The Love Story of Patricia & Renee – Even the Chardonnay Tasted of Perfection

pr-meetingThere are moments in my life when I am abundantly blessed to truly experience something fiercely magical. Where my heart beats a syncopated song of joy while my spirit dances angelically as if on my own heavenly cloud designated just for me by God. Thankfully, they are divinely serendipitous moments that with me approaching the 5.0. are able to continue restoring my faith in love, life, and fun. And, I knowing that 🎶Fairytales can come true. It can happen to you…🎶 For we all require constant reminders that it’s never too late to give life to our SOULfull purpose and have it all. Whatever that divinely ordered “all” is for each being.

Thank you, Patricia and Renee, for being that blinging light of grace, class and elegance that’s disco twirled with heavy doses of funk and soul. When I would SEE you two out and about in the DC scene, you were those funky cool kids who oozed a fun, love connection I’d hope to one day be up close and personal to soak up. Fast forward to September 17, 2016, where I got to partake in the ultimate hangout and experience one of those fiercely magical moments.

pr-in-front-of-arena-stageThank you P&R for allowing us all to experience the energy of LOVE and celebration I know the Arena Stage has never felt before as you firmly soldered your soul ties. As your performance was an in real time chapter ending experience with a sitting on the edge sequel to follow where you have already deservedly won the award. The award which is each other. And, it not being a staged set scripted with act 1, act 2… It instead being a realness and truth shown through the lens of love, integrity, fun, LIVING life, cheerleading, and being the ultimate level of the ride or dies our community (every single one of us and especially the LGBTQ) needs to see and be inspired by over and over and over again. You are our modern day supersheroes (Spell check kept attempting to change this. But, naaaahhhh I know what I’m talking about.) of love who in this and those next lifetimes, I would be blessed and honored to continue to journey with.

From start to finish the marriage celebration was pure harmonious perfection, so much so even the Chardonnay was delish. And, I don’t even like Chardonnay like that, but hey, it was free booze. However, each sip was surprisingly palate pleasing. Every.single.aspect (I’m clapping my hand with each word like we do when we want to emphasize something.) of the event created an awakening of all five senses. The beautiful people (How did I get to sit next to Kima (Sonja Sohn) during the ceremony? For a hot second I got scared looking around for Omar. Thinking, Omar’s coming.  Omar’s coming.). The venue (Who has their wedding at Arena Stage? P&R does.). The cocktails (Yo, the gin cocktail was my JOOOINT!). The decor throughout which included the thoughtful and moving love poems/writings. The table setting with the “these some fancy Negro” plates and “which one do I use” wine glasses. The foodie experience which had Sheila and I secretly plotting other’s “if one more minute passed” left alone plates. The movement induced music of DJ Lance which included a parting CD gift that breathes as if I bought it in a store (Wait! They really don’t have those type of stores anymore.) from the packaging to the selections. The complimentary valet parking (I’m sure you two would know the deal was sealed before we even entered the building with that heavy hitter move in “driving around for 15 minutes…” DC.). And, your Crème de la Crème SWAGGALICOUS (Renee had a constant cheesing look of popping collar WHAT…?!?!) infectious beautiful energies. All made for a dope free flowing Woodstock meets the District of Columbia like love fest. We were all goo goo gaa gaa that beautiful DC night, which has left a lasting imprint on our longing hearts and spirits forever more. It was as if you planned every.single.aspect (I’m clapping again.) of the occasion with each lovingly handpicked guest in mind. Thank YOU! HICCUP!!!

Since the wedding, I think often of Patricia’s profound closing love sentiments which immediately reminded me of the tissue grabbing ending scene of a favorite movie of mine, “What Dreams May Come”. So with that, I’m wishing you two goddesses one blessed, loving and spiritually guided lifetime after the next and the next and the next… And, my only advice is to remember to simply and always BeDoLove. I love YOU! Ashe  #BeDoLove  #TheRebirthTo50 # UnleashYourSOULfullPurpose  #FindYourZen

PS: And, then as I’m writing this blog, THIS high society piece appears in The Washington Post. Yeah, y’all bougie Black folk are PURE DOPENESS!!! Because, of two degrees of separation I have friends hitting me up after seeing this article and asking if this is the wedding I attended (because I can’t stop talking/bragging about it). The article spreading like wildflowers (I like that better than wildfires.) on Facebook as it appears on a friend of mine’s newsfeed whose friend is a cousin of one of the brides.

pr-she-said-yesPSS: Although I am a lover of the arts I had yet to enter the Arena Stage since the new beautiful building erected. When I do decide to attend a play there (Support the Arts!) and anytime I drive by it, my first thoughts I’m sure will be of P&R and their beautiful celebration. Those feel good thoughts I don’t mind.

PSSS: When I went to look for the “What Dreams May Come” final scene on YouTube to pr-dancinginclude on this post (Yes! For the 10th time I got full with emotion just watching those two minutes) the recommended videos appeared on the right side.  How fitting that Black Coffee’s “Rock My World” was randomly yet serendipitously one of them. And, then as I played that video the Black Coffee recommendation floodgates opened up with “We Are One“, “Someday“. And, my ultimate Black Coffee favorite, “Superman“. The Universe with its musical angels is funky and cool like that. Now, Patricia and Renee, you’re free to go off and DANCE and go crazy in LOVE!!!

🎶 When you move.  Our whole world turns.

You make me happy. I go crazy. And, you know.

You rock my world. You rock my world.

When you move.  When you dance. I go craaaazzzyyyy.🎶 –Black Coffee, “Rock My World”


Now that I think about it, in a dramatic soap operaish wedding kind of flair, I kinda wish Omar did come.


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