Fall Season = Warm Connections, Boots, Colors, Vineyards, Wineries, Breweries, Good Food & Fun

Virginia has some wonderful vineyards, wineries, and now breweries. Saturday I hung out with one of my favorite couples Tony (my long time friend bonded by Howard University, “Showtime” Marching Band, and KKY/TBS) and Patricia Humphrey (also a Bison) for some Fall fun down in Loudoun County, VA, which has some great wine and beer.

We 1st visited the Quattro Goomba’s (Meaning 4 friends. Which are the 4 friends who opened the spot.) Winery & Brewery. Came for the wine tasting (which was a nice selection), beer, and the much heard about Sicilian pizza which was sooooo delish. Not so CAAAARRRBBBISH feeling. Light crust. And, the beer flight I perfectly curated with Dark Cherry (chocolate, cherry, milk stout), Resistance (mango & Passionfruit wheat), infatuation (pumpkin spice saison), and Winter (Belgian quad).

We then ventured to the Stone Tower Winery. The spaciousness and beautiful view were the highlights. Oh, they do have a very nice Port Wine.

And, because we couldn’t stop talking about the Sicilian pizza, we returned to Quattro Goomba for seconds. Yeah! That good. And, washed it down with a wine slushy, which they failed to tell us about during our first stop there. And, that concludes our wonderful Fall outing. Till next time. Cheers to you from three friends (missed it by one for the Quattro)! 😉

PS: Still salivating from my last visit down this way to Delaplane Cellars, where the Petit Manseng is something special. And, those Apple Cider Donuts at Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn.

PSS: Darn! I forgot to take a pic of me wearing my boots. And, they are new and cute. 🥴 Any who! Enjoy the beautiful colors of Fall. One mo’ ‘gain, Cheers! 😍

#BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #BeDoLoveSAVOR #IDineToWriteAboutIt #Yummyliciousness #FallFoilage #Wine #Winery #Vineyard #Brewery #VirginiaWines #VirginiaWineries #VirginiaBeer #VirginiaCraftBeer #VirginiaIsForCraftBeerLovers

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Morning Pop Talk – When You Don’t Get Invited/RIP Elijah Cummings

Pop Morning Talk – The President Never Gets Invited – Pop: Cummings service is today. The presidents are going to speak. (Talking about The Honorable Congressman Elijah Cummings funeral service.)

Me: (looking like ??? what presidents)

Pop: Obama and Clinton are speaking. That must be a bitch. That nobody invites you to anything. That McCain thing was something else. And, then he talks about he’s the greatest president ever.

The morale of the story: You are ostracized when being an a..hole or mean girl. And, if you are one of those people and are being invited to the party it may be more so out of obligation, fear, or to use you.

Check yourself regarding your relationships. Are you operating with love or fear/control that has you crossing boundaries with treating others poorly? Being abusive to include emotionally and/or verbally? If so, don’t confuse your access with acceptance. You can be kind, nice and loving and still WIN! Exemplified by President Obama and Congressman Cummings that while this son of Howard University was a fierce warrior he was also a man that exemplified love, kindness, and grace and still WON! HUUUUU…

Oh, Pop say’s “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” Cheers!

PS: Pic was taken at Trinidadian Owner and Chef Peter Prime’s restaurant “Cane” on H Street in DC. They serve yummylicious Caribbean Street Food. Check out Obama in the pic in Trinidad eating doubles, which is a simple yet very tasty Trini street food usually eaten for breakfast. It is made with two baras filled with curry channa, chutneys, hot sauce, and tamarind sauce (extra for me please). Mmmmm… #BeDoLove #MorningPopTalk #CaregiversMatter #Yummyliciousness #BeDoLoveSAVOR #IDineToWriteAboutIt #TasteDC #dceats #dcfoodporn #dcfoodie #dcdining

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🎶I Know You Heard Me on the Radio. TRRUUUUEEEE!!!🎶 – A Special Howard University Homecoming/LGBTQ Show

Please join us for A Howard University Homecoming Special Show “Moving the LGBTQ Community Forward on College Campuses.”

