Don’t Judge the Lanes – Anybody Need a TV

Being up to date on the bells and whistles of electronics is not my lane. However, with “kid in a candy store” home improvements going on (see new floor) I’ve moved out of the Stone Age into big screen HD heaven in my living room.

Shout out to my dude Doug aka Harlem Knight, whose lane is the bells and whistles of electronics. I am grateful for him excitedly coming out on a cold and rainy Saturday and doing what would have taken me until probably a hundred o’clock to finish. He almost orgasmed (I think I saw his eyes roll back slightly.) while setting up my smart tv. I delighted in his displayed and energized passion of it all while exploring the options, troubleshooting, and providing leave behind suggestions (i.e., I can go on YouTube and listen to DJs’ house music mixes from my future sound bar purchase.). Doug left a happy man having an opportunity to unleash and share his talents as well as being paid in Amish market cheesecake. And, the bonus was getting an opportunity to connect over conversation and laughter. It was a win win. 

I’m especially excited because I wanted my new television all set up for the pending remake of “Beaches” with my girl Nia Long. Sentimental movies that move me to tears is my lane. We all have our lane. Don’t judge others for theirs. Be a gift by inviting and providing a safe space for others to explore and move about in their lanes freely. And, by all means, please embrace and bring to life your gifts that make you all juicy and tingly inside. Allow your soul to beat its drum and your spirit to dance FREE! YOU deserve YOU! We deserve YOU and your gifts! #BeDoLove

PS: By the way, I’m Netflix official. Free trial. Do not disturb. Peace!

PSS: I gotta get this big a$$ heavy thing out of here. HELP!!! I can get more cheesecake.

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  1. Love it! In the market for a smart TV when I move week of 1/23. What did you get-brand, size, price, ease of use, etc.? Inbox me or send Douglas, lol, thanks love!

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