A Yummylicious Moment in Honor Of Ron “MF” Davis – The Last Supper

This is in honor of our last supper of “Shepherds Pie”. This past week when dining with my dear friend Dereine at the Clyde’s in Columbia, MD, I of course ordered not only the “Shepherds Pie” but it was “LOBSTER Shepherds Pie”. And, it was tasty and flavorful with delicious morsels of lobster.

Thank you Ron for continuing to ride with me, especially now as my Gangsta Angel. 🎶You are always on my miiiiiiinnd. You are always on my mind.🎶 You continue to be missed for your booming yet tender voice, hearty laugh, hugs, nature hikes, words of wisdom, f*k em I got your back times, and the comfort I often long to hear. I am often comforted and thankful for the many moments where all of those loving treasures still fill my heart and I can hear and feel today. I continue to miss you so much my love. But, we out here doing the dayum thing and “Living Out Loud!” Kathryn LIVES! Ron LIVES! We ALL LIVE!

And, can we get a “HUUUUUU… U KNOW!” for our brother Ron as we enter Howard University’s Homecoming Week.

The Shepherds Pie Backstory: Ron called me one night on my way home from work (as we often did) and invited me over for Shepherds Pie. I accepted the invitation without hesitation because I hadn’t seen his face in a minute. Plus, it’s food. I was amazed that when prepping he was putting the kitchen sink in the pie. All types of cheese, meats, vegetables… By the time it was said and done that joint was an overflowing and bubbly hot dish of savory deliciousness. It was the most amazing Shepherds Pie I’ve had to date. (That lobster one was a close second.) If you didn’t know, Ron was a pretty good cook. It was fun in recent conversations, hearing him talk about cooking shows and him wanting to flex his chef muscle. He did that. I was impressed.

That night was also a concern as Ron was not doing well at all. He was having to take breaks in between prepping, with me and Sonia stepping in as his Sous Chefs. I spent the night as not to interrupt our connecting and I knew he’d like that with talking, laughing, and dozing off in the basement together. However, I didn’t miss the opportunity to strongly urge him to go to the doctor (as others were also). The next morning I awoke to feeling abundantly grateful for the time to love up on my friend and be loved up on and departed with the obligatory leftovers in hand. You know the next day those seasonings had marinated and honey… My palate is like “YAAAASSSSS” right now with remembering. That day Ron did go to the doctor which led to his being admitted to the hospital where he some time later transitioned.

I’m so grateful to spirit for so many reasons with guiding me and Ron to connect that night. I’m grateful he had that last occasion to create a delicious masterpiece on this here earth. I’m grateful that when in a split second I think to call you still to this day, I feel your presence sitting (with your legs crossed as if sitting on the floor) in the seat right next to me in my car. I’m thankful and blessed to have this memory and other yummylicious ways of remembering and honoring my dear friend who I continue to miss immensely. We can always explore loving and special ways to remember, honor, and bring into the space our ancestors. Remember that nothing is too big or too small. One of mine is honoring my dear friend by ordering Shepherds Pie whenever I see it on a menu. Humph! I need to learn how to make it though. With that said, Bon Appetit! And, Cheers! #BeDoLove #BeDoLoveSAVOR #Yummyliciousness #IDineToSavorAndWriteAboutIt #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #FindYourZen

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