Surprise Spa Day @ Atlanta’s iwi fresh

Resting after my pedicure.

Next up for the Atlanta Surprise Birthday Ambush” was a surprise spa treatment day for the birthday girl Michelle (and the birthday tribe, tee hee).

Spa tour.

iwi fresh Garden Day Spa @iwifresh “believes in the power of the feeding your skin the Truth with raw veggies from the farm.” Founded by Yolanda Owens “Yogi The Skin Care Farmer,’’ it’s been a thriving business for 17 years in Downtown Atlanta’s creative art district neighborhood, “Castleberry Hill.”

iwi means “it is what it is.” And I took that to mean, leave your baggage and cares at the door, which wasn’t difficult as we were welcomed into this oasis. The spa is lovely, cozy, and peaceful in a funky, sexy, and eclectic way. With beautiful plants and vibrantly colored wall murals and art. Rooms that can transport you to outer space. It’s not one of those drab looking spas we’re accustomed to. And the customer service is professional, attentive, and friendly. Yaya greeted us, gave the grand tour, and complimentary hand scrubs. We treated the birthday girl Michelle to a Herbal Compression Massage and a Veggie Signature Facial. Jill, Tracy, and I received deep tissue massages, pedicures, facials, and/or foot reflexology. Anthony did the massages. Gansiry did the facials and foot reflexology.

Mya (owner’s daughter) did my Signature Waterless Veggie Pedicure, which are quite different with a more sanitary process. This is without soaking the feet in the big bowl. Luxuriated with first washing my feet with water, vinegar, and tea tree oil. Applied aloe vera as a cuticle softener. Massaged lemon and baking soda for callous removal and raw brown sugar scrub that has flax seed, turmeric, and oatmeal. One of the best pedicures I’ve had and everyone else loved their services.

The finale was a fun and rhythm filled happy birthday song led by the staff. My name was sunflower.

The birthday song.
The birthday song.

Thank you to the staff to include Barbara, who I booked our services with. And to my Howard homie Caryn aka Jai who made the recommendation. Definitely a spot to treat yourself and your special someones. I can’t wait to travel back to the ATL to visit. Enjoy! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #ColorOutsideTheLines #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #ExpandYourPalate #OffTheBeatenPath #CastleberryHill #iwiFresh #ItIsWhatItIs #DaySpa #BlackOwned #WomanBlackOwned

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