Can You Dance? – Sunday Funday Edition


This year is about exploring new forms of dance. Last year was all about absorbing myself in my love of dancing to House Music. Remember my out of body Mexico beach experience at the Mi Casa Holiday House Music event? Yesterday was totally about stepping outside of my “♪♪It’s time for the perculator!♪♪” box and taking on the Waltz. I was told what we were doing was Progressive Waltz. It definitely ain’t your great grandparents Waltz.

I was hesitant about going since the first (second, third) time I was asked and finally said yes yesterday. The hesitancy was due to all of the preconceived notions one may have (let alone a Black person) centered round dancing the Waltz. Well, all of that was thrown out of the window (along with my trying something new fear) as soon as I stepped into the ballroom at Glen Echo Park.

When I arrived, there first was a 45-minute lesson. And, once the band (yes there was a live band which included fiddlers) was set up, it was time to take the floor and get it in. When the dancing began, I immediately took a seat wanting to first people watch. And, honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would be asked to dance. Well, that notion didn’t last long. Overall I danced six times. Who knew? A couple of times I danced with the instructor. He was impressed knowing it was my first time. Shoot, I was impressed.

What started out with about 12 people taking a lesson, turned in to about 30 or more people once the dancing fully got on the way. It was a lovely and inviting melting pot of beings. What was really cool was each person I danced with had their own style/flow. This is true with any type of dancing and it was fun to experience it even with the Waltz.

But, the Waltz wore me out. Whoa! Every time I finished a dance I was out of breath. Don’t be fooled, it takes a lot of energy. (Tip: Always count so you can stay in step.) And, since it requires one to stay on their toes (I mean literally dancing on your toes), I’m waiting for the calves soreness to set in. That probably won’t be the only part of my body feeling the pain. However, it was truly a much needed and welcomed workout.

I had so much fun. I’m still smiling. I feel confident. I feel joyful. I feel love. Music, dancing, and touch are such powerful healers. It’s moments like yesterday that reinforce their powers and how they should be absorbed in heavy doses. I highly encourage you to go get you some. Even if it’s just turning on your favorite song in the living room, going to town, shaking what yo mama gave ya, and waving your hands like you just don’t care. However, as always if you can, get out there and try something new or something that you miss doing. Peace, Love, and Dance! It’s the BeDoLove way.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” –Unknown

PS: I’m also on the sixth week of a hand dancing class. I told you this is the year of exploring new dance forms.

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