Make America (Our World) Compassionate


(pulling up the soapbox and adjusting the mic) Testing?!? Testing?!? Can you hear me? I’ll wait. Okay. Diamond Reynolds is the SHERO and Goddess Warrior of all time. She spoke so many TRUTHS in this video ( which took place after the heinous shooting. If you think God isn’t working through this woman and her sweet young innocent daughter, Lil Brown Sugah is his, her, OUR angel, then you are not listening and present to what is happening. I know somebody is critiquing this video as opposed to listening to her message because that’s what we do. We avoid what’s really important because we don’t want to have to deal (feel) with ourselves and what that means to us and our lives and how are we participating or not participating in life as our dreams are deferred leading to us blowing out the flames and dimming the light of others. Oftentimes, when beings take part in the habitual degrading practice of projecting, one tends to do so as a way to create a diversion to throw the “I can’t let them on to me” scent off oneself. Someone is probably saying, “Why she got a pack of Newports in her hand? That’s so ghetto?” Man after witnessing that horrific experience I would have gone to my nearest bodega or 7-11 and bought a case of Newports. And, a 40! WORD?!?! That’s real talk! Okay, maybe some good craft beer with the Newports. But you get my point.

If you are the one doing the verbal lashing and killing of spirit, do you know how you sound saying she should have done anything else other than what she did? You know what she did? She maintained the calmness and level mind that the professionals should. It’s just like with the dog gone gorilla thing with the child. “I would have gone down there in that cage…” Do you know how crazy this sounds to the detriment to your child and your life? We would have witnessed that gorilla maul you both. Same thing here. Did you hear how the officer was frantically screaming after he shot Philando Castile? HE WAS FRANTIC!!! Diamond shouting, screaming and one millisecond of a move from her to tend to her man (which the many officers should have gone into action to do) or gesture towards the officer and POP! POP! POP! Blown to smithereens. GONE too!  And, now there would be a motherless child (or child gone too, because frantic mom energy creates a frantic child) all in the name of “Aw hell nah you not going to shoot my man…” To add, no evidence to shine valuable much-needed light. Because you know how they will tell the story that does not serve us or our humanity.

Many of us need to sit down with this, BREATHE, and think rationally. And, extend the level of compassion to others that you would want to be extended to you, should you find yourself in an uncompromising, fearful, or your life depends on it situation (Because, if you haven’t yet, you will. And, then you’ll be like why nobody got my back…). Otherwise, you’re no better than those who too are not mentally healthy, speaking ill of us, and not treating us as humans.

Please! Please! Let’s stop the judging. Please, let’s have some compassion for each other. Mercy for each other. Love for each other all while walking with grace. We already have to deal with the many others who don’t. Our lives depend on it. Our physical, mental and spiritual being depends on it. We got to do better by each other. Because if we don’t they (they being any race, creed, etc. exerting ill will) will win. And, by the looks of it, we are losing this fight right now. Remember, “They don’t want us to stand up for one another…” –Diamond Reynolds.

Please hold Diamond, Lil Brown Sugah, the loved ones of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, the fallen Dallas police officers, and ALL up in prayer as the woman and other souls did at the end of the video. We ALL require love, nurturing and care more now than ever. Go love up and uplift someone today, especially YOU! Please, Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Give us Peace! Give us #BeDoLove! Love! (starting to step off the soapbox)

PS: (pauses and puts foot back up on the soapbox) There will be things that will come out to drag names through the mud. Remember we all are not perfect. Think of the things in your life you would rather not be revealed. Sure, her details are not always on point and sometimes slightly changing, but again, remember the trauma of that experience. The stone throwing must stop and the compassion must be the order of today. I’m complete. For now (steps all the way off of the soapbox). Peace!

PSS: This morning just before I was going to post this I saw that Diamond was about to do a video on Good Morning America.  Here is that interview.–abc-news-topstories.html?soc_src=copy

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