All members of the LGBTQ community, allies, and those who are open to listening with a loving ear to a different perspective from your’s are welcome to join us on WPFW-FM’s “INSIDE OUT LGBT RADIO Show” today, Tuesday, October 8, 2019 from 2pm-3pm EST. Tune in from the DMV at 89.3 FM or stream live ANYWHERE from your computer, phone or tablet at http://www.wpfwfm.org.

I’m super excited as a Howard grad to share that we will have special current students and alumni guests. To include HUSA VP, Raina Henderson, CASCADE VP, Michael Franklin, and alum, Jessica Teachey. And, you’re welcome and encouraged to call in and share at 202-588-0893. Please share and spread the word.

The theme for this homecoming is “Forward”. In a recent correspondence President Frederic said “As we welcome alumni and friends back to campus, we invite the entire Howard community to get in the Homecoming spirit, fellowship and collaborate on ways to move the institution forward.”

During the show, we’ll discuss the importance of Howard University continuing to move “forward” with ensuring the LGBTQ community is welcomed, engaged, connected, and thriving. Particularly at an HBCU where the stigma of being an LGBTQ African American can be challenging from a historical perspective.

Thank you for the love and support. Send us good vibes. Please join us and enjoy! Make it a safe and beautiful day and week. Be great. Be courageous. Be Bold. BeDoLove! Bison Love! #WPFW #InsideOutLGBTRadioShow #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #LivingOutLoud #LGBTQLivesMatter #HowardUniversity #HUYouKnow #HBCU #TheRealHU #BisonLove #BisonPride #BisonStrong #InTruthAndService #BleedBlue #TheMecca #HUYouKnow #ImSoGladIWentToHowardU #AintNoPartyLikeAnHUParty #HowardHomecoming2019

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Morning Pop Talk – He’s Baaaaccckkk and Shining Bright

After almost two months in the hospital to include a colostomy emergency surgery, colon cancer diagnosis, rehab, and gaining 9 mistresses, 5 adopted daughters, 3 adoptive sons, and loads and loads of admirers throughout Kingsbrook Hospital in my hometown Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Pop was released about a month ago. I immediately whisked him off to Maryland to live with me.

We struggled a bit to get the rhythm of changing the Ostomy bag. Not for the faint of heart, I tell you. It is truly a labor of love and one I had great trepidation about. Mishaps had me frustrated with some crying spells to one day I loudly called out to my beloved ancestors (my grandmother and Aunt Barbara) for help and guidance. And, I tell you within a few hours they guided me to a step I was missing. DUUUHHHH!!! 🤭

A week and a half ago I had to take Pop back to Brooklyn to deal with a situation which required a minor procedure. While it was a WTF moment it was also met with great humor. He had a colostomy prolapse where his stoma grew from the size of a golf ball to a three inch penis. I know. I know. 😳 The doctor described it similar to when you have a hemorrhoid and it comes out. Pop told my Aunt Vilma he was going to have a circumcision. 🤣🤣🤣 Gotta love his sense of humor which I see where I get mine from. Once again, he came through the surgery with flying colors. However, while there we received additional test results showing that the cancer is not only in his colon, but also his liver and lungs making it stage four.

🎶Don’t cry for us Argentina…🎶 No pity party here please. Shown by this picture, the sun continues to shine brightly on Pop. Pop is walking, singing, laughing, can fend for himself, doing his daily reading, crossword puzzles and wonderword in the New Post newspaper (Thankfully they carry it in my around the corner Giant.). He is truly a 90 year-old beautiful, spirited warrior of great strength. I am extremely grateful for that since I may be in a different place emotionally if not for it.

As we establish a new normal, decisions are to be made. So please pray for his continued strength. He’s continued peace and calm. Pray that the appropriate decisions will be made and those required (doctors, nurses, health insurance people, home care attendants, friends, family, etc., etc., etc.) to travel this road with ease, knowledge and compassion are divinely led to us. And, pray for my family and I for our peace, calm, patience, compassion, strength to include advocacy, and continued joy in ALL.OF.IT! And, pray and look out for others who are also in the phase of their lives where their parents require their support, assistance, and a very special kind of love.

