you and balance it out with delicious food experiences, adventure, and fun.

People are amazing. And, this world we live in is truly amazing. I believe that you can have “falling in love” moments with life over and over and over again when we are open to experiencing it through living out our dreams and desires. One of my favorite quotes is “When was the last time you did something for the first time.”

Life won’t be totally perfect, but we can have many perfect experiences. I haven’t always followed my true path, but it’s never too late to turn it around and truly dance to the amazing thumping beat of my own rhythmically flowing and freeing drum. We only have this life to live. I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow me (and invite others) on this journey with the hope of me breathing life into my ever expanding thoughts and inevitably inspiring you to do the same. Let’s go BeDoLove! ONWARD!!! KCB


This blog is dedicated to my dear friend and spiritual guide Ron “MF” Davis, who transitioned on to another space and time. It’s also dedicated to my beautiful friend Margo Owens, who too transitioned on. They were (and continue to be as my angels) two of my biggest cheerleaders in life and allowed me to be and who both I know would love this blog (I invite them to stop through). This is also dedicated to each and every one of you who have said to me “You should start a blog!” Finally, I’m listening and overcoming fear. Thank you all for not giving up on me. Thank you Mother, Father, God, The Universe!

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The Relevant Teachings of “The Twilight Zone” As We Move Into 2018 (2022)


REPOST: This is a repost from December 31, 2017. But, still relevant as I’m watching the SyFy marathon and we move into 2022.


I’m believing more and more that God sent our angel of truth Rod Serling as a profound messenger of our doom if we don’t get our moral compasses in check. That we as human beings indeed aren’t the only ones residing in this Universe. And, we will be conquered as we’ve already been conquering each other. I am convinced Serling was channeled through to deliver important messages and crystal ball moments of art imitating life. Talk about being obedient to one’s soul induced calling. Thank you Serling for being present to your gifts and being unafraid of being diagnosed with a huge case of the weirdos. Thank you for being a muse for me and all writers with inspiring to live, breathe, and bring to life the imagination of our SoulFULL Purpose.


I live each year for “The Twilight Zone” marathons, usually falling around New Years Eve (now on SyFy until Tuesday morning) and the 4th of July. The Definitive Collection is on my wish list (hint hint), especially since I hear the episodes airing on television are not all in their entirety due to making room for those pesky commercials. Sure the psychological thrillers are quite bizarre, quirky, and frightening yet entertaining, which makes the beauty of these touched by an amazingness collection of unexpected twists works of arts. However, there are two lessons of life, this series that came about in the ’60s teaches us even as we go into 2018. 1. Many of the episodes focus on a moral code. This based on how to treat people. How to respect and love one another. 2. That we better get our heads right as our world continues to experience catastrophic shifts in its structure and existence.


The serendipitous beauty is when I awaken with joy during the marathon at the uncovering of an episode I’ve yet to see. I woke this morning with my first episode being a new one for me. It was “A Piano in the House”. It’s about a sadistic and hated theater critic Fitzgerald Fortune, who buys a player piano that has the power to reveal the souls and innermost thoughts of all who hear it. He spoke profoundly about the “hidden faces” we all have. I also call it when we send “our representative” out. This is by hiding the vulnerabilities of our true character for fear of being anything but in control and in power. As it was revealed that Fitzgerald married his wife not for love, but to bully and humiliate her. Finding out later that he feared and envied people as he operated from the hurt little boy of his past. A painful and hurtful way that many operate not only damaging self, but also the spirits of those we claim we love. Another new one I just saw is “The Mirror”. It’s about a leader who’s a tyrant. Yeah! Reality as we live and breathe today.


Rod Serling is a genius with his creation and writing of the majority of the series. And, being easy on the eyes, with his almost clenched mouth narrative delivery is purposeful and perfect. He was a young 50 years old when he transitioned in 1975. To think he was 35-40 years of age when he was the writer and narrator for “The Twilight Zone”. It is noted that “Serling was active in politics, both on and off the screen, and helped form television industry standards. He was known as the “angry young man” of Hollywood, clashing with television executives and sponsors over a wide range of issues, including censorship, racism, and war.” –Wikipedia. Check out this cool Serling Interview.

