Fred’s “Curing the Rainy Day Blues” Message

As we are about to go into another rainy weekend, did you know, according to a longstanding study, every 10 out of 10 creative beings says being creative is a wonderful rainy blues (🎶Baaa bannaaa baaaa ban…🎶) healer. Instead of focusing on the negative, shift your thoughts to the abundance of rain allowing for the opportunity to slow down, pause, listen, refresh, and renew.

Tap into your creative spirit today and this weekend. That frown can easily be turned upside down. So what, it’s raining. Venture out and do something fun and get some stimulation. Play in it. Walk in it. Run in it. Make love it in. Yeah, that too. Why not?!?!  And, then whichever you choose, relax and take a nice warm bath afterwards. Go to a concert, museum, restaurant, movie… Watch one on tv (smartphone, iPad, etc.). Pull out your favorite music and sing and dance like no one is watching. Get you a canvas and some paint and just go for it. Go buy some beads and the other jewelry accoutrements. Or work on/finish some other creative project that’s been calling out to you. Pull out a recipe you’ve been stashing and finally get to creating a delicious dish topped off with a nice glass of your fav spirit. Read. Read to your partner and/or children. Make creativity a family experience. Make it a love experience with some of the mentioned ideas which include cuddling and some good, hawt, passionate loving.

The point is don’t just sit and wallow in the funky funk. Instead have a Yabba Dabba Doooooo weekend and good time.
Shameless Plug Time: And, on June 11 you can experience and be inspired on how our artists tap into theirs. Please purchase your tickets today for BeDoLove’s “Women Who Color Outside the Lines” now at join us at Have a good one. Enjoy! Love! #BeDoLove   #WomenWhoColorOutsideTheLines  TurnThatFrownUpsideDown MyReadersHappenToCoordinate SpeakOnItFred

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