Don’t Judge the Flow – I Boozed Instead of Marched


Yeah! What he said!

Soooooooo last weekend was the inauguration and the mammoth “we kicked the inaugurations’ attendance ass” Women’s March on Washington. 500,000 in DC and something like 2.0 million worldwide. Well, I choose to not attend the march because I really needed some get my place straight (after recent renovations) and exhale time.



We’ve been brunching for a long time.

Well, Saturday morning spirit guides me to call my lovely friend Phyllis to check in on her. Phyllis surprisingly answers and says ironically (Really not ironically because I vibe like that.) she was about to call me to get brunch recommendations because she has a friend in town. Then I get the brunch invitation. I’m hesitant because of my goals for the day and I’m not really trying to go into DC. HOWEVEEEERRRR I can’t pass up a valuable moment to connect with Philly Phil. We brunch at Pearl Dive Oyster Bar, which has a great brunch. Annnnnnddd, to my delight when I got there the breaking news (well, kind of) is they now have bottomless mimoooosaaas.


Brunch was amazing with wonderful fellowshipping and dining. Fast forward 2-1/2 hours later and it’s now shortly after 4pm when we exit the restaurant. And, I look to my right and a seeeeaaaa of people, mostly women with pink hats (Hold up. I have a story about that too.) are walking with a sense of motivation an accomplishment up 14th Street and are enveloping us. And, immediately I feel a sense of giddy yet you’re such a heel shame, realizing these are folks coming from the event. For I did forgo setting important intentions with my fellow sisters who many traveled from far and wide to march instead for a boozy brunch. To add insult to injury, as I departed I wasn’t able to walk with the crowd, but I had to walk into the crowd. Hence now feeling like the walk of shame, because now EVERYONE will know I didn’t march, make a sign saying “Don’t Judge My Inner Pussy Roar”, or wear one of those kooky pink hats (stay tuned for that story).

Sooooo I get a block away as I’m strategically zig zagging against the crowd with my head held down to avoid eye contact or being noticed and I hear “Hey Kathryn”. I think you got to be kidding me. Of course, I run into a friend (please don’t ask me) who of course proceeds to ask if I attended the march. In a second I think you must tell the truth. And, she proceeds to respond in a shocked manner that I didn’t attend. (You Miss BeDoLove didn’t attend the march. YOU!) Well, we do a very awkward and brief pleasantry as I’m feeling judged and guilty (my paranoia). And, that 45 seconds, which felt like an hour comes to a painstakingly yet sigh of relief close.



Pink kooky hats UNITE!!!

Oh, about those pink hats. I was dining at Republic (Heeeeyyy. Republic is a sister restaurant of Pearl Dive. Humph…) for dinner about a week before the march. A group of about 15 women are sitting next to me knitting pink hats (You see where I’m going with this.). They are being filmed and doing videos. Like big time videographer as I was watching him and looking through his lens when he would get close to me. So much so my dining partner scolded me for being distracted. But, besides that, I’m thinking how cute and corny that it’s a crochet (or knit) group gathering to dine and make silly looking hats. The “aaaahhhh haaaaaa”, “YUKEKA”, and “OHHHHHHHHHH” moment I had when I saw the pink hats bobbing up 14th Street.


For real, for real. I’m typically of the mindset that I’m where I’m supposed to be in most given moments. I wouldn’t trade the serendipitous time spent with my sistah friend Phyllis. We may not have been amongst the sea of “I dare you to grab my pussy” marchers, but we had our own woman empowering fellowship plated and served moment. It provides our own way of motivating each other and setting intentions to LIVE!!! This bonused over laughs, tasty food, and cheers!

With that, I say we are in an interesting time in our lives with our new commander in chief and those who are motivated to speak and do ill will as they are empowered from his every word. I thank and appreciate all who got out there to march and participate in shifting the energy. Understand we all don’t have to march. But, we all should do what resonates within our spirit to make a difference in the world, our community, or just in our household or circles. It’ll be felt whether you’re on The Mall chanting “Don’t Judge My Inner Pussy Roar” or in a restaurant loving up on someone and having HOPE and being a BELIEVER for the future. So don’t allow anyone to judge you for your flow. And, don’t judge others for their flow. Just FLOW, LIVE, and BE, DO, LOVE!!! Peace! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen  #SoulFULLPurpose #JuicySweetSpot  #NewMomentNewOpportunity

PS: I love YOU Philly Phil! ONWARD!!!

PSS: It’s so awesome in 2017 we no longer have to say the “P” word.

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