Exhale and Experience the Beauty Before the Dawning of Spring – It’s Life or Death

It was a morning not like any ordinary morning. As I departed from home and began my drive to work, I neared the end of my block looking ahead and noticing a beautiful gray hue with a background of snow filled trees in the distance. Sure, we had experienced a snowmendous kind of Winter which included many life challenges with health, death, and uncertainty. This resulting in an anxious heavy suspension in the moment of inhaling and holding it and holding it until we enter the refreshing newness of Spring and the promise in all it may behold. However, this particular morning I experienced the beginning of my day through a longing and hopeful set of eyes. Startled by the beauty as I was actually surprised and caught off guard by it since I’ve been a bit clouded by life’s challenges and it’s sometimes gripping and painful hold. And, also consumed in the never ending grumblings of those declaring “I’m tired of this snow”.

As I continued on my drive I consciously remained present in my awareness of the beauty around me. All of a sudden I for a moment was driving through a ski resort type of town. Like Deep Creek or even perhaps Aspen minus the big hills and spacious never ending mountains. With the roads cleared up only how those locals can swoop down and do. It was my special Winter Wonderland, providing a feeling of calm. It was one of those serendipitous moments I was thankful for my long drive, able to continue to take IT all in as a drove down the highway with conversations of life’s ponderance (I think I made up a word).

Many were over the snow, but in that moment of starting my day it was a life or death moment for me to see the beauty of life. I really needed it as my spirit deserved that moment. It requiring to be fed and uplifted with the grace of God and beauty. And, for that I was so grateful.

So to you my lovelies, I say, keep your head up as the newness of Spring is just around the corner. As we anxiously await Spring’s cleansing sun rays and rain, the vibrancy of its colors, and the smell of fresh morning dew and budding flowers, plants, and trees, in this moment please do find the beauty of anything and everything. Stop, pause, and give IT your undivided attention. See IT! Smell IT! Touch IT! Feel IT! Hear IT! Taste IT! Breathe life to IT! Trust IT! Make love to IT! Love IT! And, purposefully breathe in and release a long and relaxing it will all be alright exhale. It’s life or death. Plus, it really will be ALRIGHT.

LIVE! BREATHE! GRATITUDE! GRACE! DIVINE ORDER! Wishing me and you Peace, Love, and Clarity! Namaste! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #SoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot

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