Adventures of a Healing Caregiver Who’s Still HAWT – Yummylicious Asian Theme Culinary Exploration

I can hear Pop saying “You got carried away with yourself.” Me: Tee hee!

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at Hong Kong Style Sea Bass, after it being one of my fave dishes at one of my fave restaurants, Carlyle. Well, VOILA!

Yesterday I prepared Hong Kong Style Sea Bass. And, instead of preparing regular white or sticky rice, I zhooshed it up with an Asian Sticky Rice. Similar to a fried rice, but sticky icky.

For the Hong Kong dish, instead of topping the dish with the raw scallions and ginger, I sautéed them (along with peppers and dried shiitake mushrooms) in the sauce. I cooked the fish in butter and put the top on to steam.

For the Asian Sticky Rice, the dried shiitake mushrooms made the difference. A nice taste and texture. I had to make a special trip to the International Market for glutinous rice or sweet rice. Which isn’t sweet and is gluten free. I see Mango Sticky Rice in my future, which requires the same kind of rice.

Mmmm… 😋 Bon Appetit! Cheers! Enjoy! Love! #BeDoLove #SelfCareMatters #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #BeDoLoveSAVOR #BonAppetit #IChefToWriteAboutIt #Yummylicious #Yummyliciousness #SeaBass #HongKongSeaBass #AsianStickyRice #FoodieLife #FoodPorn #ExpandYourPalate

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