There have been lessons upon lessons upon lessons through all this and I’m sure more to come. Some may say too much information “TMI” Kathryn. Could be embarrassed if they were going through something similar or their own THING. Well, I’ve dealt with enough pain, isolation, and sadness and ain’t got NO MORE time to suffer and suffocate in silence. Shame, pride, and it being all about how it looks kills the spirit. I get to share while being respectful and honoring my father, with the hope this touches someone in a way to know they aren’t alone in their situation, that they are loved, that there are people out there who can support them, and they too can share and LET.IT.OUT.AND.GO within their safe spaces. So, thank you for being my safe space. I’m going to come back as often as possible to share about Pop and what I’m learning whether personal lessons or those through navigating the layers upon layers of the health system.

Well, at Pop’s request I’m going to file his nails because grooming still matters to him. Get myself together to go get Pop’s newspaper and get his lunch ready. New normal. And, then go cheer on the Washington Mystics to a WNBA championship. Because, I get to still live, love, and laugh.

With that, Pop say’s “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!”

And, the beat goes on. With good spirits. Gratitude! And, Love! #MorningPopTalk #BeDoLove

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Morning Pop Talk – A Beautiful Fighting Spirit

Based on the past month I could write a dissertation on Pop and health care. But, I’ll attempt to keep this as brief as possible. It took me a minute to get to the point of sharing with my FB family and those who I know adore Pop.

Pop was admitted to Kingsbrook hospital in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (my birth hood) a month ago. Having trouble swallowing, weak… Upon running test after test after test they found that the left portion of his kidney and colon are connected. Rare. But, happens.

The next step was to do a colonoscopy to find out what was going on with the colon. Before that could happen, Pop became extremely bloated and couldn’t eat. After much complaining about it, tests were done and it was determined that an emergency surgery due to colon blockage was necessary. This resulted in the placement of a colostomy (A surgical operation in which a piece of the colon is diverted to an artificial opening in the abdominal wall so as to bypass a damaged part of the colon.) bag.

Now if you remember Pop turned 90 in June. So doing surgery on him was a concern. However, because of his strong mental capacity they felt comfortable. And, they were correct. Pop came out of the surgery very well. He’s even gained 20 pounds since he first arrived to the hospital.

This past Tuesday they attempted to discharge Pop. I wasn’t having it. He needed rehab in this setting. Because, while he was doing good, his strength wasn’t yet up to par. After talking to about 10 different doctors, nurses, case workers, social workers, physical therapist, occupational therapist asking the same 🤬 questions he was transferred to rehab. There’s a funny story I’ll share later regarding the conversation I had with Pop prior to the therapists coming to do their evaluation. That was a long yet winning day.

The day they attempted to discharge Pop the results from the colonoscopy/biopsy was shared. Pop has colon cancer. Breathe. The next step is to determine his care related to the colon cancer. However, during this process, nodules were found on his lungs and a Pet Scan (A positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an imaging test that helps reveal how your tissues and organs are functioning. A PET scan uses a radioactive drug (tracer) to show this activity. This scan can sometimes detect disease before it shows up on other imaging tests.) needs to be done to determine what’s going on there. And, then the care can be determined. Breathe.

Looks like Pop will be coming back with me when he’s released. Particularly because of the colostomy bag. Breathe.

First Pop has been absolutely amazing through this process. Even when he was feeling his worst he continued to be his witty and charming self. He’s gone through five areas of the hospital to include ICU to now rehab. The women (men too) employees (nurses, tech aides, tv person…) here LOOOVVVVEEEE him. “He’s so cute.” “He’s how old…?” He has them giggling and laughing and even singing to him. Me seeing he’s making their day (hospital environment is no joke) just as much as they are making his day. He and the other Boxill’s have a reputation throughout. Dr. “Easy on the Eyes” Joe just said to me he always likes coming and talking to us because we’re always smiling. (He doesn’t know I was one more “no” from turning into the Tasmanian Devil up in this joint Tuesday.) Pop’s doing his newspaper crossword puzzles, reading the newspaper and books, watching Jeopardy (that CANNOT be missed), and cussing the pres every chance he gets.