Two other profound episodes I love and can also be seen on Hulu or YouTube:

“The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” In 2009, Time named it one of the 10 best Twilight Zone episodes. It showed how easily, when in a panic, we can turn on each other rather than support and ban together. The aliens saw this and created paranoia and panic by turning off the electricity, and concluded that the easiest way to conquer the planet is to let the people become their own worst enemies as they turned on each other. They also discussed the fact that the Earth is “full of Maple Streets” and the aliens plan to move from one to the next creating havoc and destruction.

“The Midnight Sun” is how the Earth falls off its orbit and starts moving closer to the sun. In Serling’s opening narration he says “And all of man’s little devices to stir up the air are now no longer luxuries – they happen to be pitiful and panicky keys to survival.” Ending with the closing narrative of “The poles of fear, the extremes of how the Earth might conceivably be doomed. Minor exercise in the care and feeding of a nightmare, respectfully submitted by all the thermometer-watchers in the Twilight Zone.” In this episode, there is no more nighttime, people are fleeing NYC to Canada, and it’s the hottest day EVER! And, while seemingly all a dream, later in the episode the earth has changed its orbit and now there is no more sun, it’s snowing, people are fleeing to Miami and they are pending a freeze-out. HELLO!!! GLOBAL WARMING!!! HELLO!!! You see the similarities. This was also captured in the episode “Third From the Sun”. Imagine seeing both of these doomed filled episodes back to back. Even Serling was in touch with the Earth’s pending doom if we don’t heed the signs. Floodings, earthquakes, tsunamis, ice melting in the coldest corners of the earth, losing track of our seasons. Global warming is real.


Mood shift! What’s so cool to see is celebrities (we’ve known and loved, young, handsome, and beautiful). Although I always feel for William Shatner when he’s being terrorized by the pug-nosed monster on the wing of the plane on “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”. He really should have taken that sedative. And, when “Talky Tina” went gangsta and pushed Telly Savalas down the stairs… DAYUM Kojak! Other actors like Burt Reynolds, Robert Duvall, and Robert Redford looking like he was no more than 20.


Yet, even with all 156 (Serling wrote 92 of them.) episodes which were created from 1959-1964, (Real talk alert.) I’m reminded that Black representation is extremely rare. And, on the rare occasion when a Black actor pops up on the screen, it’s an “OOOHHH! AAAHHH!” treat. Although I read that Rod Serling was a champion for diversity and wanted to include Black actors more. But not surprising that the network powers that be at CBS would control Mr. Serling in this regard. “I Am the Night-Color Me Black” is about one morning where a man is about to hang for the killing of one of his bigoted neighbors. And, the townspeople find themselves thrown into an unending night.

Well, whether you’re a fan or not of TZ, my prayer is that as we move into 2018 we can all LIVE coming from a space of who we truly are and not from what we want others to see or perceive ourselves to be. Succumbing and LIVING our truths and purpose. Operating with love, compassion, and respect. Understanding that the healing of past wounds is important to reviving a loving and exuberant spirit. This all includes me with being courageous and risking in living a transparent, authentic, and loving life. With the importance of cultivating safe spaces for a pure and wonderful existence, whether with those I create for myself and others to BE! DO! LOVE! Wishing you all and me peace, clarity, love, and joy in 2018 and beyond. Namaste! ONWARD! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #HealingEqualsFreedom #SuperSoulSunday #SupportTheArts #TheTwilightZone


Chat About Black Actors in TZ –

A Piano in the House –

“The Mirror” –

Full Episode –

“Living Doll” about Talky Tina –

Full Episode –

“The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” –

Full Episode –

“The Midnight Sun” –

Full Episode –

“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” –,000_Feet

Full Episode –

“I Am the Night-Color Me Black” –—Color_Me_Black

Full Episode:

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The Christmas One Year Anniversary of Pop Passing

Let’s toast and celebrate Pop as today on this here Christmas Day 2021 is the one year anniversary of his passing. My how time truly flies. While at home, on Friday, December 25, 2020 around 4:05pm, me and my brothers had the honor of releasing our 91 years young father to depart and be with The Ancestors and to joyfully become our Angel!

