Adventures of a HAWT Caregiver & Dope Pop – The Art of Becoming

Pop in his way of being and still “becoming” at 90 years of age is teaching me that it’s never too late to “Become”. Become patient. Become grace. Become mercy. Become forgiveness. Become unconditional love. Become with gratitude. Become funny. Become silly. Become a learner. Become a teacher. Become as a daughter. Become as a caregiver. Become a nurturer. Become a lover. Become a creator. Become dope. Become a mother. Become compassionate. Become relaxed. Become calm. Become unbothered. Become through the use of my voice. Become me. Become with self-love. Become with self-care. Become with love.

All of these ways of being that are already in me and of me. I just get to incorporate an all-knowing that they are in me and of me each and every moment I breathe.

And, know and believe that it’s NEVER too late for you too to “become” all that you desire from the simplicities of life to your wildest dreams. Happy Sunday y’all. Love! 💜💜💜

PS: He’s rotating/reading like three books. Thank you Michelle Obama for this wonderful gift of literature that Pop is enjoying. #CaregiversMatter #Becoming #MichelleObama

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