Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & DOPE Pop – GO VOTE!

Pop thinks his first time voting for the President of the United States was for John F. Kennedy in 1959. He hadn’t voted prior to that because he wasn’t a US citizen (Became a citizen around 1954.). I asked what would he consider the most important election for him. His response was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1962 because of the Civil Rights movement. Last night I watched “LBJ” on Amazon, which provided some great perspective. Check out Pop’s video for more on his thoughts. He’s concerned that he may have committed treason. 🧐😆

And, with this probably being his 2nd most important election, Pop was clear he wanted to vote in this election. Needed to vote. So off I went to obtain his ballet mailed from Kings County (Brooklyn). Earlier this month, I mailed his ballet and dropped mine off at the Maryland State Board of Elections because I wanted no parts in random ballet box shenanigans.

I’m grateful to have been present to support Pop with completing his ballet. To include catching him, placing an x instead of filling in the bubbles. There was no room for having his vote not count. And, I’m relieved that both of our ballets were received and confirmed.

So to Biden and Kamala Harris, Democratic candidate for the Vice President of the United States and our Howard University Bison Crew, “HUUUUU… U Know!” Enjoy! Love! VOTE! #BeDoLove #91YearsYoung #CareGiversMatter #FindYourZen #LivingOutLoud #InTruthAndService

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