Celebrating the Beautiful Jackie!!!: It’s Still September!

Jackie At Birthday Celebration

I had the lovely honor of saying a few words at my dear friend Jackie’s 50th birthday celebration a couple of weekends ago. Well with me few words can be challenging, especially if someone has filed an authentic, loving and beautiful space and connection in my heart and spirit. Jackie is a true gift to me (and many others) from Mother, Father, God, The Universe. Who knew when we met one fall day around this time in 2001, that we were about to embark on a journey of life, friendship, and growth together?

Jackie2Jackie, I’m so excited to see what’s in store for you and us as we with open hearts journey on into the next phase of our lives, bold, beautiful, sexy, and 50. Which, by the way, you wear well and, therefore, ease my approaching “I can’t believe I’m turning 50.” Below is what I read at the celebration. And, below that is Jackie’s thoughts to me she posted on Facebook after the celebration. Truly blessed and grateful I am. I love you, Jackie!

I hope you are all just as blessed to have friendships that exist and exude loving reciprocity such as I’ve had all my life. It’s essential. And, I ask you, when is the last time you celebrated a friend and expressed to them how special they are? You really should give them their roses while they are here. Love!

My love thoughts read to Jackie at her celebration (what an AMAZING affair it was): Dear Jackie, Any opportunity you have you’re like a quick sly fox. A friendly fox swooping down right into the midst of an existing conversation. But there is something different about your plan of social circle bust up. You often don’t come in eager to talk about you or whatever the existing conversation that’s going on, but instead you come with a loving agenda. An agenda of providing thoughtful, loving, fun, and sometimes silly thoughts of a well sort out particular family member, friend, perhaps a colleague in that circle, by providing your thoughtful memories or thoughts. And, I’ve been blessed many a times to be one of those people on the receiving and humbling end of hearing you speak of me in a way that sometimes is a “WOW! Not only does she love me. But, she SEES me”.

Jackie3Jackie, you have a gift. A gift of creating one to feel special. To feel loved. To feel noticed oftentimes during a time when they may need it most to be SEEN! I’ve come to realize that if ever I need an ego boosting or head blow up moment… Or if I’m on the campaign trail for love, that you should introduce me. Those moments I could cunningly make eye contact with you so you’ll come over and work your not short or lost for words magic.

Yesterday you commented on one of my Facebook posts and you said, “Kathryn Boxill you are such a blessing to a lot of people… mainly me!” Well, Jackie Walker, it’s safe to say by the many beautiful smiling faces here today to celebrate your amazing 50, that you are such a blessing to a lot of people. I thank you for being that person to me and being one of my biggest cheerleaders. I thank you for being a mirror and example with your brand of love that’s steeped in consistency, acknowledgments, vulnerability, and fun. You breathe and ooze unconditional love. It is unconditional love that allows me to just BE ME in all of the interesting and sometimes “Huh?” twist and turns of my life.

I am grateful to Mother, Father, God, The Universe for ordering our footsteps right into each other’s lives. And, gifting me, you.

JackieJackie Walker, I wish for you the same unconditional love that you extend to many. I wish for moments that when you need it most people will speak to you and of you with love and reverence. I wish you mental and emotional peace and harmony. I wish you clarity for your passions to come through and feed you with so much joy in your next phase of life. And, I wish you many more enriching times of love, growth, fun, and laughter with Brenda.

I love you, my friend. I love you. Happy Birthday!!!

BeDoLove, Kathryn 9/12/15


Jackie’s love thoughts to me posted on Facebook:

Artwork by Keisha Carroll of Mosaic Art Studios

Artwork by Keisha Carroll of Mosaic Art Studios

The heart where God dwells has this infinite capacity to love. Having said that, I love a significant number of family and friends and a whole host of other things that bring me joy! I want to take a special moment to both honor and thank my Sister-Friend Kathryn Boxill. You can’t sleep on the quiet ones. Kathryn is the epitome of “Be Do Love”. She is this butterfly that possesses all this beauty; but she won’t demand your attention like the cute puppy that wants a treat…no-no she rests in her humility and she paints on her canvas, she cultivates color, art and poet expressions and it is up to us to notice. During my birthday celebration, I looked around the venue and saw this awesome artwork of me…and I thought wow!!! But how, who, when…and did not know until later in the evening that it was a gift from Kathryn. Not for recognition or fanfare, but because she is that beautiful butterfly who doesn’t have to do all that…Kathryn, you are beauty; you are one of God’s finest works! I love you girl! Thank you for the gift of the magnificent artwork and the gift of you. I’ve attached a pic of one piece that was done. Kathryn, I’d like you give a shout to the sister who drew this. ONWARD!!!! 9/13/15

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