Blessings of Lessons

Hello lovelies. As I’m less than a month from my 50th birthday, I’m still faced with moments of conflicts and questions. Understanding that life is a continuous process of exploration sometimes met with hard knocks. And, having to keep in the forefront that those hard knocks don’t make me less than or define me. They are not the end all to be all. But, instead looking at them as blessings of lessons. They being opportunities to learn, grow, and be who I’ve always was to be. Trust, it sounds lovely as I write it, but it ain’t always easy to keep grace, hope, faith, trust, and love as my salvation when my life is fighting the currents of those riptide swirling gray and rocky seas. And, in the loneliness of my despair, I’m crying a cry that is seemingly coming from the deep and dark depths of a hurt, disappointed and unrealized soul where I’ve allowed my fears and unrealistic expectations to rule my life. Perhaps those moments could be a shedding of what was and what served its purpose. To the here and now in what will be new and catapult me to my next caterpillar to butterfly moment. Me having to grasp for continuous breaths of “Live Kathryn. Live!” air as I’m blessed with the gift to breathe, live, and love another day, moment and second with the enoughness of my total, perfect, and complete being.

There are moments in our lives where challenges will present themselves. Where you will question the purpose of your existence. Where things do not make sense because you may have thought or hoped “it” would be different from where you are right now.

If you find yourself at a crossroads in this moment, try not to agonize too much over it. Work on not beating yourself up about it. Trust you. Believe in you. Know that this is a process that can and will propel you to what is really true for you. You may need to release a thought. You may need to grieve a loss (i.e., loss of a job, ending of a relationship, death of a loved one) or what isn’t. Be with it. Feel it. Try not to avoid or push the feelings of anger, sadness, hurt, etc. to the abyss of made up nothingness all in the name of avoiding being vulnerable and facing the hard truths about life, others, and you. It’s best to firmly yet gently absorb yourself in the feelings now with the goal of positive self-reflection, healing, freedom and peace. Because, healing will set you free. But, through it all know and believe that you are and will always be enough. You are not the sabotaging and self-fulfilling prophesies you’ve made up for yourself out of fear of truly living and being your true beautiful, authentic, whole, gifted, and loving self.

I wish for me and you all the clarity, joy, peace and love your heart desires. I hope today’s (and beyond) experiences are those loving blessings you desire to feed your soul, spirit, and direction in life.  May you find solace in believing in your heart of hearts that it’s never too late to grab hold of and live your SOULFull purpose. God is ALWAYS speaking to and directing you. All that is required is taking time to be still and listen for the whispers. Also, forgiving, releasing the fear and expectations, and appreciating what is now. And, then move with the ease and all knowing that the unconditional love of the Universe is conspiring on your behalf. God and your gangsta angels have your back. They always have. And, you should do the same. Keep on keeping on loves. Trust! Believe! BeDoLove!  #FindYourZen #RebirthTo50 #SuperSoulSunday

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