The Tale of Endless Possibilities Even with a YUMMYLICIOUS Cornbread Cajun Crab Cake Benedict

What did you have for brunch? This is what it looks like when it’s brunch time and I don’t want to go out and haven’t been grocery shopping. Leftover crab cake from Busboys and Poets. A box of old faithful tried and true Jiffy Cornbread mix. Sautéed spinach (Threw in some garlic.). Homemade Cajun cream sauce with Slap Ya Mama seasoning. Only thing missing is the desired yolk drippings because I overcooked my eggs (Too lazy to try and poach them). But, still YAAAAAASSSS!

Life like the cupboard is never bare without possibilities. All you have to do is open your eyes and see the blessings and gifts right in your grasps. There is always a lemons to that delicious sweet/tart thirst quenching lemonade moment, waiting just for you to peel open and Voilà (Flexing my fancy muscles and not saying Wahlah). All you have to do is ask, trust, believe, listen, see, and act. Enjoy your Sunday lovelies. Peace! #BeDoLove #YummyliciousGoodTime #IEatToWriteAboutIt #FindYourZen #SuperSoulSundayFunday

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    1. Thank you for chiming in. There’s magic from the cooking to my belly to writing about it. It’s even better when I get to share the moment with others as they dine with me. 😉

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