Make America Compassionate Again

IT’S A F*CKING GORILLA! Just like the lions. Just like the darn cutesy Flipper dolphins that will turn on a mug. I don’t care how domesticated we THINK animals that are made for the wild may be. Remember Travis the chimpanzee that teared that woman’s face up? Travis had been a nice and “domesticated” actor and one day he wasn’t. And, you know what? Maybe Harambe was protecting the child. But, that child is not a baby gorilla that can be gorilla handled in any ole way, being protective or not. The gorilla doesn’t know its own strength. Why not a tranquilizer? Because it could have caused the gorilla to go ape shyt and fling that child way across the zoo into the lion’s cage. Did you not see “The Revenant” and that bear scene? Geez! I’m surprised Leonardo is still as cute and suavelicious as he is. We aren’t talking about Magilla Gorilla here. 🎶See in the window, Magilla Gorilla…full of charm and appeal. Handsome, elegant, intelligent, sweet…He’s really ideal.🎶 “How much is that gorilla in the window?” Harambe, not Magilla. I think us humans believe that when we have some big naming ceremony at a zoo it makes the animals less wild and more humane. NOT!!! And, don’t get me wrong. I do feel bad that they had to resort to killing Harambe.

So you fault the parent(s) do you now. Sure, they should be held accountable. But, dayum! Where is the f*cking compassion? We know children are curious and fast as hell. You turn your head for a millisecond and Lil Johnnie is booking down the Super Walmart aisle with no finish line in sight. One second Lil Johnnie is there and the next he’s inside the vending machine with the toys and you’re wondering how in tarnation did that lil rascal get in there. Yet folks ready to call CPS. (Stupid side eye are you crazy look). Just like when the parent leaves their child in a hot car. It wasn’t intentional. There was no malice. But, we’re ready to stone them to death. Again, yes they should be held accountable. That I understand. Here’s a mother who gets it.

But, did/do you call CPS or the police when folks were being intentionally violent towards the babies pulling out extension cords, switches, and open hand beating their children or grandchildren or students? Did/do you call CPS or the police when our children are being verbally abused and bullied by adults telling them they are worthless and can’t live the lives they dream? Did/do you call CPS or the police when children are being bullied to the point of suicide. Or when they are called and they do nothing. “Oh they are just being children.” NO! They are being a freaking menace triggered from a place no one wants to figure out or talk about. These acts all being intentional and deliberate physical, mental, and emotional stunting their growth abuse being inflicted on our precious children. Yet a parent turns their head for a second and we condemn them to oblivion as if they aren’t already intensely suffering from their lack of being present as the protector and nurturer. Where is the f*cking compassion?

And, don’t let me get into the lack of value for the lives of our little black boys and the disrespectful attack on his parents. Now that’s a whole other story. I don’t hear anybody talking about the boys physical, emotional and mental welfare. Shoot he was face-to-face with a 400 lb. GORILLA. His saving grace could be because he is 4 years-old and has no concept of the severity of it all. You see how calm he was throughout it all. That’s also a testament to how calm his mother remained while talking him through it. But, they got some petition out on the parents lives. Humph… Misplaced anger I tell ya. Judgmental bullies, until some just a normal day accident happens to them. You want to get mad at someone? Get mad at the zoo for caging up animals.
When those children leash like thingys came out years ago, I tell you if I had children my paranoid a$$ would have seriously considered having one in every color and pattern to match the child’s graanimals. Real talk. I’ve gone into borderline anxiety fits back in the day if I lost sight of my nephews or when taken them to a public bathroom and waiting for them to come out. I’d just assume stayed in the house with them until they turned 16. 
People don’t think compassion until they make one false move and then they require it. Remember “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”? Yeah, you see how that worked out for him. Karma!

So folks. 🎶Stop the love you save may be your own.🎶 Please, let’s pause, breathe, and think. Condemnation no. Accountable yes, sprinkled with a dose of compassion. It’s the BeDoLove way. And, trust, you too will need it one day. Trust me when I still you, you will. #BeDoLove EmpathsROCK
PS: Please excuse my potty mouth. This one hit a cranky old man nerve. 

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