All Mother’s/Women Matter!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 💜💜💜

There’s no comparison of the love between a woman and the child/children she’s birthed. Hands down Mothers’s ROCK and should be celebrated for their selfless love. Let me add that this day should also be about ALL women who’ve nurtured, loved up, and poured into our children. Our young adults. Our men. Our tribes made up of other women. Parents. A stranger. A co-worker. Etc.

And, let’s not forget those who have lost their mother’s and/or children through death or estrangement. Do not reach out for fear of awkwardness to these lovelies to include those who haven’t birthed children. A simple call to say “I am thinking of you.” could make the difference in creating a joyful spark to a sorrowful heart.

I’ve been a mother to many, including MYSELF. Thank you to all who’ve allowed me to tap into my mother heart, especially Pop during my caregiving days. And, the myself part is a word right there. To include today exploring and treating myself to brunch at DC’s new Yardbird Southern Bar & Table. As this day at times can be a bit much for me. To include now processing my mother (whom I honor and celebrate today) not knowing who I am due to dementia and the complexities of our relationship. Not to mention I’m still grieving the loss of Pop. So today I mother me as this is the first time I’m dining with myself since the pandemic started. That’s crazy in itself. But, a start as I begin to feel like myself.

So today and ALWAYS connect and love up on our queens who may not have children but have played a special and loving role in your life and/or the lives of your loved ones. There are many women nurturers who haven’t birthed a child out of choice and/or unfortunate circumstances. We matter too. We deserve to be celebrated too. With an acknowledgment, you just may make someone’s day today who’s feeling sad/depressed and as if they don’t matter because of societal norms. When they certainly do. To YOU I say, You matter. We are grateful for you. You are loved, valued, and appreciated.

Today I thank my mother and all the women (And, Pop too, as he’s mothered me many a days.) in my life who’ve loved up on me. Hugged/held me and my hand through the rough patches of life. Smiled a loving smile that filled me and my heart up. Been a cheerleader and showed up for me. Fed me. Dined and sipped with me. Nursed me. Showered me with acts of kindness to include a loving heart and presents. Extended an invitation. Said, “I love you.” and “You’re beautiful and amazing.” You’ve saved and affirmed me and my life many a days. I hope you’ll choose to do the same for others today and ALWAYS! Happy Mother’s Day to YOU ALL! Enjoy! Cheers! Love! #BeDoLove

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