Yummylicious Harewood Tulum

Farm-to-table and powered by solar panels, Hartwood is one of those world renowned and hard to get into restaurants found even in a quaint low key town such as Tulum.

On the double nickel anniversary of my birth, I arrived at Hartwood at 5:30pm with eyes wide opened at the sight of an already growing line. I took my place in the queue, not aware of who had reservations (They start taking them a month in advance.) or who was also participating in the moment of silent prayer to the foodie Gods for one of the four coveted bar seats. Rolling solo, my only option was one of those first come first served stools. With each person/group seated, I was a ball of emotional confusion, exhaling and growing more anxious as I was one step closer to the entrance. The restaurant filled up just like that, I as the third bar guest. YAAAYYY MEEEE!!!

The music like basically all of the spots in Tulum was pumping the perfect playlist which relaxed me from my brief yet stressful line experience.

Instead of passing out menus or being directed to the QR code, the menu items were described from a blackboard. I requested repeats and clarifications to ensure I choose items for what would be the makings of a delightful birthday dinner.

I thankfully opted for the eye-rolling, fresh, and flavorful explosion in my mouth “Ceviche De Quelites.”WOAH! My palate was like GUUUURRRRLLLL!!! 😋😋😋 Next up were the mouthwatering and falling off the bone ribs. I wish I could have bottled up the BBQ Tamarind Sauce. I sipped on the tasty Espina Mezcal Cacahaute. How can I get a bottle mailed to the states? The “Honey Pie” arrived with a flickering candle and accompanied by a 🎶Happy Birthday…🎶 serenade, which were the perfect finale to my evening. I’m grateful to Hartwood and the other bar stool guests for being so kind to me on my special day.

My evening delights were:

~CEVICHE DE QUELITES – Snapper, Fermented Pineapple, Capache???, Herbs, Mango Chile Oil

~COSTILLAS AL AGAVE – Ribs, Grilled Pineapple, Pickled Cabbage, Pickled Chile, Tamarind BBQ Sauce.



I’m still dreaming about the ceviche. It was sooooo good. Mmmmm… Bon Appetit! Cheers! Enjoy! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #Wanderlust #ColorOutsideTheLines #SweetSpot #BeDoLoveSAVOR #IDineToWriteAboutIt #LiveAndBreatheYourSoulFULLPurpose #BonAppetit #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #FoodPorn #ExpandYourPalate #OffTheBeatenPath #Tulum #TulumDining #HartwoodTulum

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