This year, The Nichols’ family opted for Pop as their angel. How cute and appropriate.

As my brother Greg put it at that time, “Pop went out like a man’s man.” I’ll add that Pop transitioned as the magical spiritual warrior that he is. Yes, Enric Quentin Boxill embarked on his new assignment on Christmas Day 2020. “CHRISTMAS.DAY.Y’ALL!!!” As my dear friend and spiritual midwife La Tonia said “What an elegant departure is all I keep hearing… So classy!”

Pop on his 91st birthday on June 16, 2020.
Pop’s words of wisdom video message on his 91st birthday on June 16, 2020.

What was also magical is the way Pop went toe to toe with cancer. Pop joyfully journeyed past the time the doctors predicted as he lived and loved another and another and another day. Through it ALL and despite the trials and tribulations, Pop had shown that “It’s Still a Wonderful Life.” (Read how the Christmas card came about at Through it all, Pop continued to be a loving and dope example of how to walk with grace, perseverance, fun, laughter, thoughtfulness, ease, joy, and boundless love. I’m comforted knowing it was and IS well with his soul.

Pop’s daily oatmeal routine. Picture captured April 14, 2020.
Pop singing while making his oatmeal. Video captured May 9, 2020.

I feel a surprising sense of peace (Even in the midst of the teary eyed moments.) today, possibly brought on by talking to him and my placing a lit white candle and a sip of Johnny Walker Black (I joined him with a sip.) on Pop’s altar. And, while I miss him terribly, Pop’s beautiful spirit fills the space. The love of family and friends with their wonderful source of support, to include during a pandemic, was and is my (our) saving grace. Writing and posting the “Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & DOPE Pop” also was my saving grace. With my previous divine assignment, I remain blessed, grateful, and honored to have been of contribution to Pop with providing a safe space for him to live and breathe. I pray and desire that I too can live my life with the peace, inspiration, ease, fun, wonder, love, and grace that Pop mastered. As my dear Bison friend and client, Marcia Watts said, “Pop was living even as he was transitioning. That’s the lesson I got from him, is to live.” I pray and wish that for us all.

If we have learned anything during these challenging pandemic times, is that life is indeed short. During this holiday season, please love up on your people and especially those who may be struggling to include the caregivers in your life. Someone(s) needs your love and support today.

Friends’ Ardella and Zoe had a Scrabble date with Pop. Picture captured December 28, 2019.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace and joy during this holiday season and in the new year!

-With all of our love and gratitude, Pop (RIP) and The Boxill Family.

Pop having fun. Picture captured April 23, 2020.

Be blessed. Be grateful. Be safe. Be well. Enjoy. Peace. Live. Love. So as Pop would say. “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #BeDoLove #CareGiversMatter #CareGiver #CareGivers #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #ItIsWellWithHisSoul

Pop had been requesting to go to the beach. This is us Howarding on September 16, 2020 at Triton Beach in Edgewater, MD.
Pop had been requesting to go to the beach. Marla and Ardella joined us on September 16, 2020 at Triton Beach in Edgewater, MD.

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Must See “Boxing Day” – Pop Memory

Me and Pop at the 2015 Labor Day West Indian Parade in my birthplace of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

12/26/19 Flashback – Pop: 🎶Goooood Morning! Happy Boxing Day.🎶 Not, Happy Boxill Day. But, Happy Boxing Day. But, Happy Boxill Day too.

Me: 😳😆 Pop, What is Boxing Day?

