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"You must be willing to let go of the life we planned... so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -Joseph Campbell Who are you? What do you love? What is your "life's purpose"? What are you passionate about? What is sacred to you? Who Am I? Hey there loves! I'm finally here, present, and accounted for. Who am I? Well, I've been described as an "emancipated woman", "paradox", and "the DC Zagat Princess". Sure these descriptions paint a nice picture of who I am, but I continue to question myself often with the five questions I started off with. I know there is so much more that my soul is guiding me to in order to be a contribution and an extraordinary being if only I would just listen, allow myself to be guided by my soul, and then act accordingly. Telling myself or better yet listening for the truth hasn't always been easy. But, the cool thing is I've never ceased to stop having a thirst to learn regardless of the hard lessons and truths learned about myself and life. Because at the end of the day for me it ALWAYS comes back to "what is my life's purpose?". I decided it's to "Be" all that I can be by being a gift and inspiration to myself and the world. Just "Be" with no fear, no worry of judgement or how it looks. "Do" and create all that I can possibly "Do" in order to experience complete joy and peace so that I give others permission to "Do" the same. And, "Love", "Love", "Love"! "Love" is the ultimate common denominator of life. Without unconditional love (I'm still a work in progress in this area) for self, others, and life overall you will continue to experience a difficult and oftentimes unfulfilled journey. The opposite of "Love" is "Fear". Well it's time to choose. And, I'm choosing "Love" because it has already chosen me. Time to Be About It One way I've FINALLY decided to BeDoLove and live my "life's purpose" is to create this blog. My quiet dream (I have many) has been my writing. It is one of my greatest gifts of expression that I am grateful for and one that many loved ones (including my soul and soulmates) have told me time and time again that they enjoy and have said "You should start a blog" or "You should write a book". Life is But a Dream Lived I am an open and adventurous lover of life and now with this blog I truly get to be consistent with writing (I might need an accountability partner from time to time) and share my inner spiritual thoughts (maybe some poetry too) with you and balance it out with delicious food experiences, adventure, and fun. People are amazing. And, this world we live in is truly amazing. I believe that you can have "falling in love" moments with life over and over and over again when we are open to experiencing it through living out our dreams and desires. One of my favorite quotes is "When was the last time you did something for the first time." Life just won't be totally perfect, but we can have many perfect experiences. I haven't always followed my true path, but it's never too late to turn it around and truly dance to the amazing thumping beat of my own rhythmically flowing and freeing drum. We only have this life to live. I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow me (and invite others) on this journey with the hope of me breathing life to my ever expanding thoughts and inevitably inspiring you to do the same. Let's go BeDoLove! ONWARD!!! KCB Dedication to Those Who Have Inspired and Believed in Me This blog is dedicated to my dear friend and spiritual guide Ron "MF" D. who transitioned on to another space and time. It's also dedicated to my beautiful friend Margo who too transitioned on. They were (and continue to be as my angels) two of my biggest cheerleaders in life and allowed me to be and who both I know would love this blog (I invite them to stop through). This is also dedicated to each and every one of you who have said to me "You should start a blog!" Finally I'm listening and overcoming fear. Thank you all for not giving up on me. Thank you Mother, Father, God, The Universe!

Morning Pop Talk – Music Soothes…


Bless his heart. I thought Pop went to sleep for the night. Next thing I know around 2:30am I’m awakened to him yelling and cussing 🤬at the top of his lungs as he just heard the I won speech. As I went for a late night relief 🚽, I stopped to check on Pop and calm him so he didn’t also wake the neighbors.


Well fast forward to almost 7am and Pop is now practicing self-care while listening/napping to classical music 🎼 🎻 🎹 . See/Listen for yourself here: And, be like Pop. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. And, practice whatever self-care works for you. I think I’m going to try my hand at baking some Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding Cups.


As Pop would say, “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” Peace. 🙏🏾

#BeDoLove #MorningPopTalk #91YearsYoung #CareGiversMatter #CareGiver #CareGivers #FindYourZen

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Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & DOPE Pop – GO VOTE!

