Happy Birthday Ron – My Soft Smirk Gangsta Angel STILL Lives

Ron Davis

RIP Ron “MF” Davis, Master Coach, Master Friend, and Master Spirit!!!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Ron Davis, who was “IS” a beautiful, freshly sharpened and blinging double-edged sword of a spiritual mentor transported from the serene backwoods of Bali deliberately balanced with an around the way straight up concrete jungle New York City/Queens boy. Ron, that exact way of being is what had and continues to have me in love with the essence of YOU. The essence which secretly gave those you were real with, permission in knowing we don’t have to be pigeonholed into how it looks or being one dimensional. Being comfortable in our skin was the order of the day knowing that that we can cozy up, exhale, and luxuriate on our favorite velvety chair sipping a hot cup of soothing chamomile tea after a day of hanging out and cutting up with our homies on an around the way park bench guzzling a paper bag covered cold 40 of Ole E.

Ron & I

RIP Ron “MF” Davis, Master Coach, Master Friend, and Master Spirit!!!

When I think about it now, your life was short but boy did you pack a punch of purposeful living in those “no time to waste” years. You walked the talk of LIVING OUT LOUD with LOVE. So much so I find no matter the years that have passed, the feelings of loss remain. I still miss you. I still grieve the loss of your physical presence. I still mourn not being able to pick up the phone and hear your voice morning, noon or late night. We shared so much dope filled amazingness and life’s “Man, are you serious?” craziness with each other that a void continues to exist. I miss our one of a kind connection. That all-knowing, yet I still love you and will rock with you connection. You were my safe place to land. However, as I continue to heal and move through this thing called life, my full on meltdowns that swooped down on me with no notice because it’s still unbelievable don’t happen nearly as often. However, my continuous healing and loving heart yearns for your voice, your wisdom, your booming laugh, your “fuck that/them”, and your unconditional love.

However, I have solace in knowing that you were and still ARE just now as an ancestor. I am grateful that you loved me like none other. I am delightfully reminded of you through my spiritual enlightenment (you see your girl flexing), song, dance, laughter, and writing. In unexpected moments, I hear you laugh; I channel your house music leg stretch, wave, and tap. I strongly feel your presence especially when I travel. It is refreshing that I can always count on you to be my road dog. Sometimes even to and from work.

Ron & I

DC Caribbean Carnival – Somewhere Around 1998

I am stronger, wiser, bolder, loving, and lovable as a result of your many thoughtful and take no shit life’s lessons. Those lessons are forever embedded in my spirit so much so that I live, I breathe, I write, I BeDoLove. Certainly, you knew before I knew. With every word I read in order to stretch and become further spiritually enlightened, every word I write to express and inspire, every word I speak to share my story or help guide another, I feel you there every step of the way, guiding me, and giving me a soft smirk followed by that affirming and exhale causing “very good.” And, now my BeDoLove blogging is morphing into other wonderful areas that require me to be open and fearless all in the name of LIVING my PURPOSE and BEING of LOVE and SERVICE. All along hoping you are proud of me and my curiosity, creativity, movements, gangsta, and growth. Then I get a visual of your soft and warm smirk of affirmation, which has me to soft smirk back as my heart pitter patters with the joy of your soothing visit. It feels good when I feel your presence. I still attempt to channel you in those “what would Ron say” moments as I continue to navigate and be challenged in life and especially love. For you were my gangsta cheerleader, guide, and friend. And, I am now overjoyed in your unwavering presence as my Gangsta Angel.

Ron - Younger Days

RIP Ron “MF” Davis, Master Coach, Master Friend, and Master Spirit!!!

Ron, you see, your globetrotting legacy lives on as the many lives that you touched are doing amazing things and transforming lives if only to save themselves. I see so many beautiful visions of those you touched, blooming left, right, and center. The rebirth is real and being televised. Because the gift you gave was showing us all that we matter, have purpose, and can have IT ALL. It is so my friend. And, the beat goes on. Your tireless work will not go down in vain. I thank you my Gangsta Angel. I hope I continue to do you proud as I honor God and you. We all honor you as we continue to do the work, transform ourselves and the world, and “Live Out Loud”.

Stay with me Ron Davis. Please stay with me my Gangsta Angel. Your work is never done. Our work is never done. So, Kathryn Lives! We All Live! And, Ron Lives Still! I love you man. Keep visiting. I need you. We need you. RIP Ron “Mother Fucking” Davis, Master Coach, Master Friend, and Master Spirit!!! Bison Love! “HU! YOU KNOOOOOWWWW!” Ase! BeDoLove

The Police – “Voices Inside My Head” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V_rVaiveNg

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