Love Wins – Ardella & Majette

I’m abundantly joyful for my bestie and these crazy kids who did a thing this past July 9, 2021, where I crashed the wedding after party. Happy 6th Month Wedding Anniversary to Ardella and Majette. Your partnership, teamwork, problem solving, random harmonic moments, and Swaggalicious nights out on the town are a blessing to experience and absorb. I especially adore seeing two beings who truly enjoy each other’s company with love, affection, laughter, and impeccable style.

May you have endless moments of 🎶I think of you, and it eases the pain, take away the strain.🎶 May you continue to be good to each other and be each other’s safe space to land as friends and lovers.

Wishing YOU and yours continued blessings upon blessings today and FOREVER MORE. Keep it classy. Keep it fun. Keep it loving. Enjoy! Love! #BeDoLove #LoveWins

PS: Ardella, Chardai, Dominique, and Majette (as the hype man) banging out Switch’s “I Call Your Name.” See video below. We don’t own the rights to this music.

PPS: You got to COOOORDINATE! I walked in and Ardella said “You look like a bottle of Clase Azul!” 😂 (It’s one of their favorite tequilas.) Then Bryan goes “Where’s the bottle? I don’t see the bottle.” 😂 Ring the bell (the top is like a bell) for the wedding bells! Enjoy! Cheers! #Tequila #ClaseAzul

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