Pop thinks his first time voting for the President of the United States was for John F. Kennedy in 1959. He hadn’t voted prior to that because he wasn’t a US citizen (Became a citizen around 1954.). I asked what would he consider the most important election for him. His response was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1962 because of the Civil Rights movement. Last night I watched “LBJ” on Amazon, which provided some great perspective. Check out Pop’s video for more on his thoughts. He’s concerned that he may have committed treason. 🧐😆

And, with this probably being his 2nd most important election, Pop was clear he wanted to vote in this election. Needed to vote. So off I went to obtain his ballet mailed from Kings County (Brooklyn). Earlier this month, I mailed his ballet and dropped mine off at the Maryland State Board of Elections because I wanted no parts in random ballet box shenanigans.

I’m grateful to have been present to support Pop with completing his ballet. To include catching him, placing an x instead of filling in the bubbles. There was no room for having his vote not count. And, I’m relieved that both of our ballets were received and confirmed.

So to Biden and Kamala Harris, Democratic candidate for the Vice President of the United States and our Howard University Bison Crew, “HUUUUU… U Know!” Enjoy! Love! VOTE! #BeDoLove #91YearsYoung #CareGiversMatter #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #InTruthAndService

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Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & DOPE POP – Yummylicious Pastrami Reuben

My yummy version of a Pastrami Reuben.

I fell in love with pastrami as a young girl. Pop would on occasion treat us to pastrami from Katz Delicatessen. Arriving home with it deliciously sliced and wrapped in the white butcher type paper. Since Pop’s Katz trips were on occasion, I would get my in between fixes with the neighborhood bodega’s pastrami hero sandwiches, warmed of course.


Fast forward, here is my version of a Pastrami Reuben. Previously, when out, I would always substitute the rye bread for something like sourdough. This also occurred with Patty Melts. The rye was just too much for my palate. Now look at me? In 2020, marble rye has become my new culinary BFF, as a result of a recent visit to The Bagelry in Silver Spring where the marble rye bagel was recommended for the reuben.


My version of a Pastrami Reuben has pastrami (over corned beef), guyere cheese (instead of Swiss), cole slaw (prefer over sauerkraut), thousand island dressing, and caramelized onions (added touch) on pan toasted buttered marble rye bread. I happened upon the Capital Baking Company marble rye bread (Giant’s deli counter) which is so good with great texture, thickness, and flavor. Hmm… Hmm… Good… with lots of yummy drippings (what slides down your hand). 😋😍 PS: Pop approved. Bon Appetit. Enjoy! Love! #BeDoLove #91YearsYoung #CareGiversMatter #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #BeDoLoveSAVOR #BonAppetit #IChefToWriteAboutIt #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #ExpandYourPalate #Pastrami #PastramiReuben

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Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & DOPE POP – Liming with Pop

This was me and my cool a$$ Pop exactly 50 years ago today in 1970 at the annual Labor Day West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway in my beloved Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I was almost three months shy of my fourth birthday. I am posting it today on Labor Day in honor of my family and friends, and especially my father and mother (both Trinidadians). After carnival in Trinidad (the crème de la crème of Caribbean carnivals), Brooklyn’s is next in line across the world. This parade has grown to now play host to at least 1.0 million revelers. Of course due to COVID it’s not taking place in its normal format. However, the New Yorker’s West Indian spirit is not to be stopped from celebrating/liming in their own way.

Pop and Aunt Barbara supporting Uncle Clyde with his costume at Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade in the 1970s.
Aunt Barbara and Uncle Clyde at Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade in the 1970s.

I noticed something interesting, when I went off to Howard University and in my later years. It became the one time of year my dad ALWAYS wanted me to come home. Not Christmas. Not Thanksgiving. Not his birthday. But, for the weekend of the Labor Day West Indian Parade. So much so, he’d attempt to entice me with, “I’m cooking cod fish and coco this weekend.” And/or he’d ask “You coming up?” “You here?” And, when I didn’t travel, I could feel the energy of his pout as this event has been steeped in family tradition for many, many years.

Celebrating with my Brooklyn St. Mark Massive on Eastern Parkway.
My nephew Clive holding down family traditions. At 2019 West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.

In the 1940s-1950s, both sides of my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles) migrated to Harlem from Trinidad. The first Caribbean carnivals in NYC took place in Harlem and then moved to Brooklyn. Pop said the parades could have been larger back then, but many did not claim their Caribbean roots as a result of stigma and/or unhealed wounds. But, not my family as they would participate and play mas from Harlem to Brooklyn with Trini pride.

