“I’m the Captain Now” – Honoring Captain Sonia Pruitt

Today, May 2, 2019, I witnessed history in the making. So honored and grateful to share in the experience of seeing this amazing Goddess and my Howard University Marching Bison, Tau Beta Sigma soror, and dear friend of 35 years be promoted to CAPTAIN Sonia Pruitt of the Montgomery County, MD, Department of Police.

Captain Pruitt, is the First African American woman in the nearly 97 history of the Montgomery County, MD, Department of Police to be promoted to Captain.

As we know, serving as a police officer is no easy task. Tack on being a woman and being a Black woman and it takes on another challenging life of its own. Captain Pruitt with her call to duty has persevered and continues to not just exist, but thrive and dedicate herself to ensuring not only her but others operate with integrity when serving ALL of humanity. Captain’s speech as the keynote speaker at the promotion ceremony was FIYAH. It was spoken with the courage and passion to speak of all that needed to be said and hasn’t been said. You can see it here. https://youtu.be/6RPgdunh-DI

BRAVO SIS!!! Job well done. I’m excited to see what awaits you in this “new season”. ONWARD!!! #BeDoLove #IAmYourCaptainNow #WomenWhoColorOutsideOfTheLines #BisonPride #HowardUniversity

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  1. Outstanding! Congratulations Captain Pruitt! Thanks Kat for the wonderful way you honored our friend. #bisonlove

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