We Continue to Move: Honoring Margo Our Gangsta Angel

IMG_5820[1]“Time is not measured by the years that we live, but by the deeds that we do and the joys that we give.” –Helen Steiner Rice

The above quote resonates as it is displayed on the hospice wall where Margo Lynette Owens spent her days before making the transition to our beautiful angel.

After living a blessed 48 years on this earth, on March 22, 2012, God called Margo to live a glorious life of eternal peace and happiness with Him in Heaven above. And, although five years have passed, it still all feels like yesterday that we saw her smiling beautiful face and heard her sweet sweet voice.

Margo’s loving spirit touched many lives from Buffalo to Atlanta to Alabama to the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia area). As a daughter, mother, sister, niece, aunt, cousin and loyal friend, Margo was that beautiful shining light many enjoyed. Immediately upon her entering any room, Margo energetically always filled the space with her cheerful smile, warm heart, loving hugs, a compassionate ear, silly wit, and profound knowledge.



Through the years as Margo battled colon cancer, she continued to inspire and touch many lives by her beautiful and courageous disposition and will to live and enjoy life, which was displayed even through the pain. She always saying to me “Kay don’t forget to let me know what events (friend gatherings) are going on.” And, scolding me when I didn’t. Lol

As a result of Margo’s love and passion for family, friends, and life, we continue to remember Margo and celebrate her life and in turn be inspired to live ours. Margo was an open vessel. She having a passion and love for people, music, dancing, food, travel, attending musicals and plays, and experiencing various cultures, including the Caribbean culture. But, she especially had a passion for loving and nurturing her beautiful children.

IMG_5823[1]This past Sunday, family and friends gathered to celebrate Margo’s life and the lives of many others who continue to fight the battle against colon cancer. We participated in the 12th Annual Scope It Out 5K Run/Walk held in Washington, DC at Freedom Plaza. And, although the day started out cold and rainy, our commitment was unwavering. Unwavering like Margo’s spirit. As the time ticked on with the use of hand warmers to defrost the fingers, the frost was soon replaced by the shining and warmth of the sun only in a way Margo could have helped to orchestrate. We walked and then we dined to continue in the tradition of how we use to roll and fellowship with Margo. Pre or post dining and drinkies always bonused with reminiscing and good laughs.

Margo, I’m sure I can speak for many when I say, thank you for being YOU and continuing to inspire us all to breathe life into our existence with the all-knowing that “Time is not measured by the years that we live, but by the deeds that we do and the joys that we give.” And, with that quote in mind, I’ll do my best to always be open, present, and obedient to the ordering of my footsteps. As I imagine myself calling you up to say “Gurl, let me tell you what happened!” And, I hear you speak and smile with encouragement, love, and pride.

Margo, Thank you for your authentic and unconditional angelic love then and for your Gangsta Angel flow now. Please keep visiting us. Especially during those times when life is troubling. Keep us safe. Keep loving us. Keep guiding us. Order our footsteps in the direction of our “SoulFULL Purpose”. We love and miss YOU, Margo! See you soon, as I’m sure you’ll be visiting me in my dreams soon. Please and thank you! Peace and Love! #BeDoLove #GangstaAngel #FindYourZen  #SoulFULLPurpose


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  1. Kathryn,

    Thanks for this blog. It is not only well written, but it exudes love. It has me looking forward to next year.

    Sidebar: the event raised over $300,000 this year to support knocking out Colon Cancer!!

    1. That’s amazing that it was able to raise that amount of money. Thank you for leading the charge to participate in the walk. And, thank you always for the love and support. Love!

  2. Isnt it amazing to have Julian there on the walk? I would have loved to meet him.


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