While growing up in Brooklyn, me and my immediate family lived four blocks down the hill from the parade (Crown Street bet. Troy & Albany). My grandmother lived one block up from us on Carroll Street. My great aunt’s Helen and Sybil lived down the hill. And, my Aunt Vilma still lives down the hill on Brooklyn Avenue. Growing up I would attend the parade with family and family friends. That is until I got grown enough to attend with my friends. Lol But regardless of how family branched out, it was always our tradition to connect at the same spot on de parkway. This is on Eastern Parkway & Brooklyn Avenue, which is right at the corner of our family church, Church of St. Mark. This always preceded and proceeded with a stop at my Aunt Vilma’s house, which is considered Labor Day liming headquarters. And, even up until last year, the tradition was still intact. It is such a lovely time.

2010 Trinidad Carnival playing mas with Tribe.
2010 Trinidad Carnival with my Trini tribe playing mas with Tribe.
2010 Trinidad Carnival with my Trini tribe.

Three people who I loved to watch their flow through the years were Pop, Aunt Vilma, and their first cousin Joan (would come up from DC). Even into their 70s-80s years of age, from visiting the Pan Yards, to the Steel Band Panorama, to Kiddie Carnival, to J’ouvert, to the parade, they would go. I loved experiencing their enthusiastic, energetic, and loving connection. Now fast forward to the 2000s and my nieces and nephews are carrying the torch. Last year, while Pop was in the hospital I attended the parade. It warmed my heart that my nephew Clive was upholding the family tradition of jumping up and enjoying the parade at our family spot at Eastern Parkway & Brooklyn Avenue. It truly is in our DNA and threw example to embrace our Trinidadian Roots. To include my pilgrimages to Trinidad for Carnival, participating in the DC and Baltimore carnivals to play mas or mud band, and feting from sun up to sundown. To even corny rituals with friends, such as Lisa and I never letting the day go by without a 🎶Mondaaaay on de Parkwaaaayyyyy!🎶 shout out. 😍🤣 And, because of my pride I loved the opportunity to introduce friends such as Margo (RIP) to the experience.

Me and Margo (RIP)at DC Caribbean Carnival.
2013 DC/Baltimore Carnival playing with the Mud Band. That tank top was white.
2013 Baltimore/DC Caribbean Carnival. RIP Camesha.

I thank God for blessing me with these roots for it has enriched my life in profound and joyful ways. As you can see this has been in me and of me before birth. Who knows what the future holds for the parade in Brooklyn and even in Trinidad. But, one thing is for sure is that Caribbean folk will always lime and fete like none other. And, I hope you will find time to exhale and have fun in your own traditional and new ways. Enjoy your day, however, you intend to celebrate. Be safe. Love! #BeDoLove #CaregiversMatter #91YearsYoung #CrownHeightsBrooklyn #WestIndianDayParade #wiadca #wiadca2020 #TrinidadAndTobago #JumpAndWave #SweetTAndT #SocaIsInMyBloodItsInMyVeins #PuffBallsDontCare

🎶Trinidad! Trinidad! Where my people…🎶 — Naya George, Trinidad (Right Hand)

“Lime” is a word used in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean as a synonym for “a gathering” or “to hang out.” To lime (liming)is to simply pass time and enjoy yourself, with your tribe, in whatever way you like!

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Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & a Now 91 Year-Old DOPE POP – “Let Them Be”

Pop on his 91st birthday on June 16, 2020.


This morning:

Pop: Today is our anniversary.

Me: (looking perplexed)

Pop: From when we left the hospital.


Last year, shortly after celebrating Pop’s 90th on what was also Father’s Day, he became extremely ill. This followed with him spending pretty much the entire summer of 2019 in Kingsbrook Hospital in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His long stay resulting in Ostomy surgery and being diagnosed with stage four cancer, which started in the colon and spread to the lungs and liver. Upon his release one year ago today, he immediately (We left the hospital, he grabbed a few things and we were off.) came to Maryland to live with me.


Well Pop turned 91 on June 16. Praise God! Because also almost a year ago, he was given 6 months to a year to live. And, HERE.WE.ARE! The video ( was shot on Pop’s 91st and his message was “Let Them Be.” Which speaks to who he is with his displays of unconditional love, which has always allowed me and many others to “BE!” It’s a message to us all about allowing others to “BE” who they are meant to be and not who you think they should be. And, remembering we all have our own unique personalities and purposes, that should be nurtured to flourish, bloom, and BE!

