Double Nickel Birthday Gratitude

Kathryn I love YOU! You’re my best friend. Through the heartbreak you continue to grow. You seek and push through the deeper levels of healing. You’ve been serendipitously and purposefully guided to people, places, and things that fill your tank as you seek peace, joy, and freedom. I love how you continue to strengthen your “yes muscle” to only what feels right and what you desire. I appreciate your perseverance and being an open vessel for “living out loud” despite the moments where it’s heavier than you care to bare. Kathryn you’re a chameleon of love, beauty, spirituality, strength, fear, fierceness, softness, feisty, lovable, city, urban, quaintness, spoiled, giver, introvert, home body, adventurer, sociable, quiet, high pitched passion, courage, fun, silly and cooky friend, sweet lover, sensual, smart, curiosity, creativity, over thinker, leader, student, impatient, overly patient, compassion, empathy, f*k you… I love every level of humanness that makes you YOU! I do hope I’m my parents and ancestors “wildest dreams.”

With that said, Today I’m in Tulum on my 55th birthday. Spirit said Kathryn for this birthday and for your healing, leave the states and go get kissed by the sun, bathe in the beach, and delight delicious vittles all in the backdrop of cool quaint vibes. For this I choose Tulum, Mexico. Or Tulum chose me as it’s been calling out to me ever since I’ve visited on day trips a couple of times. And, it’s been perfect thus far. This was me last night, taking myself out on a lovely birthday dinner date at Art Beach Tulum.

Honestly caregiving and then caregiving during a pandemic topped off with menopause emotional swings WORE.ME.OUT! Like deep depression OUT! Like developing anxiety attacks on the Beltway/495 in the Fall of 2020 and I’m still fighting my way through them. With the help of Naturopathic doctors, therapists, family, friends, coworkers, and most important with self-care I’m doing a lot better.

Day by day, I’m feeling more like myself. My free spirit and adventurous self needed the world to open up. Needing to balance the grieving of Pop transitioning and caregiving and pandemic PTSD with living, connecting, and luxuriating.

I’m so grateful and blessed for this day. My life. My family and friends. I love and appreciate IT ALL. I love and appreciate YOU ALL. Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU Mother, Father, God!

Remember, our world and many are still not doing well. We need each other. And, that’s okay. Be mindful of the silent. Be mindful of the emotional stuffers. Someone you know needs to know they matter and are loved. Let them know. Show them by words and deeds. And, if that many is you, you don’t have to sit in it alone. There are safe spaces God and your angels have and will continue to guide for you to land on. Don’t run from them. Run to them. Peace. Live. Love. Namaste. #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #LiveAndBreatheYourSoulFULLPurpose #SweetSpot #Wanderlust

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