A Win Divinely Ordered For the Golden State Warriors – Riley For MVP

(cue Disney World “Wish Upon a Star” music) “Kathryn you just won a bet for the 2015 NBA Finals. What are you going to do now?” “I’M GOING TO THE SUMMER SPIRIT FESTIVAL!” Okay, I got that out.

So, show of hands… Whose yarning this morning? ME! Who was late for work or called out? NOT ME! Man last night the game had my stomach in KNOTS. I think I woke up with it still in knots. Matter of fact, yep, it still is. I must say it’s been an extremely looooooong time since I’ve watched an NBA finals with that level of engagement. And, honestly, I have to thank Lil Miss Riley for that. If it weren’t for the news and GMA coverage of her (yes HER) press conferences, I would have never had an interest. So my MVP pick is Lil Miss Riley Curry for bringing life, fun, and family (Stephen Curry family) to the NBA experience (I hear there’s another Lil Curry on the way-future dynamic duo)! And, congrats to the Golden State Warriors for the testament there, is that small (yet fast) CAN win the race. They were dynamite humble men of God, who is always nice to have on one’s team. I’m not a fan of LeBron James or the Cleveland Cavaliers, but you did what you could. I wish both teams well in the future.

Oh, and my Summer Spirit Festival will be so much sweeter this year. I’m not usually a betting woman, but when challenged to bet on the game by my sistah gurl T, I couldn’t resist. And, I choose to bet on those tickets. Thank you Miss T! I loooovvve yoouuuu! Thank you again, Lil Miss Riley. I’ll dance often, sing out loud, and have child-like (and adult, tee hee) fun in your honor at the concert and ALWAYS. 🎵We gonna have a funky good time. Take it to the bridge.🎵

Well, hump day champagne cheers everyone. And, remember to never underestimate your abilities. Regardless of what you think or have been told, courage, heart, confidence, believing, having fun with it, perseverance, faith, and prayer are important ingredients for a winning recipe. It’s the BeDoLove way. Have an amazing day. Love! –kcb

Uh-oh! Guess what day it is?? Guess what day it is! Huh…anybody?… Mike…Mike…Mike…Mike…Mike…Mike…

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