Watching him has been such an example of what having good spirits can do for the healing process. It can also help with easing the worry of others. His graciousness and appreciation is such a lovely expression of gratitude. ALWAYS saying thank you to whoever comes in to do something for him. Which is a reminder for me to do the same. A smile, nice tone, and thank you, really does go a long way.

As for me, this has been tough. Adult parenting is tough. The role reversals are real. It’s a moment to moment experience. One moment riding high with the wins (my manifesting having a voice Goddess Warrior has been on fleek) and the next moment experiencing the low vibrations of sadness, fear, anger, woe is me, etc. So I do my best to take it one moment at a time. Allowing myself to feel what I feel and not stuff it. Taking moments to do things I enjoy bringing myself back up and get out of my way and allow the manifesting magical moments to occur. This could be as simple as watching a favorite show, having a good meal, to dancing. Being in the moment (so the doingness doesn’t take over) and not allowing the unknowingly of the future (for Pop and my life) to worry and stress me out. Sure, it’s easy to say…. However, doing my best to be ever present to choosing self-care and pleasure over wallowing in the sadness and pain.

The blessing is my brothers (2 live in Brooklyn) who have been engaged and there. And, they are funny as heck. The blessings are also my niece, nephews, cousins, aunt, and friends (for being there and those in the know) who know and love me and therefore are riding with me to provide those fun and pleasurable moments. The spirit of Brooklyn has also been a blessing. I’ve been here 2-1/2 weeks now (left right after my last radio show), with everyday traveling these streets and sometimes taking nice therapeutic walks through my hood. Even in its hustle and bustle, it’s been healing being here. The blessing is Pop continuing to reassure me. “We’ll be good babe.” The blessing is my boss and team members and their compassion and patience and my ability to telework. The blessing is the entire teams here at the hospital. For the most part they have all been amazing. Customer service is everything to me. The blessing has also been God and my Gangsta Angels. I have absolutely no doubt they have been working on our behalf. The magical ish that’s been occurring is always RIGHT.ON.TIME, heartwarming and humbling.

Prayers please for Pop. Please pray for his continued healing. Please pray for his ability to continue eating comfortably and keep food down. Please pray for answers and clarity to continue to support in further important decision making. Please pray for the reversal of the colostomy. Please pray for ALL the doctors, nurses, therapists, and social workers for their well being, patience, compassion, willingness to break it all the way down for our understanding and clarity and for their urgency to make things happen. Please pray for peace and calm for my father, my family, and me.

I could go on, but I’ll stop here for now. 😉

Okay! I’ll leave with one Pop Talk of many:

(When Pop was very bloated.)

Pop: Motions for me to come down.

(He whispers in my ear.) I’m full of shit.

We bust out laughing. 😂😂😂

Gotta love him.

Oh, Pop say’s “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!”

And, the beat goes on. With good spirits. Gratitude! And, Love! #MorningPopTalk

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🎶I Know You Heard Me on the Radio. TRRUUUUEEEE!!!🎶 – “Music! Dance! Exhale! A Tribute to Ron “MF” Davis.”

Please join me and my special guest DJ Paul Howard of “House After Dark” as we create magical musical birthday vibes in honor of our dopest of dope ancestor’s Ron. Baby powder glide in on WPFW-FM’s “INSIDE OUT LGBT RADIO Show” today, Tuesday, July 23, 2019 from 2pm-3pm EST. Tune in from the DMV at 89.3 FM or stream live ANYWHERE from your computer, phone or tablet at www.wpfwfm.org.

Set your alarm and join in for the late afternoon “Living Out Loud” funky dance break curated by DJ Paul Howard, while we celebrate with a Special Tribute to my dear friend Ron “MF” Davis whose birthday is today. During the show will give thanks and share our gratitude for this beautiful man who inspired all to “Live Out Loud” and manifest our wildest dreams. He was/IS Magical! Mystical! DJ of Music and Love! Sensitive Lion! Melting Smile! Booming Laugh! Third Eye Magician of No Holds Barred Truth Balanced with Love! We ALL Mattered to Him! He encouraged and inspired so many who are now doing the dayum thing with living what I call their SoulFULL Purpose.

