Support the Arts – “A Letter to My Ex”

Last week 🎶I fell in love with a giiirrrllll…🎶 and it was Be Steadwell and her dope ass musical “A Letter to My Ex.” Talk about taking you on a journey of love found, love lost, and the road to healing. But, this was no ordinary girl meets girl story. Well, it was of sorts. But it was soooo much more that I’m still unpacking from all its amazingness.

The thing in while this was about juicy, sensual, sexy, loving and heartbreak girl on girl action, the message was quite universal and could apply to all. The love letters being so thoughtful and honest. The “f*k you”. The I miss you. I hate you. I forgive you. I forgive myself…

The storyline was woven seamlessly with the kind of song and dance that makes you want to join in. Yes, there was heartbreak love songs (with amazing harmonizing I might add) that had me teary eyed. But, it would immediately follow with fun such as the navigating of corny friends who are in love while in a “woe is me” state. My spirit was moved with joy, hope, faith, and the magic of healing. Speaking of healing. At one point the musical took an unexpected turn diving into our Black girl experiences. This I loved because we can never hear enough of ones sharing and being vulnerable regarding the hurt and pain one may experience as a child and how it can affect us long after. It provides room for the deliverer to heal, but hopefully also for the person listening in. It also dived into what Black women truly have to navigate in this society. Something that our Caucasian sisterfriends (there were many in attendance) should hear to understand us and our story.

But, the moment that truly provided a full circle moment wasn’t during musical (but it was like if it was), was during the post show talk back. When Be’s ex who the musical was based on spoke of her awe and of being proud of Be’s creative masterpiece. It was just lovely and such closure. For me. Maybe the audience. And, perhaps Be. Maybe she needed that moment. Maybe not. Many long for a moment like that. Either way it was very special and heartwarming.

I’m a new fan, but of Be. Be, Thank you for being an open portal for this creative beauty of love. I hope to see you on Broadway. For real. For real. Yeah, it was just that good.

Check out Be and her music here:

Here’s a great nice article.

Check out my radio show interview with Be here:

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