Exhale and See the Beauty of a Snow Filled Spring Day

photo 2
Pic I Took in March 2015

Pic I Took in March 2015

This past Friday morning on what would be the first day of spring I departed from home, entered my car and began my day after day after day journey of driving to work. As I neared the end of my block I looked ahead and noticed a breathtaking bright grey hue with a background of snow covered trees in the distance. Beautiful! Sure we’ve had a snowmendous kind of winter that has included many life challenges with health, death and uncertainty. This often results in an anxious heavy suspension in the moment of inhaling and unconsciously holding it. Despite that on this day we’ve actually entered the refreshing newness of spring and all the wonders it may behold.




However, this morning I experienced the beginning of my day through a longing and hopeful set of eyes. Startled by the beauty. I was actually surprised for I’ve been a bit clouded by life’s challenges and its sometimes gripping and painful hold. I have also been consumed in the many human grumblings of “I’m tired of this snow” and “I can’t wait until spring gets here.”


As I continued on my snowy not at all dreaming of a white Christmas drive, I remained in my awareness of the beauty around me. “Be in the moment Kathryn. Be in the moment.” All of a sudden, for a moment, I felt I was driving through a ski resort type of town. Like Deep Creek or even perhaps Aspen minus the big hills and spacious never-ending mountains. I felt a calm. It was one of those moments I was thankful for my long highway drive to work, I could continue to take it all in.

photo 3I know many are over the snow but in that moment of starting my day it was a life or death moment for me to be in the moment and to see the beauty of life through my longing eyes. I just really needed it and my spirit deserved that moment in its pure sense.

So I say keep your head up my family and friends. The anticipation of the newness in spring is just around the corner. But, in this moment please do find the beauty in anything and everything whether it is rain, snow or a crying baby and release a long and relaxing it will all be all right exhale.

photo 5We don’t always have to wait for the beauty of a vibrant full-bloomed scented rose to experience beauty. Smell all of the roses of life now. LIVE in the NOW!!!

Wishing me and you Peace! and Love! and Clarity! and BeDoLove!

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