Unleashing Your Purpose – Birthing the Writer in Me

Writer's Beach Retreat 2016 5

You ever had a burning desire to do or be something that would set you free? It’s like God never failing you with constantly whispering your soul purpose in your tuned in ear over and over and over again. Waiting for that faithful moment you heed the purposeful call.

Since I was a young child, I had a desire to be a writer. And, as the years flew by into adulthood, I never lost that desire. I dibbled and dabbled during very far and in between moments of clarity and channeling. This consisted of writing letters, a poem here or there, and then Facebook posts filled with love, adventure, and inspiration. And, with the Facebook writing explosion, the desire burned more and more inside of me, wanting to be explored and fully birthed. Helping to drive this pen to paper movement were my many angels observing my gift and lovingly cheerleading me on to create a blog and/or write a book.

Almost 1-1/2 years ago (January 1, 2015), I finally made a move to birth that desire by pushing the publish button on my first BeDoLove blog post. And, since that exhaling and exhilarating day, it’s been wonderful blogging about my experiences with the purpose of ultimately inspiring others to live free and authentic lives. But, what I know for sure is that’s not where it’s to end for me. I know there is more to explore, so much so on my vision board I created this year, I included a writing component. And, you know what? Very shortly after creating the vision board I saw a Writer’s Beach Retreat that called out to me. I was clear that the Universe was speaking to me and I had to answer, immediately securing my spot before it sold out. I listened and acted instead of my sometimes hesitation which often results in missed opportunities that were presented just for me.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Vision Quest Retreats “Writer’s Beach Retreat” facilitated by Dr. Nicole Cutts and Maria Olsen. It was a fantastic experience exploring the writer in me with other beautiful and dynamic writers (many who weren’t believers in their skills when first arriving) all on the backdrop of the refreshing and invigorating Chesapeake Bay.

Writer's Beach Retreat 2016 2We were delighted to stay in homes or an inn in the beautiful and quaint town of Fair Haven Cliffs, MD, which was surrounded by Herring Bay. I had the pleasure of staying at Maria’s delightful, calm, and inviting home (this was also retreat central). She was not only an amazing co-facilitator, but she was a thoughtful hostess who can throw down in the kitchen, preparing most of our delicious meals.

What also made the weekend so special were the walks on the slightly chilled beach. We also participated in yoga and meditation sessions on the beach and indoors led both days by Nicole, who definitely has another gift and should be teaching yoga somewhere. Sunday’s recorded guided meditation (Tara Brach) focused on smiling, being awake and free, which is how everyone felt as the retreat came to a close. The entire weekend was a moment by moment Zen experience as we channeled the warriors (brought on by the yoga pose) in us.

I was truly inspired by the invaluable information, tips, advice, and encouragement provided by Nicole and Maria through their writer’s workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. These two vibrant women are amazing and gifted authors. The bonus is I now get to call these two wonderful beings friends as well as the other women in attendance. These budding friendships created as a result of the many genuine moments of sharing and connecting during introductions, workshops, walks, meals, yoga, meditation, and s’mores (yuuuummmmm…). We completed the retreat motivated and on a natural high.

I was also inspired by all of the creative and intelligent WRITERS I was surrounded by. My muses were in abundance as they inspired me during the weekend to create and share a piece titled “I Write Therefore I Am… A Writer”.

I am so grateful for being led to attend the retreat, all I connected with, and for what’s to come as I (we) continue to unleash the writer in me. During the event, we all rightfully and confidently declared “I.AM.A.WRITER”!

This wonderful event was a reminder that it’s never too late for us all to explore and unleash the desires of the soul. I repeat that it’s NEVER too late to explore and unleash the desires of the soul. I hope you take the time to set yourself free by basking in the glow of your purpose and passions. God is whispering to you. It’s time to listen and BE! DO! LOVE! Namaste…! Peace! #BeDoLove #connect2urmuse

PS: My name is Kathryn and I.Am.A.WRITER!!!Writer's Beach Retreat 2016 10

Nicole and Maria are blessed with bountiful gifts. Check them out at:

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