The Chosen YOU!

Choose YougUltimately everyone wants to hear those three glowing words. So I bet you thought I was going to say “I Love You”? Sure hearing “I Love You” is beautiful and lovely to hear. And, those three words can bring about tears to even a grown man’s eyes.

But, there are three other simple words that speak volumes that are even more profoundly moving to hear. And, they are… Hold up. I really want you to hear this. Are you ready? You sure now? Because it’s real and true and I want you to feel it when I say it like I do. (taking a deep slow thoughtful breath) “I.Choose.You”. Can you hear it as I whisper it? Come here. Lean in. Listen. No! Just stop for a moment. Drown out the noise of invited distractions that keep you from what you really want, so that you can hear what it is that you really want. Listen. “I Choose You”. I bet you even visualized my plump lips moving in a deliberate yet soft puckered motion as I spoke it. Feeling my words slowly move about your body as it finally lands on your curled up toes. It breeding such feelings of acceptance. Doesn’t it? You know it.

Choose YoufNow just stop for a moment again and play those words of truth and strength in your head and feel it with your heart. Feel those words of ultimate acceptance run through your veins as the blood slowly flows brightly to your beating and wanting heart. Okay. You want me to say it again huh? This time I’ll say it slowly yet purposefully so that you know this ain’t child’s play but a grown folks winning it all game. “I Choooooose Yooooouu!” Wow! How amazing is that. You like that? Feels good huh? It’s what you always wanted to hear. Knowing it was meant only for you and not coming from some two timing talking out the side of their neck fool.

Let’s face it; everyone wants to be the chosen one. It is what IS! It’s all of what we want in every single aspect of life. If they tell you different in that sometimes proud I don’t need anyone or anything, I’m good type of way, they are painfully lying to you and their selves in order to shield the longing and painful existence of their lonely left out heart. The painful heart of a child that is now carrying the weight of the adult that is still lost in a world of merry go round mishaps of people that just didn’t get your worth. Or maybe just maybe the Universe just didn’t deem that situation as your destined truth. Either way, when we are finally and authentically are chosen, it creates a refreshing exhale of the most high, validation and feeling of love. Bringing forth the thought of “I Matter” because after all YOU do.

Choose YouHow might that look for you to be chosen? You got the job. You’re my best friend. Being picked first for a game of tag. You’re a new homeowner. You’ve been accepted in to the school/program of choice. Congratulations president. Invited to the hottest party of the year. The first sight of the beautiful baby you birthed that choose you as they enter this new world. And, especially, especially with our most intimate heart felt, butterfly in the stomach inducing relationships that move us to do things we would never do for another.Choose Youb

“I Choose You!” It says that in spite of you with all seen and unseen that it doesn’t matter because in this moment you are perfect in all of your imperfections. I love you for YOU. It’s what really has us to sleep soundly and peacefully at night. And, wake joyously to another morning with the all-knowing feeling that fairy tales can come true whatever that is for you. It awakens the senses. Everything looks so much brighter, smells so much sweeter, and tastes so much more delectable… Walking now like you’re on air and you own the world with a cool pep in your step. “Shaft!  Can you dig it.”

I choose your smile. I choose your hips. I choose your laugh. I choose your strength. I choose your sensitivities. I choose your belly. I choose your insecurities. I choose your snore. I choose your intellect.  I choose your dreams, hopes, and desires. I choose your chocolate dark skin. I choose that you’re a talker. I choose your children. I choose your corny jokes. I choose your quiet nature. I choose you and the life that is waiting just for us. All it means is that I love, honor, and respect you for YOU.

Choose Youe

But, a few words of advice. The chosen must be ready to be chose in order to attract to their life what is truly meant to be. Be open to hearing what path The Universe, Spirit, and your Soul are leading you to. Be as healthy as possible emotionally, mentally, and physically so you’re able to TRUST that VOICE. Be clear on what you want and what will and won’t work for you and your valuable life. Just because you’re being chosen doesn’t always mean you should choose them or it. Always respect and honor you and your truth. Know that you matter. But, hear me when I say this, YOU CAN DO THE CHOOSEN TOO!!! That’s the beauty of life and where your power also stands.

Now go ahead, because that beautiful and bright beet red rose swaying in the deliciously light wind of a sun drenched spring day is calling out to you. Choose it. Pick it. Smell it. (mmmmmm…) Choose you. Choose her. Choose him. Choose me. “I Choose You!” Choose to BeDoLove! Namaste. kcb


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  1. Wow…beautiful! Your sweet words are the melody filled with vibrant color in, which you allow us to paint in our minds. Thank you for that!

  2. This was absolutely delicious and touched my heart. I am so inspired – both to be aware of what I am choosing and what is choosing me. And to be clear that I get to choose me first. Intimately making my delicate heart aware of all that I chose about me, my lips, my eyes, my hips, my intellect, will support me in going out into the world empowered and step boldly into my life. Because I AM chosen, from my scalp down to my tippy toes. I am chosen in love and in beauty by me!

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