The Masterpiece in YOU

I have a tendency to allow life, pain, and Ego to take control of the wheel. Me losing sight of who I am. What I love. And, what feeds and nourishes me. The frequency of my “Love Vortex” and mojo not operating at full power. Can I get a HELLO?!?!

Last night I experienced the most amazing time at the Sip & Paint party led by Pam Oliver Sip & Paint. Notice “Sip” comes before “Paint”. Priorities. (hiccup). Thanks so much to Cathy and Angela for hosting a wonderful evening of creativity, fun, food, libations, and energy filled (That hookah room convo was intense yet fun tho. Cough. Cough.) connection.

I am so grateful for the abundant ways in which this night fed me in a healthy way emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Some of us were having a conversation that the older we’re getting, the more introvert we’re becoming. People see me moving about in the world and have a perception that I’m on nonstop. As an extrovert-introvert, it’s all perception because folks would be surprised how much time I spend in my home, especially Friday nights and Saturday days. This is as authentic and genuine connections have become more important than mindless hangouts (while those can serve their purpose too). This Saturday was no different as I honed in my professional chill and required me to motivate myself to go out to get some pre-hurricane Florence air and connect.

What I had to remind self is that the opportunity to be creative allows me to not take life so darn serious. To not allow the pain and trauma of my life’s experiences lead me on my daily walk. However, instead welcome and allow the “New Moment! New Opportunity” joys of life to command their rightful, affirming and healing position at the forefront of my heart and spirit. So off I went.

The moment I walked into Cat’s beautiful home and laid my eyes on the nearly 20 stations set up with easels, aprons, brushes, and canvases, my spirit said “YIPPPPEEEE”! We had two projects to choose from. They were “Wine for Two” or “Walk by Faith”. Spirit led me to “Walk by Faith”. Faith being a necessary DNA component of my life. Especially now. It’s about believing. It’s about an all-knowing that ALL things are possible. Especially those that speak through the soul pertaining to passion and purpose. I remember a quote from Robin Roberts that says “When fear knocks, let faith open the door.” As an homage to the wine project and removing fear, I indulged by sipping on a tasty Red Zinfindel. My creative juices thanked me. (hiccup) However, presencing faith was the order of the night.

At the designated time and after some important sipping, I took my position at my station. The creative juices began flowing with each thought of color complimenting selections. What color for my shoes? How can I make the shoes pop based on the background color? This process attracted and elevated the Kathryn, who loves and knows what she likes, but welcomes being open to the colorful palettes of life. With each stroke of paint to canvas, I was consciously and subconsciously reminded to be present and not allow myself to be consumed by the heaviness of life. With each stroke of paint to canvas, the energy flowed from the canvas through my fingers to my wanting to be loved up on heart. Me exhaling what doesn’t serve me and inhaling calm, healing, peace, joy, confidence, and fun.

The beauty of the experience is, the night ended with not just a masterpiece on canvas, but with an all-knowing that I am a wonderfully made masterpiece. Just like I regrouped when I didn’t like a color I used, my masterpiece of self is ever evolving. I get to have do overs. I get to reinvent myself. I get to make mistakes. Regrouping, refocusing, reinventing, and Rebirthing as I pause, reflect, forgive, learn, grow, and choose a more appropriate palette 🎨 for my life’s journey. With self-care and self-love leading the way to self-worth as my lifeline.

So what are your zen and juicy sweet spots? Do you allow them to grow, breathe, heal, and bring life to YOU? What makes you salivate and ignites a bright glowing flame in you? What’s fun and creates a smile on your face, heart and belly when you think about it and experience it? Makes you feel alive? And, in turn, that “thing” providing comfort and joy to others? Dancing? Traveling? Writing? Landscaping? Chefing? Entertaining? Cleaning? Painting? Teaching? Knitting? Designing? Healing? Your life’s work? What is it for you that you have an insatiable craving to do and experience? And, when I say experience, I mean not in the doingness, but in the feeling and being present to the juiciness and gift it brings to you and others. Whatever it is for you in terms of extracurricular and/or professionally, unleash it and let it breathe with seizing the time for exploration.

Perhaps it’s an opportunity to honor your family who has passed down a tradition and talent to you. One you just can’t get out of your mind because your soul keeps nudging you. Hey, you? Wake up! Whatever that “thing” (or “things”) is for you, find some time in your life to tap into it. It could be your career path or it could be something you would enjoy doing during your free time if only for an hour each week. It’s those God given gifts and talents that deserve your attention. That will give you purpose, life, and have you be and feel FRRREEEEEE!!!

I hope and pray that you create the time to bring to life the magical, wondrous, vibrant, and colorful palettes of your beautiful life with love, fun, connection, and laughter. What you love with love. It sure does have a way of soothing, healing, and providing JOY to yourself and other love beings! Walk with an open heart and spirit. Walk with love. Walk with gratitude. Walk with confidence. With with your Goddess and God swaggalicous walk. But, especially “Walk by Faith” in to the Masterpiece of YOU! Exhale! Breathe! Enjoy! Love! Namaste! #BeDoLove #BeDoLoveCREATE #FindYourZen #HealingEqualsFreedom #BirthAndLiveYourSOULfullPurpose #JuicySweetSpot #SuperSoulSunday

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