Well, read what Pop had to say about our Trinidadian “Boxing Day” history and additional history about the Boxing Day holiday in this link,

Now about the movie. “Boxing Day” the movie on Amazon Prime is now a favorite and must see Christmas romcom. It has all the makings of a Christmas romcom filled with love, fun antics, comedy, drama, threats of moving, mixed with a familiar West Indian family banter and flair cherry topped with a dope soundtrack.

“Inspired by writer, director, and star Aml Ameen’s life, Boxing Day follows Melvin (Ameen), a British author living in America, who returns home to London for Christmas to introduce his American fiancée, Lisa (King), to his eccentric British-Caribbean family. Their relationship is put to the test as she discovers the world her fiancée has left behind.” —Deadline

Here’s an interview with Aml sharing his thoughts about the movie.

Love seeing Aml doing his thing. I first became a fan watching him in Sense8. I loved having this cultural memory of Pop as tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of his passing! 🙏🏾💜🙏🏾 Enjoy! Happy Holidays! And, as Pop would say, “LOVE!” #BeDoLove #SupportTheArts #TwoSnapsAndATwist #BoxingDayMovie #BoxingDay #BlackCinema #CaribbeanCinema


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My Stay at Aloft Tulum

During my recent Tulum, Mexico solo birthday exhale, instead of a resort, I preferred the freedom to move about and explore. A boutique hotel such as the Aloft Tulum was more of my speed. They are under the umbrella of the Marriott family and opened earlier this year. Thank you Aloft Tulum for taking care of me. I appreciated the feeling of safety and being cared for. Best wishes.


I enjoyed my stay there and the pros were plenty:

~Great rate. I booked through Expedia.

~The location was perfect.

~Right off the main road with access to many restaurants.

-Easy to get around by taxi or bicycle (I did not bicycle.🤷🏽‍♀️) Sidebar: Traffic can be slow. Taxis are pricey.

~The staff was very welcoming, accommodating, attentive, and friendly.

~Enrique and others helped with taxis, setting up beach club reservations, answering questions, accommodating requests, and extending nice daily hospitality especially as I traveled solo.

~Jorge of Excursion Travel was very helpful with booking my airport transfers. Getting to Tulum from Cancun airport is about 90 miles. While I paid more than I had to, my safety and knowing who I was riding with was more important.

~They have a sexy rooftop with an infinity pool, cabanas, nice music, and great views.


Full disclosure:

~Tulum has quite a bit of development happening. I could handle the early morning jack hammers. You may need earplugs.

~There was frustration related to WiFi, which was out for half of my stay.

Overall, it was a great place that I’d stay at again. Enjoy! #BeDoLove #Howarding #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #Wanderlust #SoloVacation #ColorOutsideTheLines #OffTheBeatenPath #Tulum #TulumHotels #TulumHotel #TulumMexico #TulumBoutiqueHotel #Aloft #AloftHotel #AloftTulum

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Yummylicious Art Beach Tulum

During a Tulum taxi ride, I’m grateful my eyes caught the women whose faces were made up so beautifully and funky. Quickly catching the name of the spot they stood outside of before it was out of sight. A divine moment of appreciating slow Tulum traffic.

After looking it up, the next night I decided on Art Beach Tulum (opened in October) for my special date night on the eve of my birthday. WOW! Art Beach far exceeded my palate desires as it’s truly “Where food and art emerge.” Making it the serendipitous and perfect experience for a grieving and healing heart.

Their dinner show was a serendipitous and memorable culinary experience from the moment I was welcomed at the door by handsome and smiling Nelson, to the beautiful beach breeze and night sky, to the sexy ambiance, to Candi @canndans taking attentive care of me at the bar, to the music by @dj_fildoc, and the additional entertainment. The beautiful harp player @valentinaharpist and dancers were captivating and came through with the sexy.

Check out this video of @valentinaharpist and the dancers.

EVERY dish and hard to decide cocktail were eye-catching and euphorically delicious and satisfying. Candi did an exceptional job offering recommendations and passionately describing how to enjoy the meals. Kudos and a round of applause to culinary director Maximiliano Sola and the gastronomic eminence Martin Berasategui. Thank you Art Beach, Nelson, and Candi for an unforgettable and what felt like a special VIP birthday experience.

