Naughty Divine Assignments

“Finally, I’m listening and overcoming fear.” I closed my very first BeDoLove blog (see below) seven years ago today with that simple yet bold declaration. And, it remains true as a couple of weeks ago I exercised a colossal “hint of naughty” when I finally made what will be a life-altering decision as we enter 2022. This is despite the overwhelming feeling of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. I’ll share more about that at a later date. With that, my naughty muscle had been suppressed for a bit, however, my desire is to experience its’ authentic, powerful, passion and fun filled, and purposeful rebirth in 2022. In this case “naughty” refers to my unleashed SoulFULL desires that quench my spirit and bring me orgasmic joy.

My biggest life lesson is when I’m obedient to the “soul/God whispers” the Universe will indeed conspire on my behalf. And, it is SO! Stay tuned for exciting and juicy happenings in 2022. SANGING, 🎶You ain’t seen your best days yet…🎶

BeDoLove was officially birthed on this day in 2015, born out of my desire to explore life and spirituality, while inspiring others through my writing. I cannot say thank you enough to my family and friends who first encouraged me to blog and who have served as my biggest cheerleaders through the evolution of BeDoLove.

I knew the blog would open the door to so much more. Since its beginnings, I’ve posted 223 blogs. We’ve hiked and vision board. Created an apparel line. Traveled. Dined. Became a moderator. Co-hosted an FM dial radio show. Organized financial workshops and caregiver support events. Fast forward to the end of 2020 when the LLC was born. And, two of my greatest joys was birthing the 2016 “Women Who Color Outside the Lines” event and officiating my besties wedding in 2021. “Imposter syndrome” be damned.

In honor of BeDoLove’s anniversary, I thought it fitting to share my first blog below. I hope the message still resonates with you as it does with me. Wishing you naughty blessings upon blessings and beautiful BeDoLove moments in the new year and beyond. Happy New Year! Be blessed. Be faithful. Be grateful. Be grace. Be safe. Be well. Live. Love. Namaste. Enjoy. Peace. BeDoLove! As Pop would say. “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!”#BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #LiveAndBreatheYourSoulFULLPurpose #SweetSpot #ColorOutsideTheLines #NewMomentNewOpportunity


BeDoLove Introduction Blog Posted January 1, 2015

“You must be willing to let go of the life we planned… so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” -Joseph Campbell

Who are you? What do you love? What is your “life’s purpose”? What are you passionate about? What is sacred to you?


Hey there loves! I’m finally here, present, and accounted for. Who am I? Well, I’ve been described as an “emancipated woman”, “paradox”, and “the DC Zagat Princess”. Sure, these descriptions paint a nice picture of who I am, but I continue to question myself often with the five questions I started off with. I know there is so much more that my soul is guiding me to in order to be a contribution and an extraordinary being if only I would just listen, allow myself to be guided by my soul, and then act accordingly.

Telling myself or better yet listening for the truth hasn’t always been easy. But, the cool thing is I’ve never ceased to stop having a thirst to learn, regardless of the hard lessons and truths learned about myself and life. Because at the end of the day for me it ALWAYS comes back to “what is my life’s purpose?”. I decided it’s to “Be” all that I can be by being a gift and inspiration to myself and the world. Just “Be” with no fear, no worry of judgement or how it looks. “Do” and create all that I can possibly “Do” in order to experience complete joy and peace so that I give others permission to “Do” the same. And, “Love”, “Love”, “Love”! “Love” is the ultimate common denominator of life. Without unconditional love (I’m still a work in progress in this area) for self, others, and life overall you will continue to experience a difficult and oftentimes unfulfilled journey. The opposite of “Love” is “Fear”. Well, it’s time to choose. And, I’m choosing “Love” because it has already chosen me.


One way I’ve FINALLY decided to BeDoLove and live my “life’s purpose” is to create this blog. My quiet dream (I have many) has been my writing. It is one of my greatest gifts of expression that I am grateful for and one that many loved ones (including my soul and soulmates) have told me time and time again that they enjoy and have said “You should start a blog” or “You should write a book”.


I am an open and adventurous lover of life and now with this blog, I truly get to be consistent with writing (I might need an accountability partner from time to time) and share my inner spiritual thoughts (maybe some poetry too) with you and balance it out with delicious food experiences, adventure, and fun.

People are amazing. And, this world we live in is truly amazing. I believe that you can have “falling in love” moments with life over and over and over again when we are open to experiencing it through living out our dreams and desires. One of my favorite quotes is “When was the last time you did something for the first time.”

Life won’t be totally perfect, but we can have many perfect experiences. I haven’t always followed my true path, but it’s never too late to turn it around and truly dance to the amazing thumping beat of my own rhythmically flowing and freeing drum. We only have this life to live. I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow me (and invite others) on this journey with the hope of me breathing life into my ever expanding thoughts and inevitably inspiring you to do the same. Let’s go BeDoLove! ONWARD!!! KCB


This blog is dedicated to my dear friend and spiritual guide Ron “MF” Davis, who transitioned on to another space and time. It’s also dedicated to my beautiful friend Margo Owens, who too transitioned on. They were (and continue to be as my angels) two of my biggest cheerleaders in life and allowed me to be and who both I know would love this blog (I invite them to stop through). This is also dedicated to each and every one of you who have said to me “You should start a blog!” Finally, I’m listening and overcoming fear. Thank you all for not giving up on me. Thank you Mother, Father, God, The Universe!

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