Breaking News – I’m For Hire

Fred and I on our last day.

Well, after nearly 26 years, today was my final day at Research Director, Inc. as I retired as a Sr. Research Consultant working with many many many radio groups and radio stations across the U.S. YEP! And, Yabba Dabba Doooooo!!!

Cause I’m “Unapologetically DOPE!”

Understand, this is a total leap of faith. While there may be fear, anxiety, and a bit of a grieving process. While I may not be clear on what the future holds. I am clear my assignment was complete and that it was time to close one door so OTHERS may open to shine the light for my divine, purposeful, and fun-filled journey. I.AM.A.MANIFESTING.OG! Ya heard?! My strong faith is intact to know God and my ancestors/spiritual guides/Gangsta angels are already conspiring on my behalf with putting career and creative opportunities and adventures in place. Give thanks!

In the ever-changing Radio industry, I have been blessed to work with the exceptional organization of RDI. I am grateful for the abundance of opportunities I’ve had to grow and thrive personally and professionally while working and serving with client-driven initiatives utilizing my analytical, creative, leadership, and customer service skills. I will miss not only my co-workers, but also many of my clients who have treated me as a member of their radio family. So thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

Life has taught us so much in the past couple of years. It can be short, and we’ve witnessed the need to live life with purpose, passion, and joy at work and in our personal lives. I’m grateful for what I’ve experienced during my time at RDI, however, the next phase of my life has been knocking. Who could guess that in 2022, I’d be having a “what-will-I-do-when-I-grow-up” moment? The persistency of purpose and the grand simplicity of this question has been difficult.

As you too may be considering life altering decisions, I encourage YOU (and ME) to listen to God and your spirit guides. Get out of their way and yours in order to hear and receive, for THEY are pulling double duty assignments and conspiring on your behalf! Opening the way and doors just for YOU! THEY are putting in the work for the/your/our greater good, which will probably not look like how you, society, your friends, your momma, your daddy, your spouse, your grandparent, auntie… think it should look. Know you ain’t crazy (well you may be but it’s all right) for thinking outside of the box. BE unordinary. Know you aren’t alone. Drown out the naysayers. It’s essential to connect with those who will cheerleader and affirm and hold space for you on your journey. But, first believe in and cheerleader and affirm YOU during your journey.

It’s a new season, y’all even in the midst of the chaos. SHOW UP FOR YOU! SAY YES! BE A SHIFT MASTER! LIVE OUT LOUD! Be blessed. Be grateful. Be courageous. Be open. Be safe. Be well. BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY DOPE! BE!!! Oh, and pray for me. Please and thank YOU! Enjoy. Peace. Live. Love. And as Pop would say. “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” RIP POP! I know you got me. #BeDoLove #YouHiring #CallMeTommy #INeedADrink #WhereThePartyAt #IMayNeedASponsorSoon #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose

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  1. FYI—a friend of mine just completed their certification as an end of life doula. You are so spiritual and did such a great job with your father, that I thought of you. Julie

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