I delighted in the:

~TEPACHE SOUR – Bulleit Bourbon, Tepache, Lemon Juice, Egg White

~CREAMY MUSHROOM RAVIOLI – Foie Gras Soup, Iberian Ham

~GITANO – Tanqueray 10, St. Germain, Green Chartreuse

~SUD VIDE STRIPED SEA BASS – Asparagus Risotto, Seawood Cream, Kalamatas and Fennel Air

~CALIPSO – Havana Club Rum, Grand Marnier, Coconut, Vanilla

~LEMON ICE CREAM – Chocolate Crumble, Touch or Basil and Pea Pod

The next day while in a taxi, I once again passed Art Beach. To my surprise Nelson saw and recognized me and we both waved enthusiastically. I wished I’d gone back for seconds of his dreamy eyes. Oh, and for the delicious cuisine and cocktails too. The best to you Art Beach. I’m sure you’ll be one of my first stops on my next visit. Mmmmm… Bon Appetit! Cheers! Enjoy! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #Wanderlust #ColorOutsideTheLines #BeDoLoveSAVOR #IDineToWriteAboutIt #BonAppetit #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #FoodPorn #ExpandYourPalate #OffTheBeatenPath #Tulum #TulumDining #ArtBeachTulum

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Yummylicious Harewood Tulum

Farm-to-table and powered by solar panels, Hartwood is one of those world renowned and hard to get into restaurants found even in a quaint low key town such as Tulum.

On the double nickel anniversary of my birth, I arrived at Hartwood at 5:30pm with eyes wide opened at the sight of an already growing line. I took my place in the queue, not aware of who had reservations (They start taking them a month in advance.) or who was also participating in the moment of silent prayer to the foodie Gods for one of the four coveted bar seats. Rolling solo, my only option was one of those first come first served stools. With each person/group seated, I was a ball of emotional confusion, exhaling and growing more anxious as I was one step closer to the entrance. The restaurant filled up just like that, I as the third bar guest. YAAAYYY MEEEE!!!

The music like basically all of the spots in Tulum was pumping the perfect playlist which relaxed me from my brief yet stressful line experience.

Instead of passing out menus or being directed to the QR code, the menu items were described from a blackboard. I requested repeats and clarifications to ensure I choose items for what would be the makings of a delightful birthday dinner.

I thankfully opted for the eye-rolling, fresh, and flavorful explosion in my mouth “Ceviche De Quelites.”WOAH! My palate was like GUUUURRRRLLLL!!! 😋😋😋 Next up were the mouthwatering and falling off the bone ribs. I wish I could have bottled up the BBQ Tamarind Sauce. I sipped on the tasty Espina Mezcal Cacahaute. How can I get a bottle mailed to the states? The “Honey Pie” arrived with a flickering candle and accompanied by a 🎶Happy Birthday…🎶 serenade, which were the perfect finale to my evening. I’m grateful to Hartwood and the other bar stool guests for being so kind to me on my special day.

My evening delights were:

~CEVICHE DE QUELITES – Snapper, Fermented Pineapple, Capache???, Herbs, Mango Chile Oil

~COSTILLAS AL AGAVE – Ribs, Grilled Pineapple, Pickled Cabbage, Pickled Chile, Tamarind BBQ Sauce.



I’m still dreaming about the ceviche. It was sooooo good. Mmmmm… Bon Appetit! Cheers! Enjoy! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #Wanderlust #ColorOutsideTheLines #SweetSpot #BeDoLoveSAVOR #IDineToWriteAboutIt #LiveAndBreatheYourSoulFULLPurpose #BonAppetit #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #FoodPorn #ExpandYourPalate #OffTheBeatenPath #Tulum #TulumDining #HartwoodTulum

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Yummylicious Bal Nak Tulum

My first Tulum dinner experience was at Bal Nak @balnaktulum, which is a modern Mexican restaurant that opened in 2018. Prior to visiting, they were very responsive on WhatsApp and extended to me a nice welcome to Tulum. Similar to many places in Tulum, entering their open space is an experience in itself with the magical jungle motif.

