Amazing Grace – The Universe is Providing and Guiding!

Amazing Grace1Goodness! That moment when I feel Spirit moving all through me, especially touching my heart, and breathing life in to my soul. “WAKE UP!!!”

Goodness! I’m pretty overwhelmed, yet open with the outpouring of messages and messengers/angels on earth who continue to bless my life. It is true when they say that “When the student is ready the teacher(s) will appear.” It has certainly occurred other times throughout my life at the perfect time. Seemingly every few years I start yearning for something more spiritually enlightening for my life, and BAM! The messenger and opportunity appears.

Summer Reading Assignments

Summer Reading Assignments

This morning I literally had bedside church service. Just an organic conversation with a friend/the messenger where I received the message. Got a testimony. And you know how you leave church with notes and good spiritual messages, I was provided with that and two books, “Dream Language – The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations, and the Spirit of Wisdom” and “African Spirituality: On Becoming Ancestors”. Oh, and church smoothly journeyed in to an emotional tear filled closing jazzy musical rendition of Amazing Grace by Marcus Miller on the saxophone. Ending with an AMEN! Who are you? Who sent you?

Mother, Father, God, the Universe is really something else. This movement going on in me and of me right now is welcoming and amazing, but quite scary too. It’s crazy. Those two books that were suggested to me are based on two topics that have been following me around with curious nudging and now a loving this is you and of you pounding for quite some time. Receiving them moved me so much and this is why:

  1. Dreams: I often dream very vividly. Yes I do sometimes dream in color. The first time I realized it I noticed the color in some curtains, particularly green. I often have reoccurring dreams. About my grandmother Mildred (R.I.P.). About the house my Aunt Barbara (R.I.P.) owned in Staten Island that I spent a lot of time at with my cousins as a child and teen. Can’t get somewhere (often involves me in the subways of New York City). Can’t dial a number. Running away from serious, violent, chaotic events that involve a lot of people frantically moving about and some of them trying to get me. Pulling globs of mucous out my mouth (one of the most bizarre reoccurring dreams I have). Apartment I grew up in Brooklyn. You know when I think about it, a lot of my dreams take place in Brooklyn, at Howard University, and even at the high school I attended. Hmmmmm…

Amazing GraceI’ve dreamed vividly since I was a child. Once my boy Ron “MF” Davis (R.I.P.) gave me a dream journal. I never quite used it. I think he is pounding it in to me again. “Get in touch with your dreams and what they mean flower.” Especially the dream (but seems more real than a dream) of the force holding me down and I’m fighting to get FREE. One time I even saw a body or silhouette of the force. It was a man in all black. I shared about this dream during our organic service today. It is by far the scariest of all dreams and because of it there are certain things I do in order to keep me safe and ensure it doesn’t visit me. However, a couple of occasions I’ve been told I need to face it while in the midst of the dream. Although that particular dream (or real life experience) hasn’t happened in a while, perhaps I still need to get down to the bottom of who/what it is. Ask it what it wants? What message is it here to deliver? Do I need it? Does it need me? I believe dreams are definitely messages that if we really get down to the meaning of them we can learn so much about us, life, the people in our lives, and how to or not to navigate and move through our life and with people.

  1. Death/Ancestors: Death is also something that I’ve had a fascination with for many many many years. I remember as far back as my 20s. Often thinking about it so much that I didn’t want to tell others for the fear they would think I was crazy. What if a certain loved one died? What if I die? What happens when we die? About two years before Ron (Yes him again. Hence why he is one of the people I dedicated my entire BeDoLove blog to.) transitioned he started a spiritual/transformational type school which was to go for three years. The first year focused a lot on what? Death! I loved it. I started to not feel so crazy but instead embraced the mystery of death. Reading and talking about what could possibly happen to us after we die. Is there life after death? Where do we go? Do I really feel my ancestors in my space, still loving and guiding me?

Well after that first year Ron became ill and he passed. Trust I knew that class was no accident. Those that took it were profoundly blessed and prepared with what was to come when he physically left this here earth. Without it I don’t think I would have been able to deal with his passing the way I did/have. Sure I still grieve, weep, and miss him tremendously. But, I believe it’s a healthy weep and grieve. Because, I do celebrate and honor him. Write about him. Talk about him. Invite him in to spaces (or he often invites himself) when I travel or I dance… And, I now feel even more connected to my grandmother Mildred, Aunt Barbara, Margo, and Camesha. All who touched my life in lasting and beautiful ways. As well as many other of my angels. Our angels.

Old School pic of Aunt Barbara and Grandma Mildred.  And, Ron

Old School pic of Aunt Barbara and Grandma Mildred. And, Ron

So I have some reading (I got my reading cut out for me this summers), listening, learning, and growing to do. When I received the message to create this BeDoLove movement, I knew it would open me up more to receiving, holding myself accountable, and ultimately inspiring. I can’t wait to continue blooming in to the being I was put on this earth to be. I’m excited.

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now am found;

Was blind, but now I see.

Please join me! Will you? Let’s tap in to you too and what beautiful revelations Mother, Father, God, the Universe has in store for you. It’s never ever too late. The time is now. Don’t be scuuuurrred! Because it will all be in the name of BeDoLove and honoring your true you. Namaste –kcb

PS: My muse for this post is Tenecia who was my morning minister today. And, to all of my ancestors/angels who love and guide me. I dedicate this blog post to you as I honor and love you.

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  1. The is very well done. Thank you so much for honoring our family in such a manor. Love & Respect

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