Please call in and share how Ron inspired you. A favorite quote or phrase. Something specific that you continue to hear in your head till this day. Something funny and crazy he did or you both did. Please be laser. 😉😉

Mine is “What you fear you will create.” I hear it allllllll the time. I’ll share more during the show.

🎶Haaaappyyy Birthdaaaayyy Ron!!!🎶

Can’t wait. Until then, Peace! Love! DAAAAANCEEEE! (In my Pray Tell voice.) #WPFW #InsideOutLGBTRadioShow #BeDoLove #BeDoLoveDANCE #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #LivingOutLoud #EveryoneGetsToGo #NewMomentNewOpportunity #KathrynLIVES #WHATDOYOUWANT

Update: If you missed this amazing show filled with all kinds of sharing of heartfelt love for our Ron and DJ Paul Howard putting it down with music that will mooovvveee you,


Click this link and enjoy the show at home, your desk, while driving, preparing dinner… Or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes at WPFW – Inside Out to enjoy previously recorded shows. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wpfw-inside-out/id1157698311?mt=2. Come back and share your thoughts. Thank you for the love and support. See you next time. Make it a safe and beautiful week. Be great. Be courageous. Be Bold. BeDoLove! Love!

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🎶I Know You Heard Me on the Radio. TRRUUUUEEEE!!!🎶 – 50 Years After Stonewall

No Pride for Some of Us, Until Liberation for All of Us: 50 Years After Stonewall

A WPFW Pride Month Special produced in collaboration with the Inside Out Collective

Today, Tuesday, June 25, 2019  

8AM – Midnight – See programming schedule below. I’ll be on from 8pm-10pm.

Join the conversations at DC area’s WPFW 89.3FM or stream the show live anywhere at www.WPFWfm.org. You can tune in while at work, driving, working out, eating a late lunch, preparing dinner… And, please call in with questions and to share your thoughts at 202-588-0893. Please share and spread the word.

DC’s Jazz & Justice WPFW-FM is honoring our LGBTQ+ community and supporters with the first ever all day special Pride Month programming. Today from 8am-Midnight, the theme is No Pride for Some of Us, Until Liberation for All of US: 50 Years After Stonewall. The theme is a nod to the courageous spirit of, and a quote from murdered African American Queer Activist Marsha P. Johnson, and of course a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

The day will consist of various voices to include collective members of “The Inside Out LGBT Radio Show” providing perspectives to include a mix of music and public affairs offerings from members of the LGBTQ community and allies. Programming will also utilize a few entries from the Pacifica Radio Archives – including James Baldwin, Audrey Lorde, Harvey Milk, and a special on Stonewall.

Thank you for the love and support. Send us good vibes. Please join us and enjoy! Make it a safe and beautiful day and week. Be great. Be courageous. Be Bold. BeDoLove! Love! #WPFW #InsideOutRadioLGBTRadioShow #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #WomenWhoColorOutsideTheLines #Stonewall


8am-10am Illegal Then…What About Now

Host: Ed Stern (Michael Sharp will open up the show and day of programming.)

10am-12pm Home Is Where The Heart Is: Black LGBTQUIA Homelessness in the DMV

Host: Michael Sharp

12pm-1pm Queer As German Folk: 50 Years of Transatlantic Rainbow Friendship

Host: Raleigh Joyner, Goethe Institute


1pm-2pm DC’s “A League Of Her Own” and the Importance of Safe Spaces to Play with Manager Jo McDaniel

Host: Michael Sharp & Ed Stern


2pm-4pm The Current Climate for the LGBTQ Community

Host: Matt Thorn


4pm-6pm Black Lesbian Resistance and Resilience

Host: Sheila Alexander-Reid


6pm-8pm What Does Pride Mean; Why Does Pride Matter; What Is Pride to You?

Hosts: Peach & Tina


8pm-10pm One Night in June 1969: A Reading of the Events of the Stonewall Riot & Small Town, Great Pride

Hosts: Michael Knaapen & Kathryn Boxill


10pm-12am Follow Me: A Celebration of the LGBTQ+ Spirit of House Music

Hosts: DJ Abigail/Katea Stitt

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Pop is “90” Years Strong & Sharp – Happy “90th” Birthday!

