The Art of Living

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve either had conversations with or have come across friends posting about loved ones unexpectedly transitioning. I’ve experienced a common theme with each conversation/post. That is that with each life that has passed there is a wake-up call and a longing self-analysis of how one is living. The constant reminder is that tomorrow is not promised, life is indeed short and is not to be wasted. I would say that “You have been gifted with this precious life to LIVE and LOVE among the living. You do have a purpose(s). Silence yourself. Patiently listen to and allow your Soul to speak to you for It loves you, knows why you are here, and wants you to walk gracefully into your full potential. The time is now to soar into the life that is eagerly awaiting just for you to gift to us.”

Today I acknowledge and honor my dear friend and “Sistah Soul” Valerie, who couldn’t have summed it up any better during a recent Facebook post. Valerie profoundly said, “Don’t let yourself settle for existing. Do whatever you have to do in action, intention and thought to LIVE today… EVERY today.”

Here is all that Valerie was moved to say as The Universe worked through her. Thank you Valerie for being an open vessel to live and breathe the word and deliver it to those who are ready to receive it. Enjoy all! And, go forth and BeDoLove like your life depended on it. ONWARD!!! BeDoLove – kcb

Valerie’s Song:

My "Sistah Soul" Valerie“I’ve learned of 4 occasions just THIS WEEKEND of someone passing somewhat unexpectedly and in each case… MUCH too soon.  People who would be my peers or sadly — even younger.  That’s both painful and scary.  It also puts things into perspective and I’m sitting here wrapping my mind around who I am, who I still wish to become… What I believe in most of all.

Don’t let yourself settle for existing.  Do whatever you have to do in action, intention and thought to LIVE today… EVERY today.  Love HARD!  Celebrate the small wins while you shake off and learn from every misstep.  IF you didn’t die — it’s just not that serious and you get another chance in the morning!!!  Don’t give up on dreams, on people or on promises you make to yourself or to others.

KISS often and deeply… CONNECT to your partner, your spouse .. your lover EVERY chance you can.  In any and every way that you can.  And always keep that connection sacred … LOVE is precious and it needs tending.  Speak and listen in LOVE, strive to be each other’s shelter.  Remember always that love truly is a GIFT.

Forgive those that hurt you and try to love them as their imperfect self, exactly for who and for where they are and accept that the way they love you in return is good.. and is enough!

Give thanks.  Be the type of person who enjoys every tiny little joy … I swear the Universe rewards that type of thinking with even MORE abundance!

Pray.  For the gift of insight, patience… tolerance and compassion.  Because I really believe that when we possess these things, all other blessings will flow.

I’ve lost my way more times than I care to count.  I’ve made mistakes, wronged loved ones and caused my share of hurt and disappointment.  But, despite all of that — I was blessed with Today.  God/The Universe has decided yet again that my story is not yet done.  So, I pray I always see that as a miracle in itself and I KEEP ON TRYING.

For those of you experiencing loss, I send you light and love and pray your heart is lifted up in the knowledge that the other side is a beautiful place… a reward for our faith.

In faith and in gratitude. #Onward” –Valerie Hall

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