What is Your “Soul Purpose”? You Already Know!

Soul Purpose3

Soul (web meaning) – The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.Soul Purpose4

What is your “Soul Purpose”?  Your calling?  Your life’s purpose?  What would you do if fear was not a factor?  Or money?  What would you do if you knew you were going to leave this earth in one year?  What are you passionate about?  What is that burning desire in your core that you secretly think, agonize or dream about over and over and over again?  Is it to travel the world?  Have a child?  Be a coach?  Be a preacher?  Write a book?  Paint?  Sing?  Dance?  Be a professional or home chef?  Run a marathon?  Mentor?  Build homes?  Teach Zumba?  Play football?  Be an interior designer?  Event planner?  Teacher?  Build a playground?  Plant a garden?  Will it require you to change your career?  What is it for you?

What is that thing that you are here to use your BEING for and to bless the universe with?  What are you to use your VOICE for?  What are you to GIFT to yourself and the world with?  As Paulo Coelho wrote so profoundly in The Alchemist “What is your “Personal Legend”?  What is that amazing thing that you are to HONOR the Soul and God by being, doing, living, and loving?  Your PASSION?!?!

The Soul is the ESSENCE of who we are.  The Soul knows all for it is being directed by Mother, Father, God, the Universe.  The Soul guides and never lies.  The Soul will lead you to the promise land if only you will listen to it and let it GUIDE and INSPIRE you in to ACTION.  It knows where you should not be and where you should ultimately be.  The Soul loves you deeply and cares about you infinitely.  It never lies therefore you can TRUST it completely.  It is that ultimate ride or die, I got your back chick or dude.

The soul is the lure of our becoming. –Jean Houston

You ever feel or hear an unidentified force strongly sending you a message?  Sure you have.  You know you have.  The Soul is the messenger and the VOICE of reason.  It will whisper to you like in the scene from the movie Field of Dreams when the voice/whisper was saying “If you build it, he will come”.  It will nudge you.  And, then it will eventually ramp up in order to get your attention by poking you.  And, if necessary it will frustratingly yell at you and give you a black eye with the only goal of gaining your attention because it loves you and is committed to having you reach your higher self, true potential and purpose by all means necessary.  The Soul will never give up on you.  However, it never has to get to that point.  But, in our fear or ego consumed existence when we continue to ignore the Soul, uncomfortable situations will be created in order to get your attention in hopes of propelling you in the right direction.  You will not be able to pretend that you haven’t heard it or know it.  It will aggravatingly consume your conscious until the day you are on your deathbed wishing you had, at the very least, tried…

Soul Purpose1STOP thinking it is not possible.  Stop the negative talk.  Instead tell yourself, “The money will come”, “They will buy my product or service”, “They will read my book and love it”.  Again, “If you build it, he will come”.  Oh and here’s another good one, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”—Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.  Whether one person receives the gift or a million receive the gift, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s be honest.  You know there will be the naysayers, haters, people that just don’t get it, fear losing you because of your new path, or don’t like the true you because now it forces them to look at themselves.  And, that’s alright.  In another scene from Field of Dreams, the naysayer was saying you don’t have the money and you’ll be evicted.  On the other hand, the cheerleader was breathing life and vision in to the dream passionately saying “People will come”.  This is why you must always seek out your cheerleaders and supporters.  What you have won’t be for everyone.  It’s truly about reaching those people that it is for, serving your God, and yourself.  That is what truly matters which is LIVING and being the GIFT.

The soul is the common center of universal being/spirit that seeds every single human being. –Mark Nepo

We all have the power to be AWAKENDED for it’s never too late to live your true “Soul Purpose”.  We must take time to be silent and listen for It and be guided by It.  Have COURAGE to live it.  Live YOUR life and not the life of others for fear of what they will think of it.  The TRUE you.  You deserve to live the gift.  Your parents, children, siblings, friends, bosses, colleagues, human beings yet to be met but needs you, etc.; they are all waiting for you.  They and many others deserve to experience you and your gift.Soul Purpose6

Oh what JOY and PEACE you will experience when your “Soul Purpose” is BIRTHED to life.  What LIGHT and LOVE you will exude because you are being totally FULFILLED as a result of living and breathing your “Soul Purpose”.  Where the lie finally ends and you are now living in your truth.  But, guess what?  It doesn’t end there.  The amazing and magical thing now, is by you living your “Soul Purpose” it gives others the permission and the courage to do the same.  How beautiful is that?  We all get to win and shine!

Life is too short to continue to have your heart and Soul be held up in a holding pattern.  The more you establish a healthy relationship with the Soul, the more it will talk to you and the more you will be in tune to it and hear it for the Soul is your true Soul Mate.  So, stop running from it.  Stop hiding from it.  Stop being stuck.  Stop making excuses.  Stop acting like you don’t know.   It is you.  It is in you and ready to EXPLODE and give birth as a beautiful and intimate blessing to yourself and the world.  No need to fear it.  Once you start the wheels turning the process will flow freely and all you need to achieve will come to you effortlessly.  It’s when you resist is when you struggle.  You are deserving of operating from your higher self/potential and living and breathing the life and the “Why Am I Here?” question that you’ve asked yourself and God many times.  In the end, you already know.

Time to:





Namaste. –kcbSoul Purpose

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