Only Mr. Enric Quentin Boxill could orchestrate his 90th birthday falling on Father’s Day in the year of 2019. And, I was so honored to gather 60 family members and friends (old friends and his bridge crew) in Brooklyn to celebrate our father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend.

Blessing for the Birthday Worshippers

The day began with attending service at our family church in Crown Heights, Church of St. Mark. Followed by a Sunday Funday brunch experience at Scottadito Osteria Toscana in Park Slope, which was wonderfully orchestrated by Donald (owner) and his team who all were so accommodating and gracious. Family and friends (some before I was born) reminisced, laughed, got reacquainted or met for the first time. Aunt Vilma (his sister) serenaded Pop with “What a Wonderful World” with many joining in. And, of course the after party moved on to our family headquarters (Aunt Vilma’s house). The day after Pop was still giggling as a result of all of the memories and showering of love. Check out what Pop and I had to say here https://youtu.be/hY60qoZ1XWM. I spoke about Pop’s influence with setting the foundation for exploring my spirituality. And, then Pop spoke about turning 90 and his contribution to family, friends, and life as providing a helping hand to whoever he could. Pop’s speech from another vantage point here https://youtu.be/S3TkvFaC9QY.

Scottadito Osteria Toscana

Magnet gift. Card to share memory and/or kind words

Scottadito Osteria Toscana – Owner Donald

Sam and the team took great care of us.

Pop, whose been a father figure to many (supporting many) through the years, we continue to be so grateful for your sound intellectual mind to include teachable moments in all things related to integrity and worldly in news, sports, and music (especially jazz and classical), good health, great spirit, get up and go (still plays Bridge, plays along with Jeopardy, and does his crossword puzzles), Trinidadian roots/birth (he still can cook a mean pot of oxtails and cow heel soup), Brooklyn swag, intact fashion sense, spiritual essence, a sense of humor, mastery of witticism, hearty laughter, and sweet giggles. And, our “Morning Pop Talk” are always what the doctor has ordered to lighten my spirit and keep me moving through the day. And, I’m sure for others as you typically end the conversation with your loving and inspirational words.

Cousins! Nephews! Nieces!

Pop and My Brothers Greg & Terence. Alec was unable to attend but was certainly there in spirit.

Loving Family & Friends

Pop & Aunt Vilma (his sister)

Cousin Damon Shares a Johnny Walker Black Toast

I‘m so blessed and grateful for the unconditional love you consistently shower on me and others. It’s a beautiful way of being you that continues to be an example for us all. You’re an awesome man Pop. You are #BeDoLove.

Nichols Family

Uncle William and Cousin Melinda

Nephew Clive and Nieces Natasha & Saniyah

Brother Terence! Nephew TJ! Sister-in-law Diane!

Thank you God for gifting us Pop. We are ever so grateful for Pop to be here to continue experiencing the fruits of his labor as I and my family get to provide more and more proud and fun moments for him to witness and brag about. And, as we get to brag about how awesome he is. Pop, I pray for your continued good health, peace and an abundance of love and sweet giggles. We love YOOOUUUU Pop! Cheers!!!

In the words of Pop “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #MorningPopTalk

Parting magnet gift.

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🎶You Got to Pray Just to Make it Today…🎶

LaTonia Taylor the RevCoach of Rebirth International says it’s the paradigm shift and game changing season. And, I agree and hope you do too. I must admit, while I do pray I’ve felt a longing to learn more about prayer and how to be more specific and intentional about it as a daily spiritual practice. And, trust me when I tell you the RevCoach is the truth. She’s been coaching and mothering me through a serious ReBirth for the past year. Can’t wait for the 48 Day Prayer Challenge starting tomorrow, June 1 @ 7am. Click here for more info and to join. https://mailchi.mp/rebirthinternational/48dayprayers All Faiths Welcome. Open to Men & Women. Reserve 30 Min OR LESS. All 48 Days is NOT required. Peace! #ParadigmShift48 #Prayer #BeDoLove

The RevCoach LaTonia says:

“Join #ParadigmShift48 as a building block to this new relationship with yourself & that God within.” — RevCoach

“Sometimes, I forget this. Prayer is my friggin #SuperPower.

