The Redemption Song of a Cleveland That Indeed Rocks!

believeland (1)I always wondered what came of Schleprock. It seemed his low to the ground slouching behind packed up and left Bedrock and took up permanent residence in Cleveland. “”Oh wowsie wowsie woo woo. Miserable day, isn’t it?” –Schleprock  That is until June of this year.

Sooooo I get it now. This past weekend I just so happened upon the “30 for 30” ESPN documentary called “Believeland”. Man, I was quite oblivious to the deep rooted pain coming from Cleveland’s one after the other after the other after the other sports failures and major championship losing streaks spanning over 50 years. I mean the “we are about to have it all in less than five minutes, but just can’t pull it off” too many to count moments of the non-triple threat Cleveland professional sports teams. Brick filled gloves of connecting gut punches after gut punches were the only things successfully landing.

Goodness, had I been in the know I would have had a totally different perspective this past NBA final (Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors) in terms of understanding why it mattered soooooooo much for the Cavs to win. This was truly LIFE or DEATH! These beings (players and all of Cleveland) REALLY needed a win to end a 52 year all sports teams professional championship drought. Not just a win to say they won a championship. But, they needed a win to keep them from jumping, because I’m clear there would have been some jumpers had they lost that championship. A win was necessary to heal their broken in a gazillion pieces heart spanning many many generations. A win required to restore a believing sense of hope in the spirit of a city that couldn’t even get a championship win if they were playing the Bad News Bears.

With that one miraculous NBA final win, you could see the immediate glitter of hope and joy from all Clevelanders. For example, witnessing the love of a grandfather who was able to share that win with his grandson. It was a moment like he could finally stand tall in the face of a younger generation who only glimpsed failure after failure. It’s like past moments of a child looking up and asking, “Poppa, why does God hate us?” Because the child just doesn’t get it. However, in that “send ALL angels in off the bench” moment there was an out of body healing experience for the Cleveland and for so many hearts, especially for my man Earnest Byner. I’m a Giants fan, but I had much love for Byner. He was the truth of a running back. I felt for him and that fumble during the 1987 AFC Championship Game, which has haunted him all through these years. Talk about the guilt he has carried as he talked earlier on in the doc. Fast forward to the end of the doc where you could see Byner come back to life (like the coco brown color literally came back to his skin and the bags lifted from his eyes of nearly 20 years of pain) from the Cavalier’s winning of the 2016 NBA championship title. It was like he won too. Truth be told, that entire city won. It was redemption for all. And, for that am I grateful and happy for them because I wasn’t rooting for them during the series. Or EVER! But, I can appreciate the journey to a joyous outcome. All are redeemed. All order is restored trading in the “””Oh wowsie wowsie…” for ♪♪Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks!… ♪♪  Although I don’t think Art Modell should try his luck.

From reviewing the doc, I’m reminded that we all have a story. We all have hopes and dreams that if we continue to believe and have faith, they will come to light. I was also reminded if we would just pause for a moment and listen and hear another’s truth (not just the little corner of what is heard or experienced) it could allow for loving moments of compassion and understanding rather than judgment and condemnation. But, one must be willing to authentically and vulnerably share their experience(s). While the listener must be willing to receive the sharing with an open, loving and compassionate heart. With that, I’m wishing for many more joyful and fulfilling moments for Cleveland, for you, for me, and for the world. I’m wishing for a world filled with compassionate love. Including me.

Go Giants (4 NFL Championships)! Go Knicks (2 NBA Championships)! Go Yankees (27 MLB Championships)! Go Jets (1 NFL Championship)! Go Mets (2 MLB Championships)! Go Rangers (4 NHL Championships)! Go Islanders (4 NHL Championships)! Sorry Cleveland. I will always be in a New York State of Mind. This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t serve up a little bit of trash talking. Peace! #BeDoLove  #Believeland

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