Video of entering Bal Nak.

Everything was delish. Especially the “Chocolate Clams.” My first thought was that the dish would have chocolate as an ingredient, since Mexico is known for that. However, that would be too easy. It’s actually because of the clams rich chocolate color and the silky texture of their shells. This delicacy is harvested in The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific coastal region of the Baja Peninsula. With the various flavors and textures, the “Chocolate Clams” dish was like a sensual party my palate was happy I was invited to.

With my intense sweet tooth, the “Coconut Ice Cream” was the perfect welcome to Tulum dessert. Honestly, I didn’t have another dessert in Tulum that came in even as a close second. It had me this close 🤌🏽 to asking for seconds or returning for more. The ice cream was so smooth with the Passionfruit jelly and butter cookie crunch as tasty enhancers.

The menu also consisted of an assortment of cocktails, which included the tasty “Mexican Elderberry.”

~MEXICAN ELDERBERRY – Tequila Reposado + passion fruit + lime.

~CHOCOLATE CLAMS – Cucumber + onion + pumpkin seeds + house sauce.

Yummylicious video of Chocolate Clams.

~PAAP POOP – Tequila Reposado + spic liquor Habanero + roasted pineapple + agave honey.

~SMOKED SHORT RIBS – Mushrooms + pickled onions + mashed avocado + hibiscus marinade. The short ribs are cooked for 18 hours and then grilled.

~Coconut Ice Cream – Butter cookie + Passion fruit jelly + almonds

Mmmmm… Bon Appetit! Cheers! Enjoy! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #Wanderlust #SweetSpot #ColorOutsideTheLines #BeDoLoveSAVOR #IDineToWriteAboutIt #BonAppetit #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #FoodPorn #ExpandYourPalate #OffTheBeatenPath #Tulum #TulumDining #BalNakTulum

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@Samjmx I know you sent me to @escama.tulum to purchase a good bottle of Tequila, but it was so much more.

Oh, the bonuses let me count the way.

~They were walking distance from the hotel. Taxi’s aren’t cheap here.

~Escama – Cantina de Mar just opened in October. The have a boutique selling tequila and wine and a restaurant specializing in seafood cuisine. The seafood soup was warm, delicious, and comforting. 🍲

~They have a nice selection of classic and craft cocktails, which included a pretty darn good Aviation and Mezcal Manhattan prepared by @gilbertmoct who was showing off with his cocktail making skills. Both cocktails are the type that the taste is enhanced with each new sip.

Gilberto the mixologist.
Gilberto the mixologist.

~The Mezcal Manhattan was prepared with women owned Xila Mezcal @drink_xila. 🍸

~I capped off the night with a tasty sip of Tierra Noble’s Tequila Blanco @tierranoblemx.

~Sidebar: I’d love to find both of those tequila brands.

~Oh, and the music they played and the live band Quintana @nehemiasmusic put me in a total zen and fun vibe. To include them coming over and serenading me. (Tee hee) ☺️🎤☺️🎤☺️

Quintana @nehemiasmusic
Quintana @nehemiasmusic
Quintana @nehemiasmusic

Thank YOU everyone for a wonderful experience as I continue to celebrate my Saggilicious birthday. The best to Escama and Chef @miguelrhidalgo as you continue to grow. Mmmmm… Bon Appetit! Cheers! Enjoy! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #Wanderlust#ColorOutsideTheLines #SweetSpot #BeDoLoveSAVOR #IDineToWriteAboutIt #LiveAndBreatheYourSoulFULLPurpose #BonAppetit #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #FoodPorn #ExpandYourPalate #OffTheBeatenPath #Tulum #TulumDining #EscamaTulum #SupportTheArts #NehemiasMusic #TierraNoble #Xila #Tequila

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