Morning Connections – Morning Pop Talk Sprinkled with Brotherly Love

This morning as I was preparing for work, I was delighted when my phone rang and it was my brother Greg FaceTiming me. The cherry on top was when Greg panned to my father as they were driving through Brooklyn. This morning connection truly got me off to a great start with my spirit smiling. 

Me: (big smile) Where y’all going? Pop: I’m going to Atlantic City. Me: Greg taking you? Pop: No, your son (a senior moment slip of the tongue) is taking me to catch the bus on Livingston Street. Greg: (burst out laughing) Your son? Pop: Well, you know what I mean. Me: You going to gamble or play cards (cards meaning Bridge)? (they both burst out laughing) Pop: I decided to go on a whim. Greg: You sound like someone’s parent the way you asked him that (him laughing and mocking me). Pop: That’s why I said your son. (Pop’s clever comeback.) (we all burst out laughing) (We chit chat a little bit more as I finished getting ready and said our farewells.)

Video chatting is a beautiful thing when used for good. Grandparents get to see grandchildren. Parents get to see college coeds. Military families can connect from far and wide. Business trips and long distance relationships don’t seem so lonely and help to pass the time away. This week I was thinking to myself about using FaceTime more. It seems every time I make that declaration someone FaceTimes me. The Universe is always conspiring in my favor.

Connecting with each other in healthy ways are so important to sustaining and replenishing our spirits. And, mornings can be that perfect time to make loving and authentic connections. After all, you could be someone’s first “Morning Connection” that gives them the love and boost to get them through another second, another day. You never know who needs you first thing. Everyone has a story. Everyone is not fortunate enough to be blessed with a rising to a new day sun smile, kiss, hug, “Good morning” or “I love you. Have a great day”.

So be the beautifully unwrapped gift another my need more than anything. Right in that precious moment. Be the gift! Whether with a call, video chat, or even a text in this new age way of communicating. Hopefully, your bright energy will be infectious, and they will feed off of it and in turn be a gift to another and another and another. And, especially to themselves. Or you may be the one requiring love and connection and initiates the reaching out. There is no reason to isolate yourself and feel alone. You see how this works? This love game is so much bigger than you may think and it doesn’t require a lot to make a huge difference for yourself and others.

Let’s make it a fabulous and loving day and weekend filled with authentic “Morning Connections”. Matter of fact; make it morning, noon, and night. I love you. Oh, and “Good morning. You look amaaaaaziiing. Have a fabulous day”. Namaste!!! ONWARD!!! #BeDoLove #BeAGift #MorningPopTalk #MorningConnections

PS: I love the way by brother has Pop in the back seat, as if he’s getting luxury car service to his destination. Lol

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