The DC Funk Parade – It’s More Than a Parade

Excited because today instead of being an attendee, I’ll be volunteering (parade and showcase show) at the DC Funk Parade on behalf of The MusicianShip who has acquired this cool and funk filled event. It’s so much more than a parade. If you’ve never been it’s takes place in The U Street area. The day events are free to the public. And, all proceeds from the night events go to The MusicianShip to provide free-of-charge music programs to close to 2,000 DC youth.

The day events consist of a #DontMuteDC Conference 10a-2p, Barbershop Talk Series, 5 stages of funky artists’ performances from 1p-7p, a vendor marketplace at the HFA Lot, a beer garden (with its own Keepin’ The Funk Alive theme beer), and the Mighty Funk Parade from 5p-6p that explodes into a big dance party at the Reeves Center. Theeeeennnn from 7p-dawn, the Night Music Festival moves into 15 venues along the corridor with the showcase show at Prince Hall Lodge featuring Michelle Blackwell, Yahzarah (she is FIYAH), and Wes Felton. Other artists performing throughout the day and night are Oshun, Future Band DC, Cecily, Nkulu, Aaron Myers, Chuck Brown Band, and Mark Meadows.

Visit for stage lineups, venues, wristband purchases (for night events), and other important details. There’s even an app you can download.

Whatever you do today ENJOY and make it FUNKY! Hopefully that’ll include FUNKING it out with us. Love! #DCFunkParade #TheMusicianShip #SupportTheArts #BeDoLove

About the DC Funk Parade:

The 6th Annual DC Funk Parade takes place on Saturday, May 11th 2019. Funk Parade is DC’s largest all-day celebration of music, dance and culture taking place along the historic U Street Corridor. In 2018 The MusicianShip took over the stewardship of the festival in order to help support their mission of providing free mentorship and music education for almost 2,000 DC youth. Proceeds from the festival provide sustainability for one of the city’s favorite music festival and provides free music education for our city’s youth! Funk Parade will be a crucial connection for our students to the professional music community in DC and around the world.

Please support the Funk Parade and the amazing work of The MusicianShip with THREE options.  1) You can purchase a $20 ticket to the Funk Parade Featured Showcase or 2) purchase a $10 Night Festival Wristband that will get you priority access (skip lines) + food and drink specials at over 15 different venues OR 3) you can TEXT MUSICHELPS to 44-321.

Purchasing a wristband allows attendees to support for the artist community, support the amazing work of The MusicianShip, gain priority access to Night Music Festival Venues and at some venues will provide discounts and access to food and drink special.

Jeffery Tribble, Co-Founder & CEO, The MusicianShip

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