Morning Pop Talk – Po Po Profiling 80+ Year-Old Men

Pop and his boys always make time to get together to bond. Some of these men he has known before I was born. In the summer they go to the park at the St. John’s Recreational Center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to sip and play cards. Well, during the winter months they don’t let the cold stop the party and sipping, so they move the bonding to one of his friend’s car.

Tuesday The Pops got together to celebrate Mr. Tom’s birthay. This is how yesterday’s Morning Pop Talk went down:

Pop: I saw the boys yesterday. (He just randomly bursts out laughing.)

Me: Why are you laughing?

Pop: We were parked and a police car pulled up right beside us on the sidewalk. We were parked right before the stop sign.

Me: How many of y’all were in the car.

Pop: Five of us.

Me: That’s a gang. (Now we’re both laughing.). They came up on the sidewalk? (Still perplexed at why a police car is on the sidewalk.).

Pop: Yes. They do that to watch if people run the stop sign and then go after them. But, I don’t know if they were there for that or to watch us. They sat there for like an hour. But, they didn’t see us drinking. (Lol).

Me: Where were you parked?

Pop: Prospect and Schenectady.

Me: Oh okay.

Pop: You going in to work.

Me: I parked just as you called.

Pop: Oh okay. Well have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too hard.

Me: You too Pop. I love you.

Pop: Love! So long. 

I’m always grateful Pop has connections to keep him from having the loneliness that oftentimes sets in for our elders. It’s a beautiful and comforting thing. I wish for you (and me) many authentic, friendly and loving connections to feed and provide joy to your spirit and heart all the days of your life. And, that you can return the same in kind by being a gift to another. As Pop always says, “Have a good day. Be safe. Don’t work too had. Love!” Peace! BeDoLove

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