Laugh Until You’re In Freaking Tears and Your Belly Hurts


We hired two new people recently. It’s nice to have new energy at work. My direct hire is a nice young gentleman. He calls me Miss Boxill. Of course I didn’t ask him to, but I deem it cool, refreshing, showing manners, and his proper upbringing. Some years ago I might have been like “ummm Kathryn please”. But, I love it now because I actually do appreciate hearing the sound of my last name. “Boxill”! And, he purposefully says good morning and good night to me and takes the time to ask how I’m doing. This morning he did a drive by and entered my office and mentioned that he saw I was busy earlier but wanted to come and say good morning. We talked and then I asked about some work things. And, then he was like okay I just didn’t want too much more of the morning to go by without saying good morning. Of course I thanked him. Man that truly warmed my heart. I had a supervisor previously that was very thoughtful and purposeful like that. I miss him and his calming and peaceful energy often. He was always cheerful and every Friday he would make sure to come by to say good night and have a good weekend. I’m reminded that sometimes we don’t truly appreciate the wonderful things/beings in our lives until they are no longer there.


laugh3About 15 or so minutes after he departed my office I hear what sounds like crying almost outside my door. I listen intently and am thinking please don’t let someone be crying. And, then I’m like oh goodness someone is crying. I took a deep breath and walked out of my office with my nurturing hat on. Well the new young lady was literally right outside my office at this bulletin white board we have hanging up on the wall. The kind you can use markers on, erase, and update as you wish. You see she has on her own taken on writing on that board daily what day it is. I start to slowly exhale because I’m starting to notice that to my delighted surprise she is not crying but she is laughing herself in to tears. She is in the process of putting forth her best effort at drawing a pony because today is The 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express. And, I mean she is cracking herself up and is in tears. I was like “Gurl I thought you were crying.” After getting over my initial anxiety and consoling preparation, I of course chime in on the fun and proceed to make fun of her pregnant looking pony. It was such a pleasant and unexpected nice laugh. I still can’t believe how tickled she was. Before getting back to work I encouraged her to continue to enjoy her outlet for creative expression. Hey! Ones gotta do what they gotta do in order to help get them through the work day.

hazy clouds dusk

I appreciate and am grateful for them both today. I’m grateful to be reminded to take time to authentically and genuinely speak to, acknowledge, and let people know they matter and exist. Because, in the day-to-day busyness of it all we can lose sight of what truly matters. I’m also grateful for being reminded to not take myself so serious and too OFTEN take time to capture moments where I can LAUGH UNTIL I’M IN FREAKING TEARS AND MY BELLY HURTS!!! And, so be it if I’m expressing myself creatively and my pony is not perfect. It’s my pony.

Today is already a good day. Rain and all. Remember to be present in your daily movements. Go where you are needed. Acknowledge. Comfort. Or just be somebodies laughing buddy for a moment and LAUGH UNTIL YOU’RE IN FREAKING TEARS AND YOUR BELLY HURTS!!! It’s the BeDoLove way. Namaste!!!

PS: Today is also National Ex-Spouse Day. Might be a good time to put some of this in to use. They might be kicking themselves right now and could use a friend. Or you can just LAUGH UNTIL YOU’RE IN F*KING TEARS AND YOUR BELLY HURTS at the thought of them and how amazing you still are.  Either way, ONWARD!!!  BeDoLove Lol kcb

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  1. I HAVE to find that type of laugh – if I don’t experience it at some point throughout the week i’m really no good. I can’t celebrate National Ex-Spouse Day LOLLL – but I love that my life mate adores my silly side enough to tolerate my spontaneous shenanigans and join in on laughing until it hurts.

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