I confess, as much evidence as I have there are times when I do NOT use my (spiritual) tools.

(Can you relate?)

Oh, but when I do remember….The Game changes!!

I don’t know about you… but, I am in a Game-Changing Season. Distractions are kryptonite & come like rapid fire, when I get lost in “doing” instead of “being” leading the way.

Prayer is not reserved for the religious. It can be your #SuperPower too, especially when nothing is wrong yet good can be even better.

Join us for #ParadigmShifting Prayers at 7amEST during this 48 Day Challenge.

☆☆What are we challenging?

Limitations, hidden or not!

IT’S FREE GAME, so no excuses.” — RevCoach

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“See You Yesterday” – A Support the Arts Must Watch

Backstory first. A few weeks ago I was at a happy hour with folk from my beloved Howard University. HUUUUUUU… I had the pleasure of meeting a brother named Lamont Crawford from Howard for the first time who works in film (often times with Spike Lee) as a Key Grip. Of course, I with my curiosity asked what that was (since I see it all the time during the credits) which led to other conversations. Basically, it sounds like he runs ish. Lamont was so passionate about and loves what he does and mentioned a film coming out that he worked on. When he began describing the film I was like “Was that a short film? Because it sounds like something I saw previously.” It was. And, he was impressed I knew about the short film and saw it. Gold star for Kathryn. 

Well, the award nominated and winning (The short NYU thesis film” won the HBO Short Film Competition at Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival.) “See You Yesterday” premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival (Audience Award Nominee) and is now on Netflix. It is described as “As two teen prodigies (C.J.-Named after Madame C.J. Walker. HELLO! and Sebastian) try to master the art of time travel, a tragic police shooting sends them on a series of dangerous trips to the past.” “A sci-fi adventure grounded in familial love, cultural divide, and the universal urge to change the wrongs of the past.” —Netflix https://youtu.be/8MVRWQ1PnMo

I love the vibrant and beautifully shot and compelling full feature film even more. Why? Because it’s so Spike Lee (Producer of this project) and A 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworksish. But hold up. The Director and Co-Writer is Stefon Bristol who is from Coney Island, a Morehouse (Debt free class of 2019.) Grad, and mentee of Spike Lee. Stefon did an amazing job in his own right while also paying homage to his mentor by including the Spike Lee signature and vertigo-inducing “Dolly Shot”. However, let’s give much credit to DC’s co-writer Fredrica Bailey who helped to get the script tight and provided the necessary feminine authentic essence of C.J. I’m excited for her as we are getting to experience more and more brilliant and beautiful Black women writers, directors, and producers. Looking forward to seeing more of Stefon and Fredrica work.

To add, the film is so Brooklyn. 🎶Where Brooklyn At?🎶 While filming mostly in East Flatbush (The homes with the garages in the back…), it’s also so Crown Heights where I’m from. It’s so West Indian-American (Sebastian playing the male lead, his real last name is Crichlow which is my Trini mother’s maiden name.). It’s a film about us, representing our culture and upbringing. Stefon mentioned being deliberate about including the colors of red, gold, and green to represent the Caribbean culture and the vibe of the neighborhood. It’s so creatively afro-futurist and sci-fi (I won’t tell you who’s cast to give it big sci-fi props. Back to the Future. cough, cough). It’s fun. It’s beautiful friendships (Eden and Dante have actually been friends for quite some time.) and strong family bonds. It’s mirroring real life and heartbreaking. It’s so nostalgic with C.J. (At that age, I was K.C.) reminding me of my young Black Brooklyn Girl nerdy self with navigating life, running the streets of Brooklyn potty mouth (Shhh… Don’t tell my parents.) and all with street and book sense. The MUSIC and COSTUMES! The film also showcases the brilliance that can sometimes be overlooked with our Black youth. And, that it’s okay to be from the hood and smart as STEM heck. While the film does have some strong and violent content, I think it is a must watch for our youth to see the endless possibilities. Enjoy!

Now back to watching season two of Spike’s “She’s Gotta Have It” that gives me soooooo many Brooklyn chills. Shout out to my homegirl Vanessa Jones, who plays the police officer some of the episodes. Bravo!

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