Marla’s Birthday Turn Up

Birthday 2022.

Today is this amazing woman and my dear friend Marla’s birthday today. And, I’m going to take a moment to give her her flowers.

Birthday 2016 @ Wine in the Woods.

Marla, I’ve always been impressed by your ability to reinvent yourself. Being able to shift to seeking new, purposeful, and fulfilling opportunities. I’m so proud and happy for you with it being countdown to your graduating the Capital Seminary & Graduate School with a degree in Christian Counseling Degree. What a major accomplishment and I’m sure not only inspiring to me but to many others. It’s beautiful how you spread the love and minister by sharing what you’ve learned and resonates with you. Thank you for being a beacon of light. You are truly God’s student and carrier of the torch passed to you. 🎶Thru devotion, blessed are the children. Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many your devotion, opens all life’s treasures and deliverance, from the fruits of evil.🎶

BeDoLovelies @ Women Who Color Outside the Lines – Women in Arts Event 2016.
BeDoLovelies @ Women Who Color Outside the Lines – Women in Arts Event 2016.

Marla, as “the magnet” you seem to have a way with friends, family, adopted children, colleagues, and oftentimes complete strangers. Your warm and trusting energy, spirit, and intelligence attract others to you who seek a shoulder to cry on, a nonjudgmental ear, and sound words of advice that you selflessly share. Your kind words and deeds provide faith, hope, and healing. And your forgiving spirit leads by example of what true and authentic love looks and feels like.


I acknowledge you for being a trusted source of love and comfort. For being an amazing mother, daughter, grandmother, cousin, niece, and steadfast friend to many. Your thoughtfulness, nurturing, and caretaking are true gifts of being present and accounted for. It meant so much to me and Pop with how you showed up for us during his final months and days. And your beautiful gift honoring his memory continues to touch my heart.

Marla, I look forward to seizing more opportunities to hang out. When time and the demands of life have no authority over our lives and we let our hair down to exhale and have fun. Especially when you oblige and trust me with new adventures that include dining and sipping even when it’s your birthday.

Birthday 2021 winery and cidery hopping in VA.


Happy Beautiful Birthday Marla! As you proceed with new chapters to include personal and professional ventures and spiritual journeys, I wish for YOU what is meant to be, with peace and joy. On this birthday and beyond, I wish for YOU the love, self-less and passionate giving, and compassion that YOU so abundantly, selflessly, and without question give to me and many many others. May it ALL and even more be reciprocated to YOU tenfold. YOU are loved now and forever more my friend. Thank YOU for being YOU! And, thank YOU for loving me. Enjoy! Cheers! Love! #BeDoLove #MyTribeMatters #GratefulForFriendshipBuiltOnLove

Hanging out April 2022.

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