Who’s Your Lovely “Morning Connection”?

Morning Connections

Each morning we rise and shine to the dawn of a new day. But, do you know there is someone(s) you cross paths with on a daily/weekly basis that you could mean the world to? I’m not talking about your child, significant other or that special someone you wake up to every day. Although sure they are important and a given to receive your love and attention. My pop calls me in the morning at least a few times a week, particularly as I drive to work. I am truly grateful for him and those special moments and try not to take them for granted.

Typically, at least once a week I gas up at a specific gas station when I enter Annapolis, which I pass on my way to work. One day as I entered the gas station, I looked up and noticed the cashier was looking my way and smiling as I pulled up to my usual front and center pump. As I stepped out of Lincoln and approached her (it’s cash only, less expensive station) I smiled and gave her a warm ♪♪Good moorrrniinnng♪♪ (sang it despite being extremely tired after a previous hellacious flying experience the day before), followed by brief pleasantries, and a “have a nice day”. Some days she will acknowledge either how dressed down I am “you working out today” or how dressed up I am “You look nice” (with a look of WOW and approval). There are days I acknowledge to her that she wasn’t there on previous visits, and I ask her how her day/week off was. When I ponder on it, I miss her smile when I pull in and see she’s not working. She probably doesn’t even realize how grateful I am, because sometimes her smile has been the first one that I’ve experienced for the day. I think I’m going to print this out and give it to her, so she knows what impact she has on me, and I’m sure other customers. It would also be a nice way to show my gratitude and appreciation for her and how she connects with me.

Okay, you might need another example of what it’s like to be a gift to someone. This year I hired a new employee. Every morning he makes it a point to stick his head in my office to say “Good Morning Ms. Boxill”. Sometimes he’s reluctant to do so because he notices my head buried in my desktop with my morning email reads and replies. Some days he might not immediately speak, but eventually comes at some point and says “I saw you were busy earlier, but I wanted to say good morning.” Sometimes he’s apologetic about it. And, I always respond in kind with “Oh no, thank you”. You see, even in my businessness I have to be mindful to genuinely acknowledge him with morning pleasantries. After all, he could just as easily allow himself to become buried with work and numb to what should be an automatic and comes naturally to him. He blesses me. Therefore, I bless him in authentic kind. Reciprocity ya dig?!

So who is your “Morning Connection”? Could be a barista, a security guard/front desk attendant/receptionist at your home or office. Perhaps your daily bus driver or train conductor, a neighbor walking the dog, or someone you see at the gym during your morning workouts. Or maybe, a regular customer of yours, UPS/FedEx/mail person, cleaning lady, colleague, boss, or maintenance engineer. Or even a homeless person you might not notice, but who to them you are their normal. Either way, if you haven’t already, take note. Be present to your surroundings and those in it. Go where you are needed. Because it is no accident that these love beings are placed in the path of your daily walk with life.

The next time you see your “Morning Connection” and every other time after that sing ♪♪Gooooood Moooooorrrnnnniinnnggg♪♪ (or Good Afternoon or Evening applies too) to them. Take a moment to ask how their day is going or weekend was. Give a nice compliment (i.e., nice haircut, girl that’s a beautiful blouse, you do a great job at…). During your normal morning ritual, purchase two bagels instead of one and gift one to said homeless person or cleaning person. Find out your front desk attendants birthday and present them with breakfast or flowers on their special day. Matter of fact, you don’t have to wait for their birthday. Just do it whenever. Random acts of kindness can provide much joy, gratitude, and continued abundance.

You see where I’m going with this? Because, after all you could be someone’s first “Morning Connection” that gives them the love and boost to get them through another second, another day. You never know who needs you first thing. Everyone has a story. Everyone is not fortunate enough to be blessed with a rising to a new day sun smile, kiss, hug, “Good morning” or “I love you”. So be the beautifully unwrapped gift they need more than anything. Right in that precious moment. Be the gift! Hopefully, your bright energy will be infectious, and they will feed off of it and in turn be a gift to another and another and another. And, especially to themselves. You see how this works? This love game is so much bigger than you might think.

Let’s make it a fabulous and loving day and upcoming week filled with authentic “Morning Connections”. Matter of fact; make it morning, noon, and night. I love you. Oh, and “Good morning. You look amaaaaaziiing. Have a fabulous day”. Namaste!!! ONWARD!!! BeDoLove

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  1. Been so busy, I’m just reading this. Never to busy to speak to Mr. Paul our head custodian at school. Sometimes I don’t know what he says in return, but he’ll come into my office and ask me questions that he really should be asking the principal. I never hear anyone greet him, I hope my simple “Good morning Mr. Paul. How are you?, somehow makes his day brighter. He lost his wife two years ago and requested that we not do anything for him-cancer sucks. A few of us attended the service, but abided by his wishes and left him alone. He works hard and really is a nice person. Mr. Paul Yeh is my morning connection.

    1. Carol I’m sure Mr. Paul appreciates you. He comes to you and not the principal because he knows you SEE him and will listen to him. Much love sis. Thank you for sharing your lovely “Morning Connection”.

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