You Are Enough – We Need You To Survive and Live

A dear friend told me I was their “muse”. And, another told me “I am worthy and enough”. I thank them for seeing me. They don’t know it, but each time I was brought to tears, especially because this has been an extremely reflective time for me (let’s face it, I’m a Sag so I’m almost always in reflective/analytical mode).

I don’t take who I am or what I speak/write lightly. And, I am a work in progress regarding walking/being the talk. But, it’s nice to know that I have the ability to inspire for I know that is one of my main purposes on this earth. But, it’s also nice to be appreciated. It’s nice to be acknowledged. It’s nice to be GOT!!! It’s nice to have cheerleaders.

Have you told someone that you love them today? Have you told someone what they mean to you? Have you told someone they are enough? Let them know that you SEE them. They need to know that. Please take a moment to do so. Folks are going through it and you never know the heart you touch with your heart will be just what they need in that moment to know they are enough and to breathe and move forth.

And, regardless of what anyone says, we need each other to survive. BELIEVE THAT!!! Be a gift/muse today and ALWAYS!!! Be YOUR gift/muse today and ALWAYS!!! And, I love you. And, you know what? You are enough! You are enough now and forever! Amen! Say, no, scream with an all knowing from the depths of your soul “I AM ENOUGH”! Breathe! And, one more time. “I AM ENOUGH!” You truly are lovely. Now go be great. #BeDoLove #SuperSoulSunday

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  1. Needed this as my struggle continues. I am enough, I do great things, I inspire others, I am appreciated-my AP said she loves the way I do what I do. I Am Enough and I know I can’t do it alone. I love you Kat, you are an inspiration! Keep doing and saying all the things you do and say, muah.

    1. Carol I see YOU! And, you truly are enough to the upteeth power. Believe it. Know it. Embrace it. Breathe it. Walk like it. Your AP knows what they are talking about. 😍 Love!

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