“See You Yesterday” – A Support the Arts Must Watch

Backstory first. A few weeks ago I was at a happy hour with folk from my beloved Howard University. HUUUUUUU… I had the pleasure of meeting a brother named Lamont Crawford from Howard for the first time who works in film (often times with Spike Lee) as a Key Grip. Of course, I with my curiosity asked what that was (since I see it all the time during the credits) which led to other conversations. Basically, it sounds like he runs ish. Lamont was so passionate about and loves what he does and mentioned a film coming out that he worked on. When he began describing the film I was like “Was that a short film? Because it sounds like something I saw previously.” It was. And, he was impressed I knew about the short film and saw it. Gold star for Kathryn. 

Well, the award nominated and winning (The short NYU thesis film” won the HBO Short Film Competition at Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival.) “See You Yesterday” premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival (Audience Award Nominee) and is now on Netflix. It is described as “As two teen prodigies (C.J.-Named after Madame C.J. Walker. HELLO! and Sebastian) try to master the art of time travel, a tragic police shooting sends them on a series of dangerous trips to the past.” “A sci-fi adventure grounded in familial love, cultural divide, and the universal urge to change the wrongs of the past.” —Netflix https://youtu.be/8MVRWQ1PnMo

I love the vibrant and beautifully shot and compelling full feature film even more. Why? Because it’s so Spike Lee (Producer of this project) and A 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworksish. But hold up. The Director and Co-Writer is Stefon Bristol who is from Coney Island, a Morehouse (Debt free class of 2019.) Grad, and mentee of Spike Lee. Stefon did an amazing job in his own right while also paying homage to his mentor by including the Spike Lee signature and vertigo-inducing “Dolly Shot”. However, let’s give much credit to DC’s co-writer Fredrica Bailey who helped to get the script tight and provided the necessary feminine authentic essence of C.J. I’m excited for her as we are getting to experience more and more brilliant and beautiful Black women writers, directors, and producers. Looking forward to seeing more of Stefon and Fredrica work.

To add, the film is so Brooklyn. 🎶Where Brooklyn At?🎶 While filming mostly in East Flatbush (The homes with the garages in the back…), it’s also so Crown Heights where I’m from. It’s so West Indian-American (Sebastian playing the male lead, his real last name is Crichlow which is my Trini mother’s maiden name.). It’s a film about us, representing our culture and upbringing. Stefon mentioned being deliberate about including the colors of red, gold, and green to represent the Caribbean culture and the vibe of the neighborhood. It’s so creatively afro-futurist and sci-fi (I won’t tell you who’s cast to give it big sci-fi props. Back to the Future. cough, cough). It’s fun. It’s beautiful friendships (Eden and Dante have actually been friends for quite some time.) and strong family bonds. It’s mirroring real life and heartbreaking. It’s so nostalgic with C.J. (At that age, I was K.C.) reminding me of my young Black Brooklyn Girl nerdy self with navigating life, running the streets of Brooklyn potty mouth (Shhh… Don’t tell my parents.) and all with street and book sense. The MUSIC and COSTUMES! The film also showcases the brilliance that can sometimes be overlooked with our Black youth. And, that it’s okay to be from the hood and smart as STEM heck. While the film does have some strong and violent content, I think it is a must watch for our youth to see the endless possibilities. Enjoy!

Now back to watching season two of Spike’s “She’s Gotta Have It” that gives me soooooo many Brooklyn chills. Shout out to my homegirl Vanessa Jones, who plays the police officer some of the episodes. Bravo!

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