“The Get Down” is the Get DOWN!!!

Netflix blessed me today with serendipitous hours full of the magic of MUUUUUSIC, purpose, and perseverance.

Disco! Hip Hop! Bronx! Kangols! DJs! Pumas! Dance! Fun! Energetic! Head Nodding! Waterbugs! Blackout! Graffiti! Break Dance! The System! Grandmaster Flash! Battles! Vogue! Power! 🎶Love is the message!🎶 Scratching! Gay Power (acknowledging who could move the music)! Family! Friends! Neeeew YOOOORRRK!!! Episode 5 & 6 are FIYAH! FREEDOM! 🎶Set yourself free.🎶

“The multi-talented Baz Luhrmann and a team of collaborators — Oscar-winner Catherine Martin, legendary MC Nas, Grandmaster Flash, Pulitzer-winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, and hip-hop historian Nelson George — have created a music-driven drama that documents the emergence of a new art form. Set in the late 1970s, when New York was at the brink of bankruptcy and disco was dying out, the rise of hip-hop is told through the lives, art, music and dance of a group of young people in the South Bronx.” –Google

I can’t wait for season two which starts April 7. #TwoSnapsAndASwirl #BeDoLove #SupportTheArts #FindYourZen #SoulFULLPurpose

Trailer: https://youtu.be/usv442G6H8A

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