I am clear that I am not the lies and projections told to me and of me. What one said or did to me yesterday, yesteryear, or when I was 12 does not matter for my today’s and tomorrow’s. What one said or did to you yesterday, yesteryear, or when you were 12 does not matter for your today’s and tomorrow’s. Today it’s about embracing the beauty of your essence. Today! THIS day, THIS moment, THIS second is where we have been given the honor to BREATHE and start anew. Think anew. BE anew. DO anew. LOVE anew. New moment, new opportunity.

God molded each and every one of us uniquely for a reason. It was not done for the purpose of critical analysis, judgment, shaming, and/or fault finding whether at our own demise (We can be our own worst enemy.) or by someone else (We can’t control what people say or do. We can only control how we respond to it.).. But, more importantly for the purpose of embracing the distinctive caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis of our souls. All that is experienced and all that YOU become in between the metamorphosis is the journey of YOUR truth and the shaping and growth of YOUR spirit, character and essence.

Flaws to one may actually be the beauty and light of who YOU are. That light we get to appreciate. That light we get to learn from. That light teaching us patience and compassion. That light, providing much joy and fun. That light we get to love up on in all of its imperfect perfections.
You were birthed to embrace and breathe to life the uniqueness of YOUR soul guided being. Allow no one to put you down and falsely influence who you are not to be. And, know that God will always move people in your path best suited to feel and appreciate your vibe and beingness. So pause, be still, and BREATHE anytime you require recalibrating. Trust YOU! Be YOU! Do YOU! Love YOU today and ALWAYS!!! Because, your are SWAGGALICIOUSLY PURE DOPENESS! Peace! Namaste! #BeDoLove #FindYourZen #JuicySweetSpot #NewMomentNewOpportunity #BeDoLoveYourSoulFULLPurpose

PS: Stay warm and safe out there. Speaking of staying warm, Neck Collar created my Zoha Harpe (the queen of “Because I Said So”) of Zoha Artistry. You can find Zoha Artistry on Facebook (Zoha_Artistry) and Instagram (@Zoha_Artistry). And, at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZohaArtistry?section_id=all and http://www.society6.com/ZohaHarpe.

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