Adventures of a Healing Caregiver – Swaggalicious Spring “Feeling Myself” Alert

🎶When I wake up in the morning love. And the sunlight hurts my eyes…🎶

Self-care and self-love are necessary for your physical and mental health, especially in these pandemic streets. So yesterday I did a swaggy thing during the beautiful first day of Spring. And, I’m feeling myself with a 🎶new attitude.🎶

Vonetta, Owner of Signature Image Salon
Carolyn taking care of me.

Remember my DIY Cleo-Covid braids post? 🤪Well my dear friend Rosa immediately called and was like “heck nah sis!” Followed by her rounding up two of our TBS sisters’ Kathryn and Tyra for love offerings. And, next thing you know I had money from each of them in CashApp. Because they really didn’t have to do that, a friend asked if was going to accept it. I was like, “YEAH! They’re gifts that I’m blessed and grateful for.” This just means I get to pay it forward. So thank you SisTAUs for a good belly laugh and for hooking up ya gurl. Mission accomplished.

Video 1 of it going down.
Video 2 of it going down.

Fast forward to almost a month later from my DIY post, first thing yesterday morning my hair person extraordinaire Vonetta of Signature Image Salon (where I go for all of my natural hair care needs) called and invited me to have my braids done by Carolyn. And, because I’m comfortable in her shop, off I went with first stopping to buy hair 😳. I choose the Stitched Braids style because I thought they would look cute. And, they doooooo. Thank you Carolyn for having pride in your work and doing a great job. And, Vonetta thank you for your continued exceptional customer service with reaching out, supporting your stylists (Until now Vonetta’s the only person that’s touched my hair in YEARS!), checking in afterwards, and for offering a comfortable and safe space with my first braids experience. Oh, and the shop renovations look wonderful. Enjoy the flowers that you are so deserving of. I know this past year has been extremely challenging. And, you’ve navigated it with grace and style.

Neat hair holder thingy. I’m

Spring’s like, “I got this Winter your work is done, my turn.” Today we are once again greeted to the newness of Spring with birds chirping and a beautiful and sunny blue sky. The birds sound so sweet and beautiful, singing gently with the message for us all of “New (Look) Moment New Opportunity!” Take time to do something good for YOU in this new rebirthing season. Allowing hope, faith, and love to be your guides. Pause! Breathe Deeply! Exhale Long! Repeat! Enjoy! Namaste Loves! PS: I got my scarf and olive oil spray cause these babies gonna last long time. 🤷🏽‍♀️😆 PSS: I missed walking in with my new hair style and Pop going “OOOHHHH!” RIP Pop!

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” — unknown

#BeDoLove #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #LiveAndBreatheYourSoulFULLPurpose #SwaggaliciousAlert

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