Pop’s fun and inspiring words on his 91st birthday on June 20, 2020.


From the hospital to now being roommates for a year, Pop has been an amazing example. Even in the face of great pain, uncertainty, discomfort, upsets, loss of a great deal of his independence, and a major unexpected move in the past year, Pop has and continues to be an example of what grace, perseverance, kindness (displayed to the nurses and other hospital staff), fun, and not a care in the world looks like. And, he remains the coolest man on the planet.


Pop, whose been a father figure to many through the years, we continue to be so grateful for your sound intellectual mind to include teachable moments in all things related to integrity and worldly in news, sports, and music (especially jazz and classical), good health, great spirit, get up and go (still plays games, plays along with Jeopardy, and does his crossword puzzles, reads like crazy), Trinidadian roots/birth, Brooklyn swag, intact fashion sense, spiritual essence, a sense of humor, mastery of witticism, hearty laughter, and sweet giggles. And, our “Morning Pop Talk” are always what the doctor has ordered to lighten my spirit and keep me moving through the day. And, I’m sure for others as you typically end the conversation with your loving and inspirational words.


I‘m so blessed and grateful for the unconditional love you consistently shower on me and others. It’s a beautiful way of being you that continues to be an example for us all. You’re an awesome man Pop. You are #BeDoLove. You are the man, the myth, the legend. 😍


Thank you God for gifting us Pop. We are ever so grateful for Pop to be here to continue experiencing the fruits of his labor as I and my family get to provide more and more proud and fun moments for him to witness and brag about. And, as we get to brag about how awesome he is. Pop, I pray for your continued good health, peace and an abundance of love and sweet giggles. We love YOOOUUUU Pop! Cheers!!!


In the words of Pop “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #MorningPopTalk #BeDoLove #91YearsYoung #CareGiversMatter #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFullPurpose

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🎶I Know You Heard Me on the Radio! TRRUUUUEEEE!!! 🎶 – Birthing & Evolving Your Entrepreneurial Spirit”


Please tune into INSIDE OUT LGBT RADIO SHOW today, Tuesday, August 4, 2pm-3pm EST. Tune in from the DMV at WPFW 89.3 FM or stream live ANYWHERE at Please share and spread the word.


Please join me and my guests Lorine Pendleton and Danielle Ricks, for what we hope is a thoughtful, informative, and inspiring conversation of how they are being of contribution to a diverse community of entrepreneurs and how you can birth and grow your entrepreneurial spirit.


Lorine Pendleton – Public Speaker; Advisor; Lead Investor – Portfolia’s “Rising America Fund”

Danielle Ricks (HUUUUU…) – Head Storyteller and Owner, Danielle Ricks Productions (DRP); Subject Matter Expert, DC Small Business Development Center (DCSBDC) COVID-19 Initiative


Thank you for the love and support. Send us good vibes. Make it a safe and beautiful day. Be great. Be courageous. Be Bold. BeDoLove!#WPFW #InsideOutLGBTRadioShow #Portfolia #DCSBDCcovid19 #SmallBusiness #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #LivingOutLoud #Howarding #HowardUniversity #InTruthAndService #BleedBlue #HUYouKnow

Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & Dope Pop – Yummylicious Bourbon Themed Sunday Funday Brunch

Pop: What you making?

Me: (About to tell him.)

Pop: Nevermind, don’t tell me. 😆 (Because, he knows I’m up to something.)


There was a time Bourbon was too heavy on my palate and chest. As the 2000s mixology craze began, I was reintroduced to gin, which I love. However, at some point I desired to mix it up. And, as I saw many delicious looking cocktails prepared with bourbon, I went for it. Forcing my palate to expand, in the past few years I’ve become a Bourbon fan.


Yesterday, I realized I’ve gifted bottles of bourbon’s to others’ households, but not mine. So, I stopped at a liquor store where all of the spirits were behind glass (except beer and wine) and got the last bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Hey, if I’m going to do it, DO IT.


Today’s Serendipitous Sunday Brunch Treat consist of:

-Almond Ricotta Waffles topped with Bourbon Peaches & Pecans

-HoChi’s (Howard China) Chicken Wings – Cause yesterday I had a good wing craving.

