Resurrecting Oneself on This Beautiful Resurrection Day


Interesting that today is Easter/Resurrection Day.

Resurrection11Last night I had the pleasure of attending a gathering, where the two beautiful women who invited me to their lovely, beautiful and comfortable DC home were such gracious hostesses.  It was one of those older, yet welcoming homes in a quaint DC neighborhood.  A home filled with such character and soothing creaking wood floors.  It’s the kind of home that I sometimes imagine myself creating a life and love in.  My funky and cool sanctity where there is comforting stability, endless peace, melodic harmony, and unconditional love.  That comes with a reliable house cleaners, landscapers, and handy persons.Oak Tree in DC

While there I witnessed the most humongous, bold, and beautiful oak tree in their spacious backyard.  That Resurrection9commanding big oak could have been quite intimidating, however it calmed me and created such a soothing smile on my face as I just stood there in awe and silence observing its beauty as I attempted to take it all in.  The oak reminded me that regardless of all that goes on in life, there is always opportunity to stand tall, still shine, awe, and inspire me and all who I encounter.

The bonus of the evening was of the lovely couple sharing their wedding video with all who were in attendance.  The lovelies were still glowing from their recent ceremony while sharing the backstory of their relationship and wedding day commentary.  I found myself having one of my typical Hallmark movie moments as I watched them both fiercely wardrobe change their way through the video from beginning to the end all while lovingly and attentively engaged with themselves, family, and friends.  While witnessing their special moment, I was reminded about love.  I was reminded about hope.  I was reminded about authentic connection.  I was reminded about Divine Order.  I was reminded about commitment.  I was reminded about being open to the possibilities when one of the lovelies spoke of how getting married was not at all on her radar.  I was reminded about perseverance when they both spoke about the struggles encountered with family, friends, and strangers because of the resistance to their unconditional love.  I was reminded about forgiveness.  I was reminded about fun.  I was reminded about being sexy.  After the emotionally challenging previous night and current day I was having, I knew in that moment that the Universe sent me here to receive all of these uplifting messages.  Especially when one of the lovelies looked at me later and said I can see in your eyes that you are next.  Now whether that is true or not (in terms of being next, not that it won’t ever happen), it was just nice to hear and it was reaffirming.  It was nice experiencing through their love; they are reaching out and wanting to inspire others to also have it all.  To live one’s truth and believe.Resurrection8

During that made for me evening, as I navigated in and out of various conversations, dined on deliciously seasoned and nicely spicy African food of curried rice and fish stew, sipped on tasty lemon drop cocktails, and witnessed their wonderful wedding video, I was reminded about love, reinventing myself, and how it’s never too late to have what I want.  I must believe.  Keep having hope.  Keep the faith.  I must keep resurrecting my life, heart, spirit, and soul.

I was reminded that “I am the prize.” And, one of the many messages I was sent to tell you today is that you are too. That in all of the complexities and imperfections of our lives and being, that we are perfect in who we are and are deserving.

There is a gift in resurrecting oneself.  The gift is of getting back to the basics of love, while being open to the newness of life.  So today and ALWAYS continue to resurrect yourself and flow through life and experiences with confidence, grace, authenticity, openness, respect, a colossal sense of humor, beauty, forgiveness, sexiness, trust, honor, and unconditional LOVE!!!  And, you will in turn attract to your life what you truly desire and what the Universe knows that will nourish and resurrect you in your truth.  Believe that you WILL be resurrected to the essence of your being and beingness.  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!  Ase!Resurrection4

L&S, may God continue to bless and blanket you both with love, light, and fun. Thank you so much for last night and being such gracious messengers and torchbearers of BeDoLove.  I dedicate this blog to you and all who inspire through their committed love.

Namaste! kcb

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  1. You are…a beautiful conscious spirit personified by a hope nestled in a quiet holy spirit. I thank the universe for the gift of you and our lovely, crazy, authentic and sweet friendship. This right here is a PURE RESURRECTION of my spirit seeking a kindred one. Magnificent piece, Kathryn. I am proud to call you sister, woman…friend. I wish us a lifetime of resurrected adventures. Love you!!!

    PS: you officially joined the purple squad tonight. You looked fabulous!! SECURITY!!

    1. Thank you so much my friend. Having your support is very uplifting and I too am extremely thankful. Last night was wonderful. And, I look forward to the continued resurrected adventures. PS: I’m still tripping that Security is their name. HA!!! Signed, The Purple Squad!

  2. Beautiful! Your words made me feel as though I was there enjoying the evening with friends. I am honored to know you, you are truly a prize among all the gifts life has to offer. Be you, do you, love you.

  3. To be able to measure the love in their space means you are quite open to its power and beauty. You have painted an amazingly vivid picture of your visit. I can only hope my space could generate such a fantastic perspective. Funny is the tree you described I get… I moved in my now family home and recall the intimidating presence of our big tree. I wanted it gone until the day they said it had to be cut. Then for its last week’s in our yard I grew to learn and love it’s presence, power, calming effect…. and even the wildlife it took care of.

    Thank you for the awesome reminder we can feel the beauty we choose to open our eyes and see.

    Great Piece!

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