-Bourbon and Bubbles Tea & Lemonade aka Bourbon Brunch Punch (HoChi’s Tea/Lemonade Mix is da bomb.)


Oh, no syrup necessary. Bon Appetit. Enjoy! Love! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #BeDoLoveSAVOR #BonAppetit #IChefToWriteAboutIt #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #Foodie #FoodieLife #ExpandYourPalate #Brunch #SundayBrunch #Bourbon #Mimosa #Waffles

Peaches sautéing.

🎶I Know You Heard Me on the Radio! TRRUUUUEEEE!!!🎶 – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life “A Special Dance Break Edition”


Update: If you missed this hour of grooving and let your hair down dance break, click the link to listen in. Enjoy! DANCE!



Please tune into Inside Out LGBT Radio Show today, Tuesday, July 14, 2pm-3pm EST.


Join us and dance and twirl the hour away as our ally, friend to the show, and fellow Howard Bison, DJ Paul Howard of WPFW’s “House After Dark” energizes and moves us with ole school R&B and a sprinkling of house music vibes.


Tune in from the DMV at WPFW 89.3 FM or stream live ANYWHERE from your computer, phone or tablet at Please share and spread the word.


Thank you for the love and support. Send us good vibes. Make it a safe and beautiful day. Be great. Be courageous. Be Bold. BeDoLove!#WPFW #InsideOutLGBTRadioShow #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #LivingOutLoud #SocialDistancing #Howarding #HowardUniversity #InTruthAndService #BleedBlue #HUYouKnow

Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & Dope Pop – 🎶Let’s Take a Long Walk…🎶

Honestly, I’ve been shielding Pop I’m sure more than I should. Knowing he too needs fresh air and to stretch his legs. Well, because Pop’s hearing matters, this morning we made a visit to Miracle Ear for much needed adjustments to Pop’s hearing aids. Tony at Miracle Ear in Silver Spring (off New Hampshire Ave.) was nice enough to do curbside pick up. And, he tended to the aids while we waited in the car. Really professional and nice guy.


For some scenic driving, on the way home I detoured to Sligo Creek Parkway. It was so beautiful and calming that it was worth a stop and walk. A pretty short walk for Pop, but a nice one nonetheless.

Pop: This is beautiful. So many trees. They have to make sure to preserve places like this.

Remember to take moments to get some sun, fresh air, and nature love. Our body and spirit requires it. And, that goes for me with more walking/hiking. Make it a great day. And, as Pop says, “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard. Love!” #BeDoLove #CaregiversMatter

PS: The Bagelry was right next door to Miracle Ear. The Reuben on a Marble Rye bagel was everything. I can’t wait to try their Lox Spread on an Everything Bagel. Had a nice chat with Steve who gave perfect recommendations.

Me: Pop I’m going to check out the bagel shop. (Because, I know Pop loves a good bagel.)

Pop: Corned beef. (tee hee)

🎶I Know You Heard Me on the Radio. TRRUUUUEEEE!!!🎶 – Navigating a Pandemic with Fun & Purpose

Please tune into INSIDE OUT LGBT RADIO Show today, Tuesday, May 19, 2pm-3pm EST as we discuss the topic of “Navigating a Pandemic with Fun & Purpose.” Tune in from the DMV at WPFW 89.3 FM or stream live ANYWHERE from your computer, phone or tablet at Join the conversation with questions and to share your thoughts at 202-588-0893. Please share and spread the word.

Please join me and my guests Sonia Pruitt and Charlie Lewis, as we have a thoughtful and fun conversation about the current state of affairs and how they are navigating this time personally and in their perspective careers. HUUUUUU…

Charlie Lewis – Associate Broker, Corcoran Group; Host, “Love the Way You Live” Podcast

Sonia Pruitt – Captain, Montgomery County Police Department; National Chairwoman, The National Black Police Association (NBPA); Educator, Montgomery College

Thank you for the love and support. Send us good vibes. Make it a safe and beautiful day. Be great. Be courageous. Be Bold. BeDoLove!#WPFW #InsideOutLGBTRadioShow #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #BirthAndLiveYourSoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #LivingOutLoud #SocialDistancing

Update: If you missed this amazing and engaging show with one gem after the next, click the link to listen in.